Warrenton Middle School

Syllabus:  World Geography

Teacher:  Mr. Byvik

Phone:  540.347.6160

Email:  Lbyvik@fcps1.org

Overview:  World Geography is an inter-disciplinary course that encompasses a wide range of skills and knowledge including anthropology, economics, and regional studies.  These components make the course exciting and versatile, as well as extremely demanding.  The course is divided into two main themes, theory and application.  The first semester will cover the theory of geography and includes:  physical, human, economic, and cultural geography.  During the second semester these theories will be applied to the different regions and countries of the world.  World Geography is important for two reasons:  It is required by the Virginia Standards of Learning in order to graduate High School, but more importantly it provides the student with a fundamental understanding of the world, and the many diverse and interesting cultures that live in it.  

Preparation:  Because of the vast amount of information contained within World Geography we will utilize every minute of class time to the fullest extent.  This means quality of instruction, as well as quantity.  My responsibility to you, the student, and to the class in general, is to provide thought provoking instruction and activities that engage you in forming lifelong skills.  In short, memorization has a place in any form of study but we should be more concerned with higher order thinking, analytical, and organizational skills.  You, as the student, will also have many responsibilities.  These will be outlined in detail and should be taken very seriously.

Behavioral Expectations:  A safe and positive learning environment is extremely important; therefore, classroom rules will be vigorously enforced.  

Academic Expectations:  All students should strive for academic excellence regardless of their placement.  I truly believe that all students can be successful if they apply themselves.



I have read and understand the World Geography syllabus and the classroom expectations and agree to abide the rules of the class.


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