Notes from Sydney 2011 Google Teacher Academy 20(&21) April 2011

11th GTA, 2nd International GTA

“He who learns from one who is learning drinks from flowing water”

cr-48 Google OS Laptops


twitter stream recording 



GTASYD social network contacts LAhK-PI/edit?hl=en&authkey=CNOy9YQO# 

Crib Sheets 

Google products:

Google A-Z: 

Another shared document of GTASYD

Dana Nguyen Google Education


survey students taught & teachers PD’d from participants

multiply to get totals, present total impact of cohort

combine to estimate total impact on students

idea: implement 20% time in classrooms/courses to allow students to explore their own interests e.g. ICT courses - 80% set curriculum, 20% student interests in ICT education

Flubaroo grades Google Forms as quizzes in Google Docs, 20% time project

Innovation connection icebreaker: what non computer innovation has had the greatest impact on education? 1 minute responses

Google Search

wonder wheel auto concept map generation

setting alerts on children (as parents) and bosses

Labelled for reuse via google search in advanced search

Google Squared (grid of organised results)

Advanced Search (language, region options)

Image options (colour, size, format etc.)

Google Books (readability)

Build your own custom search engine

Google Apps

children under 13 should not have non Google Apps gmail

setting up separate Google domain for each year level

allows younger grades to be more closed down

on exit from school, can retain gmail app account as alumni email

now possible to setup subdomain organisational levels

Apps = inside a domain

apps = outside a domain Google 20% time project

username: first initial, last name with no spaces  

password: gtarocks

Gail: 3rd Party app (don’t need student password to log into their account)

Google Apps for Education Training Program

6 exams $15 each, $90

get Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer

must do 3 x quarter training (PD) sessions & annual re-certification

listed in certified trainer directories and apps for education marketplace

weekly webinars

Guide to going Google 

Google Docs

use google docs collections to share out via Google groups list

Google Calendar

Google Labs for Calendars: You can attach Google Docs to event details

Enable SMS text reminders for text alerts and offline commands about calendars

Event Publisher Guide: Link to an entire calendar

        -Make a QR code with an event with

        -Publish calendar in Twitter with calendar RSS feed  

Event Publisher Guide questions


auto translate in chat sessions

Google Sites

use as a wiki via sharing - shared document

notifications subscriptions to be informed of changes

embedding - google objects, iframe gadget (locate off featured list)

Templates cannot be changed once selected

Have students create pages off a unit site of their profiles

Add names to a list of students in course

Link to embedded google map location

Research Tools

Google Scholar (bibliography goes back in time, cited goes forward in time)

Google Books (use advanced search to limit to full text search)

Google Blog (current conversations on topic) - original sources (Limit to “google news archive” in advanced search settings)

Google Maps and Earth


Google Earth Education Gallery (animal tracking)


Androidify app - Android avatar

Action Plans

Complete within 6 months

29 April 2011 - GTA Online Evaluation

20 May 2011 - Action Plan Submitted                                                    

22 July 2011 - 3 Month Update Posted  

Possible Action Plan ideas

Teaching Teachers for the Future (TTF) national project

Implement Google PD program at Griffith Uni as part of TTF project

Provide PD templates to the other 39 AU Teacher education programs in TTF project

Liaise with library to share PD resources to other faculties

Present Google PD session at QSITE conference, September 2011

Implement Google App Engine back end to Game Based Classrooms research project

Develop android app for Augmented Classroom research project