Student Advisees Seeking a Class-Registration Appointment with Dr. Beutler:


1). Please make sure that you have and bring with you, when you meet with me, an updated (filled-in with classes you have already taken) MBU Degree Sheet (available at, where the relevant sheet will be the one for your major and from the year in which you entered MBU).


2). Pull up at the schedule of MBU course offerings for whatever semester you will be working upon.


3). Procure a Registration Worksheet [available at].


4) Checking your picks against your degree-sheet, tentatively pick a full slate of classes and record them on the Registration Worksheet.


5)  By visiting, schedule with me a confirmed  in-person meeting time to be held in office  


6)  Note: If you owe the university unpaid monies, you will probably have to take care of your bill with Financial Services before they will allow me access to the registration module on your behalf.

Thank you for your help in facilitating your prompt registration.  I look forward to meeting with you!




K. Beutler