Membership is open to men and women 55 years and up.

Tournaments are played on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays on either Mesa Linda or Los Lagos.





MAY 3, 2012

Mesa Linda Individual Low Net

White Monuments – Men

Silver Monuments – Women



Check in 20 minutes before your tee time

Mail form/check payable to ‘CMSGA’ to:

Jack Price, 215 Via Eboli,

Newport Beach  CA 92663

or drop in the slot in the locker room


Wednesday NOON APRIL 25, 2012



May 17, 2012

Member – Guest

Partner BB

Either ML or LL

No age restriction

check in 20 minutes before your tee time !

Entry: $40____   Skins $5____                                                                                                                                  

Member ___________________________Everyone Rides Free !    

Mail form/check payable to ‘CMSGA’ to:

Bill Cloud 2057 Swan Dr Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Or place them in the Tournament Chairman slot in the locker room.

ENTRY RECEIPT DEADLINE IS Wednesday NOON  April 11, 2012


Coming Events

June 7

Mesa Linda

June 21

Strike 3

Los Lagos

July 5

Mesa Linda

July 19

3 BB's Teams

Mesa Linda

July 9 & 16

Scotch Cup

Laguna Woods


Tournament Report

Our Member-Guest Tournament is May 17.  The entry deadline is May 9, but don't wait.  Pick your partner and enter now.  You have your choice to play either course.  You can play with a partner of any age or gender.  If your partner has an index, include the GHIN number on the entry form.  We will use the May 1 index.  If your partner does not have an index, we will use the Callaway system to calculate a handicap after the round.  The winners will be recognized in the CMSGA Hall of Fame, on our website and on our bulletin board.  The format is two man teams, best ball net.

Twice a year we face the challenge of playing through green aeration.  Nobody is a fan of playing on recently punched greens.  Many members have questioned our decision to have a tournament under those conditions and have chosen not to play.  We can only move our tournament up or back one week, and greens are likely to take more than one week to approach normal.  An interesting statistic, that not everyone knows, is that we score better as a group on slow punched greens.  When we last played Los Lagos from the silver tees in January, we had only 6 members out of 50 players score under 70 net.  On April 19, from the same tees, with the same number of players, we had 12 members beat 70 net.  That doesn't relieve the frustration of a good putt which goes off line from an aeration hole, but slow soft greens are easier to hold and lag.  The holes also generate a few good breaks.  Our team watched in amazement Thursday as a slow downhill putt careened from hole to hole into the cup.

Thanks to all who played.  We had great weather.  The free carts and lunches were well received.  The first group finished in 3.5 hours and the last finished in 4.75 hours.  I had added actual start time and finish time blanks to the scorecards, but only three cards had any times recorded.  I was hoping for a tool to track our gaps, but this was a new approach.  

Our low gross on Thursday was Tom Anderson, shooting a 1 over par 73.  Our low net of the day went to Pete Mullally, with a 64.  We had 24 net eagles, of which only 10 held up for skins.  Nice playing.

Our April 5 tournament also saw Tom Anderson playing well, with the low gross of 67.  Fred Detken captured the low net with a 63 on Mesa Linda.

May should be a great month to play.  Don't forget to get your entry submitted in time.




#4                Gerry Schomberg

#7                Rick Logan

#8 in 2                Milt Halsted

#11                Ron LaRuffa

#12 in 2         Jerry Vinland

#15                John Jurczak

#17                Mike Allen

Skins – Hcp 18 & under        $20 each        

#1                Ron Plummer        3        

#3                Steve Rawald        2        

#5                John Smith        3        

#6                 Jack Naughton        3        

#15                John Jurczak        1        

all net eagles, net eagles canceled on #2 & #14                        

Skins – Hcp 19 & up $25 each                        

#1                Larry Pagel        3        

#3                Mike Allen        2        

#4                 Mike McKay        1        

#8                Ed Walker        2        

#9                Pete Mullally        2        

all net eagles, net eagles canceled on #7, #14, !5, #16        



Kelleher, Paul                63

Detken, Fred                63

Miller, Rick                64

Belikoh,Bob                65

Cowgur, Kent                65

Anderson, Tom                65

Sorensen, Bob                66

Vinland, Jerry                67

Sundermann, Paul        67

Hathcock, Allen                67


Aparicio, A                #2        

Belikoff,B (4)                        #6,8,12,15

Thomas, T                #10        

Raymond, K                #16        

Thornton, J                #17

SKINS ≤ 18 $20 each

Bennett, G                 #3 (2)

Belikoff, B                 #8 (1), #15 (2)

Anderson, T                 #9 (2)

Thornton, J                 #17 (1)

Miller, R                #18 (2)

SKINS ≥ 19 $26 each

Thiedemann, D                #5 (3)

Thomas, T                #10 (1)

Hathcock, A                #15 (2)

Harrington, P                #18 (2)

1st Thursday

Tournament Director

Jack Price



Here is a situation that happens to most golfers sooner or later.  You are requested to mark your ball to the side of where it came to rest on the putting green, because otherwise your ball marker may interfere with a fellow competitor's line of putt.  You carefully mark the ball one or two putter lengths to the side and then get absorbed in watching the line of other players' putts and studying the line of your putt.  When it is your turn to play, you replace your ball at the marker, forgetting to reverse the steps that you used to mark it to the side.  This results in playing from the wrong place!  So, what is the ruling?

The player incurs a penalty of two strokes in stroke play or loss of hole in match play under rule 20-7, (Playing from the wrong place) and must carry on playing their ball from where it came to rest or, if the ball was putted into the hole, they have holed out.

Once the player has played from the wrong place in stroke play, he must continue play of the hole.  There is no provision for going back to the original spot and correcting the error.

Mike Supple

Handicap Chairman



We now have 175 members.  If any of you have friends, men or women, looking for a club please have them contact me or go to for an application.

Rich Clause

Membership Director