OpenStreetMap Foundation

Communications Working Group Meeting


30th August 2010,

21:00- GMT (22:00 - CET)




Present: Emilie Laffray, Harry Wood, Richard Weait, Oliver Kühn


Introductions to each other


History of Predecessor of Communication Working Group

Despite a few attempts to establish the Communication Working Group during [xx] the Working Group has never become effective.


Scope of Communication Working Group

Agreement: The Communication Working Group should begin with a focus on communication between the OSMF Board and Working Groups and OSMF members and the public. The Communication Working Group should create guidelines and frameworks to ease an appropriate communication for its entities like the Board and (other) Working Groups.  The intention is also to optimize the signal-to-noise ratio for the major communication channels.

Proposal: The “homepage” of OSM is in scope, but not an immediate priority.  Reasons: the homepage is a very controversial topic as a few sketches that have been publicly made available by Steve Coast have been shown and the license change is currently controversial enough and therefore should be settled before another controversial topic is started.


Naming of Communication Working

In course of the proposal to disregard the web site for the near future of the Working Group it was agreed to simply name the Working Group “Communication Working Group” (CWG).


Status Quo of OSMF communication

There is quite a diversity of communication channels like the OSMF blog,, IRC. Currently there is no coherent way how and when the different communication channels are used. It was agreed to gather all existing (active and inactive) communication channels to establish some transparency within the CWG. This task was assigned to Richard Weait.  But then Harry Wood executed the task.



Oliver will create a folder in Google Doc for sharing documents and prepare the minutes of the meeting.


Next meeting

Planned for August, Monday 6th