Welp. You guess that's that then. Time to go!!

...um. Ok, so you're actually having a serious amount of trouble trying to be casual and resigned about this. You're scared. You're really scared.

But you have to do this.

It's all coming to a head. You never thought it'd end up like this, but, it did. Not a lot you can do to change it now, save to buy everyone time so they can escape. Of course, they don't know you're heading out of the Veil. But you know they would never be able to make it without someone to keep the Demon occupied. The pulse of Life is screaming for you to do something, anything to keep them safe.

God damn you're terrified of going out there. But not quite as scared as you are of the idea they'll all die and be unable to enact the plan. So you're gonna do this, you guess. You're going to fight a God.

You're not coming back.

You... decided to ditch the divine duds for now. You like them, but you don't really feel like you deserve them anymore. Your old overshirt is ruined too, so you shucked that off. Plain sshirt and grubby jeanss for everyone, yaaaay.

You put on something else with those, though. You've had it since you were a grub; Tinkerbull found you wrapped in its tattered red folds. Its scent and feel has always comforted you, and it even gave you an idea to make a skirt for Kanaya one time as a gift, before the whole blood thing... she liked it so much she refused to not use it, even after it got all raggy!

...that meant a lot to you.

So you wear it now like a little cape, unsure of how else to adorn yourself with it. It makes you feel a bit better. Just a bit less scared.

Damn it, you can't stop shaking. You pray you survive long enough for them to figure a way out. It's just frustrating; you're still way more raggy farm girl than holy knight of protection. Why couldn't you have been more competent and confident? You wish you had your dice.

All you have left is a sword. You created it yourself. Well... okay, you actually withdrew it from a very strange gravestone that had YOUR name on it. But it was huge! Way too heavy!! You may be super stupid strong, but it was just too hard to swing. So you made it smaller with your alchemitor. It's still as big as you and dense as Hell.

Whatever. What's important is that you're armed, however poorly, to fight this guy. One last stand. A final chance to protect life. Maybe that was the silver lining; a chance to let it all be fixed, for a better roll. And really, this was your actual destiny as a Knight. It's the fate of any paladin, in the end.

To die.

You better get going. Before the others find out. Before Kanaya does. But you gotta let her know all the same; even though you two have drifted apart, you still...

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aurochsGore [AG] began trolling gloomyApoplectic [GA] 

AG: Hey.

AG: I don't know if you'll get thiss. If you ever do. That'ss okay.

AG: Sso, I think I'm gonna go do ssomething sstupid. REALLY sstupid. I dunno how long we have to live before we figure out a way to esscape, becausse the Demon iss gonna find uss ssooner or later.

AG: Ssssssssoooo... I'm gonna go make ssure he doessn't sstab uss all sstupid and dead. I mean you, and the otherss. Pretty ssure I'll be sstabbed. But ssince I'm a God, maybe that meanss I can take more sstabss!! Pluss ssince I can commune with sstuff, and he'ss part woofbeasst, maybe I can make him sstab me sslower?? Or ssomething??

AG: Okay sso thiss iss ssounding dumb. I want you to esscape, okay?? Make ssure they get out. That YOU get out. That'ss all. I promisse I'll make up for fucking up sso bad and letting everything go crazy.

AG: Thiss really ssuckss, doessn't it?? We all got a really bad break!! Wissh I had ass much luck ass Tavross did. Maybe it would have made a difference. I dunno.

AG: Ssorry again for everything. I'm really really gonna missss you, Kanaya. I hope everything workss out. You were my besst friend.

AG: Heh. It'ss a good thing I'm not there. I'd be sstuttering sso bad I wouldn't be able to get passt "Hey"! }:)

AG: But uh...

AG: I'm not sso good at thiss. Not ssure how you do it. But.

AG: Goodbye.

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aurochsGore [AG] began trolling gloomyApoplectic [GA] 

AG: <3

aurochsGore [AG] ceased trolliing gloomyApoplectic [GA]