HUC Officers Meeting

Mar 18, 2008


Attendees: AJ Moore, Asif Mohammed, Chris Oakman, Joseph Alvarado, Greg Lopp, Amber Amber, Maiella Leano,

Next Officers Meeting:

Correction - Friday, April 11 5:30pmth. Dave and Busters I-10 and Silber. Put it on your calendar now!


  1. Treasury Report – Asif
  1. Web site updates – Greg
  1. HFL Wrap Up – See notes at end from Julie F
  1. Recommendations – Estimated field costs to Miss Red, ~200 to HUC and rest to Women’s Home, or 50% 25% 25% Women’s, home, Miss red, HUC,
  2. ACTION: Julie F and Board to decide final numbers.

  1. TBUF – Matt
  1. Spring League – Joseph
  1. High School – Leagues Etc - Maiella
  1. CSS Fields - Asif
  1. Board of Directors Update

New Business

  1. Sponsorships
  1. Summer League?
  1. Weeknight Rec League?

Update from Julie Pre meeting: HFL

The HFL wrap-up is not complete, because I have been sick for several days. I am working on a summary for the website and a full report to send to you/officers. Some general highlights are below...

HFL was successfully held on 3/8/2008 with about 100-110 participants, raising approximately $2000 for the 2 philanthropies. This is about 2/3 of last year's donation, due largely to lower entry fees but partially to lower participation (138 in 2007). Tournament was won by Team Respect, which included both the youngest and the oldest player in at HFL...Stu Farquharson, founder of first Ultimate team in Austin and former coach of Alvin Houndz, was in town from Connecticut to play and had some nice memories of Laura to share. Thanks to all the volunteers that made HFL happen.

Update from Matt McDonald – Premeeting – TBUF 2008

I've called Allen from East Beach a couple of times today and I'm trying to nail down June 21st as a date. It allows people to go to poultry days on teh 14th and I think DW was keeping the 7th open as an alternate date for their Live Logic tournament. 28th is out for me.

If no one has objections to the 21st I'll make it happen and get the ball rolling on organizing.