Credit Recovery - Algebra 2B

Course Description

In this course students will use their prior knowledge from previous courses to learn and apply Algebra II skills. This course will include topics such as functions, radical functions, rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometry, geometry, conic sections, systems of equations, probability, and statistics. Students will apply the skills that they learn in this course to real world situations.


Course Objectives

  • Understand the major topics in Algebra II
  • Identify how the major topics in Algebra II relate to real world situations.
  • Apply the topics in Algebra II to various problems.
  • Explain how the topics in Algebra II relate to the greater context of mathematics.

Course Outline


Unit VI: Systems of Equations and Inequalities  

Section 1- Matrices and Determinants

Section 2- Systems of Equations

Section 3- Systems of Inequalities

Section 4- Systems of Equations with Three Variables

Unit VII: Geometry

Section 1- Geometry of Quadrilaterals

Section 2- Geometry of Triangles

Section 3- Geometry of Circles

Unit VIII: Conic Sections

Section 1- Introduction to Conic Sections

Section 2- Parabolas

Section 3- Circles

Section 4- Ellipses

Section 5- Hyperbolas

Unit IX: Probability and Statistics

Section 1- Introduction to Probability

Section 2- Permutations and Combinations

Section 3- Binomial Theorem

Section 4- Statistics

Section 5- The Normal Distribution

Unit X: Discrete Mathematics: Sequences and Series

Section 1- Arithmetic Sequences and Series

Section 2- Geometric Sequences and Series

Semester 2 Exam


Required Software



Java is needed for the embedded graphing calculator applet (GCalc). A free download is available at