INDEX of specific topics and Research - Part 1 (A-Bip)

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By Jurriaan Plesman

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Index is divided into nine sections hereunder:

Index of Specific Topics and Research 1B (Bir - C)

Index of Specific Topics and Research 2 (D - F)

Index of Specific Topics and Research 3 (G - I)

Index of Specific Topics and Research 4 (J - N)

Index of Specific Topics and Research 5 (O - R)

Index to Specific Topics and Research 6 (S - T)

Index to Specific Topics and Research 7 (U - Z)

Index of specific topics:  

5HTP  A,  Acan, Ac, Ad, ADHD, Adren,  Aggre, Al, All, Alt, Alz, Ani,  Anti, Anx,  Arg, Arthr As, Athero, Aut, Auto,  B, Bio, Bip,

5HTP and Mood disorders

and fibromyalgia

A1C test, for diabetes, explained

AA Recovery rates

Abdominal pain --> Bromelain

Aboriginal plant extracts for insulin resistance


and Galangal Root Herb

and Rosemary Side effects

Aboutism in Communication

ABO blood group in Glossary

Aboutism + Interest in Communication


        and Uses, Side Effects, Interactions

Acanthosis nigricans by Wisegeek

related to hypoglycemia or insulin resistance

Acarbose an anti-diabetic drug --> Wikipedia

        Acarbose, antidiabetic herb

        and side effects

Acacia tetragonophyllia,  an antidiabetic herb

Acesulfame-K artificial sweetener, see also E950

        and cancer

Acetaldehyde defined

         and by Pam KIlleen

Acetaminophen & Liver

        and arthritis no help

                and here

        and dandelion


        in Bipolar Disorder Treatment

        What is?

Acetylcysteine & Skin cancer danger

        and Bipolar Disorder

        and heart tissue regeneration

Acidophilus, What is?

Acid Reflux

        and Apple cider vinegar

        and baking soda (Sodium bicarbonate)


        and various illnesses

ACMA articles

Acne and high glycemic foods image

        and acne fighting cosmetics

                and Magnolia stem bark

        and acne vulgaris and Aloe Vera

        and Apple Cider Vinegar

        and Black walnuts

        and Brewer’s Yeast

        and burdock

        and Coconut oil

        and Dandelion

        and eating fish keeps acne at bay

        and Green tea

        and herbal treatment

        and lavender essential oil

        and Leaky Gut Syndrome

        and Margosa oil

        and MSM Methyl Sulfonyl Methane

        and natural progesterone

        and probiotics

        and Red clover

        and Sandalwood Seed Oil (Santalum album)

        and Tea Tree Oil

        and  ...vulgaris and burdock

Acrodermatitis enteropathica

        and foods rich in zinc

Activation energy in Glossary

Active site of enzyme

Actonel for bone diseases

Actos (Pioglitazone -Antidiabetic drug) may lead to bladder cancer

        has cancer risks and here.

        and reduced atherosclerotic plaques

Acupuncture its uses

        and Emotional Freedom Therapy

        and leukemia

        and migraines

        and What is?

Ad Hominem Argument logical fallacy

AD Medications reduced effects by anti-inflammatory drug

and cognitive impairments

        are ineffective for the majority of patients

                and see: Quotations from Beyond Efficacy: The STAR*D Trial

        and exercise

        and placebo effects

        and suicide

        during pregnancy

                not linked to autism

                and lung infection in babies

        fail to beat placebo

        may increase risk of heart disease

        may worsen bleeding in antiplatelet therapy

        not effective in Alzheimer’s Disease

        not effective

        Over-prescribed by non-psychiatrists

        may cause dangerous heart rhythm

        some do worse with

        Withdrawal from can cause electric shocks

Adaptogens - A List of

Adenine in Glossary

Addiction see Drug Addiction

        and by Gary Null

        and ginkgo biloba

        and withdrawal

        and starts early in life

        and studies linking with insulin resistance

Addiction: The Hidden Epidemic by Pam Killeen -- Overview

        Interview Plesman with Pam Killeen

Addiction to Food

        Sugar our number 1 addiction (book)

        to Coffee

Addiction, resulting from depression

        and depression

        and addictive parents --> arthritis

        and crime

        and Pycnogeno

Addiction to Masturbationl

Addiction to Nicotine

Addison’s Disease in glossary

        and astragalus

        and causes at Herbs2000

        and chamomile

        and DHEA and here

                and DHEA treatment and here and here

        and flaxseeds

        and gentian

        and ginger

        and ginseng

        and Herbs2000 --> Herbal Treatment

        and hyperactive immune system

        and Hypoglycemia

        and  liquorice sticks and soy sauce

        and short notes

        and symptoms

                    and vitamin C

Adenosinemonophosphate (AMP)

Adenosine triphosphate

        and Chlorophyll

Adenosinetriphosphate (ATP) What is?

        and energy requirement of cell

Adenosinetriphosphate (ATP) defined. in Glossary

        and Coenzyme Q10

        Biological Energy (ATP) produced from glucose

        Requirement by the brain

                how many molecules per second

        necessary in neurotransmitters synthesis and here.

        and cellular activity

        required in Sodium Potassium Pump

        Explained here and here.

ADHD kids have multiple conditions

        also see Hyperactivity

ADHD and nutritional treatment

ADHD Explained

ADHD, The Hyperactive Child By Dr Lendon H Smith ---> page 7

and air pollution

and Autism links 27 studies

        and bed-wetting and Daytime wetting

        and Borage Oil

        and California Poppy

        and celiac disease

        and diet linked

        and diagnosing ADHD in children

        and drug abuse

        and drugs linked to obesity

        and eating disorders linked

        and fishoil

        and ginkgo biloba

        and gluten

        and glyphosate (a video)

        and Herbal Treatment by Herbs2000

        and incidence 1 in 10 kids are ADHD in US.

        and insomnia

        and Linked to acetaminophen (Tylenol)

        and medicating kids

                and causing headaches

        and more research at Green Med Info

        and ☛ NIH for natural treatment

        and Niacinamide (B3)

        and Omega-3 fatty acids effective for

        and paracetamol

        and Pycnogenol

        and PUFA’s

        and Pycnogenol

        and Ritalin side effects

        and sodium benzoate in soft drinks & ADHD

        and salicylates

        and Statistics

        and sugar consumption

        and sunlight

        and survey 25/11/13

        and St John’s Wort

        and Testing for nutritional deficiencies

        and  Tourette’s Syndrome may be linked

        and Treatment by Dr Lendon Smith ---> Page 7

        Alternative Treatments

                Criticism of

        in Glossary

        linked to deficiency of norepinephrine

        may add burden of autism

        medication for ADHD no increased risk for heart disease

                and antipsychotic drug

        PUFA, Magnesium & Zinc for

        Treatment by Herbs2000

        Video By Dr Russell Blaylock


Adiponectin in Glossary

Adrenal Exhaustion: symptoms of

        and Borage Oil

        by Krischmannn

        by drlam

        and here.

        and silent diseases

Adrenal Fatigue

        and Licorice


        Defined and What is?

        Excess adrenaline symptoms

                The role of adrenaline in mood disorders

        factor in alcoholism and here.

        Fast acting hormone

        Functions to increase blood sugar levels. See Dr Joachim Fluhrer page 4

        hypoglycemia and alcoholism

        is also a focusing hormone

        Notes on..

        Symptoms of mood disorders

        triggers the Sympathetic Nervous System

                see Adrenaline in glossary

        and Adrenal Stress Test (AST Test)

        and Astragalus

        and dumping of magnesium --> hypertension

        and role in digestion

        a stress hormone which can create delusions and here.

Adrenaline to Glucose, Image, how adrenaline converts and another image.

glycogen to glucose than to ATP and here

Adrenal hormones system affecting your health

        When the brain is starved of energy

Adrenal Exhaustion  --> Pam KIlleen

        and Astragalus

        and Siberian Ginseng by Drugstore p90


        See also Chronic Fatigue

Adrenochrome  --> Schizophrenia

Adrographis paniculata,  an antidiabetic herb

        and Uses,Side Effects Interactions

Adult pain diseases & Childhood abuse

Advances in Nutritional Psychiatry by Dr Chris Reading, and edited by Dr George Samra --> Page 2

Advanced Glycation End Products, What is?

Advantame, A new sweetener

Advocados & insulin

Affirming the Consequence a logical fallacy

African American suicide rate

African geranium --> Umckaloabo

        and Uses, Side Effects, Interactions

Agave by Sue Litchfield

        and by Dr Joseph Mercola

Age spots

        and images

        and coconut oil

Age-related Macular Degeneration of the eye, Vitamin D

        and antioxidants

        and genes and other factors

        and Ginkgo Biloba

Aged garlic extract & hypertension


Agriculture, healthy soil, healthy food by Dr Maarten Stapper

Aggression and Self-Talk --> Hypoglycemia, Alcoholism, Violence

        and depression

        and hypoglycemia

        how to treat

Aggression and Violence and sugar consumption by prisoners

        and hypoglycemia

Aggression in Children, seek advice

Aggressive Dogs

Aging ➜ Ginkgo Biloba Research

        and Americans live longer

        and Anti-aging cream

        and Common herbs in use for elderly

        and Glycation, Inflammation and Oxidation

        and Panax Ginseng

and sugar        

Agina pectoris & Carnitine

        and Coenzyme Q10

Agoraphobia a hypoglycemic symptom

Agranulocyte in Glossary

Agriculture and Food Production

        and decline in pollinators

        and Factory farming of animals


        and Astragalus

        and Leaky Gut Syndrome

Air Pollution and Brain development in children

        and ADHD

        and mental illness


        and other names

Akathisia related to antipsychotic drugs in Glossary

        and shakuyaku-kanzo-to


        and benefits


Albumin in Urine & DIabetes

        and explanation → Better Health

        and GFR blood levels?

        and Notes on albumin in urine & thiamine

        and thiamine

Alcohol and Cancers

        and Breast cancer

and Crime

Alcohol induced blackout & brain damage questioned

Alcohol is a hypoglycemic chemical.

Alcohol consumption and binge drinking

        and Alzheimer’s disease with moderate consumption of

        and breast cancer and here.

        and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorders (FASD) signs


        and flushed complexion

        and insomnia

        and Interactions with medications

        and kids behaviour, when mother drinking during pregnancy

        and linked to stomach cancer

        and moderate drinking lowers risk for diabetes

        and pneumonia

        and during pregnancy not safe!

        and wine consumption in diabetes

Alcoholics in recovery 

Alcoholic Recovery Rate

Alcohol drinkers at greater risk of abusing amphetamines

Alcohol Metabolism

        and cancer


        admission rated down, but illegal drugs up

        Alcoholism (Addiction) is a Treatable Disease by Jurriaan Plesman

        and 1 in 20 are binge drinking

        and AA success rate

        and adrenaline

        and alcohol industry dependent on alcoholics

                and here.

        and anxiety linked

        and associated with hypoglycemia

        and binge drinking & wound healing

        and Borage Oil

        and breast cancer

        and coconut oil

        and consumption and health

        and consumption triggers hypoglycemia

        and discussed by Dr George Samra

        and link between adrenaline, hypoglycemia and alcoholism

        and death rate

and depression

and domestic violence

        and elder abuse

           and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

           and genetics

        and notes Garcinia Cambogia

        and various herbals  reducing cravings

        and Hypoglycemia linked.

                and discussed by Dr George Samra

                and Gyland studies 84% hypoglycemic

        and interactions with medications

        and Kudzu

                may reduce craving

        and linked to energy drinks

        and Liver Disease

        and Milk Thistle

        and moderate consumption & heart disease

        and Obesity

        and parental advice

        and pregnancy

        and shoplifting by Dr George Samra

        and sperm quality

        and stress hormones

        and studies linking with insulin resistance

        and thiamine (B1) deficiency

        and violence Video By Dr Russell Blaylock

        and violence

                and here

        and vitamin deficiencies

        and wound healing

        and Why Hypoglycemics May Prefer Alcohol by Jur Plesman HYPONL2004.08 p11

        and zinc

        in marriage

        is a Treatable Disease article by J. Plesman

        may run in families

        recovery rates

        Why Alcoholics Drink by Jurriaan Plesman

        Why alcohol is addictive -->  Serotonin Connection --> No. 19

        Why some people can consume large amounts of alcohol

        see also Drug Addiction

Alcoholism is a Treatable Disease by Jurriaan Plesman

Alcoholism--The Biochemical Connection" by Joan Larson

Alcoholism and Violence

Alcoholism and Hypoglycemia

        Video by Dr Russell Blaylock

Alcohol industry profits from alcoholics


        and Addison's Disease

Alertness improving with chocolate


        and Uses,Side Effects Interactions

        and L-canavanine in Alfalfa

and  systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)

Alginate in seaweed

        and obesity

Alkaline food by Pam Killeen

Alkanes in Glossary

Alkyl Groups in Glossary


Allergies the major 8 allergens and here at HYPONL2008.08 p5

        See also Celiac Disease

        see also Autoimmune disorder

        and antibiotics

        and antihistamines

        and Apple Cider Vinegar

                and here and here

        and Artichoke

        and see Autoimmune system

        and Blackberry 

        and Climate Change

        and Common Allergens at, HYPPONL2000.09pdf  p7.

        and Criminal Behaviour

        and Devil’s Claw

        and docosahexaenoic acid

        and Dr George Samra at HYPONL2015.03 —>P.2

                and his book The Allergy Connection 

and Food Allergies by University of Maryland

        and fruits & veggies may not lower risk for kids’ allergies

        and garlic

        and Goldenseal

and Herbal Treatment by Herbs2000

        and herbal remedies against

and isoquercitrin

and licorice

and lupin

and medical drugs

        and health risks

and milk proteins 

        and see also Cow’s milk below

and oxidation foods by Pam KIlleen

and pine essential oil

and pycnogenol

and spasmophilia

        and Suicide

        and statistics

        and stinging nettle

        and tyrosine

        and Testing for at, HYPPONL2000.09pdf  p7.

        and what can happen with the wrong treatment Mupirocin (5-fluorouracil)

        Allergies: The Food and Disease Paradigm by Dr George Samra


        Allergies by Jo Lewin Nutritional Therapist HYPONL2014.08 p8

Books on Allergies

        Finding your allergies

        may lower risk for brain cancer

All or Non-law in Glossary


        and and antimutagenicity

Allodynia in Glossary


and Acrodermatitis enteropathica        

and Breast cancer

Aloe Vera and Diabetes and here

and benefits.

and Diabetes 

        and skin conditions

        and Aloe Vera Juice at HYPONL2014.03 p5

        and how to cut it for use

        and leukemia

        and Melanoma Research

        and Scabies

        and Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcer by Herbs

        and Uses, Side Effects Interactions

Alopecia and Silicon

        and Conventional Treatment

        and Dandruff

        and Herbal remedies

        and Lavender Essential Oil

        and Signs and symptoms

        and Two types of alopecia

Alpha gliadin and mood disorders

        and here

Alpha-linoleic acid in Rich Sources

        and blood sugar levels

        may lower risk for sudden cardiac death

        Health effects of

        See also Sugar Alcohols

Alpha-lipoic acid

        and for diabetes and other benefits

        and side effects

        and What is?

Alpha-Lipoic Acid & Depression

Alpinia katsumadai

        and cardamon for Myeloma

Alprazolam not to be used.

Alternative sweetener: Xylitol

Alternative Medicine

        and attack by AMA

                and by Dr Joseph Mercola

at Complementary Medicine

Criticism of

Alternative sweeteners by Sue Litchfield

        see also Sugar alcohols

Alternative Treatments

        Criticism of

        for Bipolar Disorder

        for Drug & Alcohol Addiction in New Zealand

        for Mental Illness

        for Mental Health

        for Schizophrenia


        Nutritional Aspects of Schizophrenia --> p7

        Alliance for Addiction Solutions

        Looking for Complementary Health Practitioners:

Alternative Treatments of “Mental Illness”

Alternative Treatment for infertility

Altitude Sickness → Ginkgo Biloba Research


        and Alzheimer’s disease not linked

        and Breast cancer

        and toxicity --> Pubmed

Alzheimer’s Disease see also Dementia

        and adapting activities

        and Alpha Lipoic Acid

        and Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia?

        and anxiety drugs linked  and here

        and atherosclerosis

        and aspartame link

        and astrocytes

        and ayurvedic herbs

        and B Vitamin Supplements --> page 8

        and Bacopa Moniera (Indian Herb)

                and here

        and basil

        and benzodiazepine linked

                and but here not linked

        and Berberine and here

                and at Wikipedia

        and berries 

        and blood vessels

                especially Metabolic Syndrome

        and blueberries

        and Cannabidiol

        and carnitine

        and Celexa and here.

        and Cheonggukjang (fermented soybean paste)

        and cholesterol linked

        and choline and lecithin

        and cinnamon

        and citicolin choline derived

        and cocoa flavanol

        and Coconut Oil and here and here

                and here

        and cognitive training helpful

        and contagious?

        and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

        and Coping with late stage

        and DDT

        and dementia rate falling

        and depression as forerunner

        and DHEA

        and diabetes in middle age --> memory loss

                and linked to memory and here.

        and diet by Wikipedia

                and Alzheimer’s Diet

        and early signs

        and exercise

        and fisetin

and berries

        and fish & Mercury

        and fish consumption

        and fishoil + lipoic acid

                and fishoil by Mercola

                and fishoil notes by J.Plesman

        and folic acid deficiency --> B12

        and Ginkgo Biloba but see Wikipedia                

            and ➜ Ginkgo Biloba Research and 25637484,  25506211, 25966264, 25791046

                and Ginkgo Biloba and here

                        and cognitive function neg stud

        and Gotu kola

        and green tea

        and hardening of arteries

        and herbal supplements

        and having two parents with

        and Herbal Treatment by Herbs2000

        and high blood pressure possible link

        and Huperzia

        and hypoglycemia (IR) linked

                and linked

        and Insulin Resistance links

                and here

        and iron in the brain

        and language loss

        and lipoic acid

        and lymphatic system

        and Magnolia bark

        and Medication, Memory Loss by Ron Buckridge HYPONL2006.04 p9

        and medications for hypertension

        and meditation

        and mercury & fish

        and middle-aged smoking

and mild cognitive impairment (MCI)

and new drug

        and new experimental drug and here.

and nicotinamide

and Notes by Jur Plesman

        and notes from Herbs2000

        and nutrients by LPI  and here

                and Nutritional Treatment notes by Jur Plesman

        and oxidative damage

        and plum juice

        and poor sleep

        and protein protecting

        and Pycnogenol

        and red wine

        and Reversing Dementia

        and rosemary and here


        and seen as Type 3 Diabetes

        and ‘Senior Moments’ normal

        and silicon and here

        and sleeping pills

        and Smell Test for

        and statistics declining

        and  St John’s Wort

        and strawberries

        and social activities

        and Tau Brain Protein

        and thiamine B1 deficiency

        and “Thrown to the Wolves” by Ron Buckridge HYPONL2015.03 p14

        and turmeric

                and 2 Pubmed Studies showing Treatment with Turmeric

                and Turmeric

        and various vitamin deficiencies

        and unnecessary medications

        and Vitamin D and here and here

        and women more at risk

                and female genes

        Article by Dr Chris Reading

Associated with hypoglycemia

linked to hypoglycemia (insulin resistance)

        See Dr Jeff ‘s article at Curezon

Memory boosting herbs

Memory lapses not always due to

more dementia cases hospitalized

Possible blood test for


Alzheimer’s disease & Green tea (See also Dementia)

        and alcohol consumption moderate

        and amyloid protein

        and antihistamine drugs

        and Aricept helps people with

        and aluminium

        and Antidepressant Medication

        and antioxidants and here.

        and antioxidants ineffective

        and Ashwaganda (Withania somnifera)

        and bilingual people

        and brain shrinkage

                brain’s blood vessels

        and choline

and clogged arteries

and Cocoa Flavanols

and coconut oil

and complementary medicine not successful but see Comment

and diabetes and here.

and DDT exposure

and diet

and early signs

and early test

and epilepsy 

and gene profile

and grape polyphenols

        and hearing loss

        and hygiene hypothesis

        and hypoglycemia and Video By Dr Russell Blaylock

        and Dr Chris Reading article by

        and High Blood Pressure Tablets

        and Hypoglycemia/Diabetes linked

        and improving your memory wit supplements

        and lifestyle factors by MedlinePlus video

        and linked to hypoglycemia

        and loss of smell

        and mental stimulation slows

        and MUFAs

        and Nutritional Treatment

        and nicotinamide

        and niacinamide

        and ---> Nutritional Tests

        and a new protein found may be responsible

        and olive oil

        and pesticides

        and preventing by tests (Dr Chris Reading)

        and prevention

        and Research by Dr Norman Swan from the ABC

        and risk factors

        and sage for

        and Solanezumab (new drug) 

        and Testing for nutritional deficiencies

        and supplements for

        and Vitamin B12

        and Vitamin D

        and vitamin E might delay

        and weight loss a sign

        avoid heavy metals

        linked to hypoglycemia (prediabetes)

        What the Medical Science has to say

        What works and does not work

        Will triple by 2050

AMA statement about hypoglycemia, and here

        and Actual Statement 1973

        and attacks “Quacks”.

        Hypoglycemia a non disease 

Amalgam Fillings in Dentistry go to p2 and here.

Amblyopia in Glossary

Ameisen, Dr Paul

        Articles by

American Pawpaw

        and leukemia


Amino acids in bone formation (Serine, Proline, Lysine)--> p7

        and ➔ in eggs

        and Amino Acid Chart

        and in Glossary

        and milk

        and Sources

Aminosweet + Aspartame

amorfrutins, antidiabetic herbal product

Amotivational Syndrome discusses (8 studies)


and Galangal Root Herb

Amylase in Glossary

Amylin hormone - Glossary

Amyloid Protein in Alzheimer’s Disease

Amylopectin or Amylose Notes by Jurriaan Plesman  and more.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in Glossary

        and ➔ Lou Gehrig’s Disease (Mouse study)

        and coffee/tea drinking

        and vitamin D

        and search for Multiple Sclerosis


Anaclytic reaction


        and Mangosteen

Anaplastic Thyroid carcinoma

        and Gentian

Anatomy Videos at MedlinePlus

Ancestral diet by Pam Killeen

Anaerobic Respiration: What is?

Analgesic, Herbal --> Devil’s Claw

        and a Chinese Herb ( MOS(EtOH)

        and Cayenne (Capsicum annuum)

        and Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana)


Anemia during pregnancy & need for iron

        See also Sickle Cell Anemia

        and Artichoke

        and common herbs

        and copper deficiency

        and dementia

        and Ferritin - What is?

        and Gotu kola

        and hemodialysis

        and iron supplements

        and Leukemia

        and low fiber diet linked

        and Nettle

        and See ESR Test

Anesthesia harmless to kids.

        and  St John’s Wort

Aneurysm and Fruit diet.

Anger & Laughter affecting the heart

Anger Management and Nutrition article

        and hypoglycemia

        anger and hypoglycemia Video Dr Russell Blaylock

        and Violence & Vitamin D

Angina Pectoris & Carnitine at LPI.

        and ➔ Common Herbs

        and comfrey

        and ➜ Ginkgo Biloba Research

        and hawthorn and other herbals

        and hypoglycemia

        and nutrients by LPI

Angiogenesis and spirulina

        and Berberine

        and What is?

Anhedonia inability to enjoy pleasure

        and Anxiety

Anhedonia, inability to enjoy pleasure


        Bladder Control


        Breathing Problems

        Common among Bipolar Sufferers


        Digestive Disorders

        Explained by Gary Null page 18


        Glycerine to treat anxiety

        Heart Palpitations

        Involuntary defecation (encopresis)

        Kids’ Stomach Aches linked to


        Pupils of the eye


        reduced by intense exercise

Swallowing Problems

Yoga - Try it out

Anion in Glossary

Animal farming source of flu epidemic

Animal Fats essential to human health source Pam Killeen

        and benefits by Pam Killeen and here

        and do not make us fat

        and the fact phobia disproved

and hunger feelings        

        and mentioned by Pam Killeen and here, here here

and Some Research Notes on Saturated Fats.

        Reduced butter consumption linked to CHD and here.

        Saturated fats are healthy

        See also Cholesterol

Animal fat may increase risk for prostate cancer

        but not n-3 fatty acids

Animal products and cancer

Animals provide emotional support

Aniseed tea

and Benefits 

Anion: What is?

Ankle Joint of right foot image

        and exercises for ankle pain

Ankylosing sponylitis What is?

        and plums

Anorexia (See also “Eating Disorders”)

        Incidence of  and here

        and Autism

        and cannabis

and Hypoglycemia connection (31 Studies)

and Insulin resistance .

and linked to ADHD

        and Oxytocin

        and weight loss

Anosmia Loss of taste & smell and zinc

        and intranasal zinc

Ant --> Ants below

Anthocyanidins and what is?

        and berries 

        and here

        and Immune system

Anti-aging --> Cuscuta chinensis

Anti terms like antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, anti-histaminic, anti-microbial and anti-tumor effects

        and Black walnuts

and Black Cumin 12

and lavender

and licorice


and Black Cumin

and lavender

and Neem tree

        and pogostone in Patchouli oil

Antioxidants, List of

Antibiotic Herbs

        and Lavender Essential Oil

        and list of

Antibiotic Resistant fungi

        and --> MRSA

         and Olive Leaf

Antibiotics linked to Crohn’s Disease

Antibiotics mentioned

        How it can contribute to epidemic flu and here

        and 15 antibiotic herbs

        and Ajwain

        and antibiotic resistant bacteria linked to food

                and here

                and Galangal Root Herb

        and Apple Cider Vinegar

                and here

        and Astragalus

        and berberine

        and Bergamot essential oil

and against  E. coli, Pseudomonas putida, and Salmonella enterica        

            and Black Cumin

        and burdock

        and candidiasis

        and cherries

        and Dandelion

        and garlic tablets

        and Geranium essentials oil

        and Gotu kola

        and honey for Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus

        and hydroxytyrosol

        and Lavender Essential Oil

                and here

        and Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana)

        and mental illness

        and natural antibiotics

                and How to make antibiotics at home

        and Neem tree

        and new drug

        and Oregan Grape

        and obesity linked

        and Oxalates

        and peripheral neuropathy

        and pine essential oil

        and pregnancy --> asthma in babies

        and Last line antibiotics fail to beat superbugs.

        and Red clover be careful

        and Sandalwood Seed Oil (Santalum album)

        and skin

                 and Aloe vera

        and Sweet annie

        and Tea tree oil

        and Turmeric

and ursolic acid found in

        and yarrow

        linked to obesity in infants and here

Anti-cancer foods  --> Cancer

        and List of anticancer herb


Anti Cholesterol remedies, list of

Anticholinergic drugs & cognitive decline

        and here and here

        and may increase risk of dementia

        in Glossary

        and What are anticholinergic drugs

Anticoagulants Over-prescribed in Atrial Fibrillation

Antidepressant Medications are unreliable.

        and autism no link

        and effective only for 30%

                and here

and Glucose Dysregulation

and linked to dementia 

        and pregnancy and autism

        and research bias by industry

        and suicide

                and suicide

        and use by pregnant mothers

        and violence

        may lead to relapse

        reduce effects by anti-inflammatory drugs

        can trigger manic symptoms in women

        How they work


        side effects

        tied to blood pressure

        use up 400%

Antidiabetic --> Curcumol

        and Antidiabetic food berberine

        and Neem tree

Antidiabetic herbs


        and plum juice

Anti-fever ---> Bitter Cumin


        and Ajwain

        and Apple Cider Vinegar

        and baking soda (Sodium bicarbonate)

and Basil Essential Oil 

and berberine

and Berberine

        and Black Cumin

        and Desert wormwood (Aretesemia herba-alba Asso)

        and Geranium essentials oil

        and lavender

        and Lemon grass (Cymbopogon)

        and Neem tree

        and Olive leaf

        and pine essential oil

        and Tea Tree Oil

                and here

        and various herbs

Anthelmintics What is?

        and list of antiparasitic herbs

        and Neem tree

        and tea tree oil


        and Plantain

Antigen in Glossary

Antihistamines, First generation should be banned.

        and cognitive decline

        use among the elderly - risk death

Anti-inflammatory Drugs reduce effects of AD Medications

        and Anti Inflammatory aspects of Saw Palmetto

        and Arnica (Arnica montana)

        and avocado

        and Bilberry (Vacinium myritillus L.)

        and berberine

        and Boswellia

        and burdock

        and Dandelion

and Devil's Claw

and Echinacea purpurea

and Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) 

and Geranium essentials oil

and Ginger

and Green tea

and Lavender Essential Oil

and licorice

and Licorice

and magnolia

and Magnolia stem bark

and Oregon Grape

and pine essential oil

and Passiflora foetida (Passifloraceae)

and Sandalwood Seed Oil (Santalum album)

and yarrow

Anti-inflammatory for endometriosis Nutritional Approaches by Mary Lou Ballweg

        and Barberry (Berberis vulgaris)

        and bromelain

        and cuscuta chinensis

and Curcumol

and notes Garcinia Cambogia

and spirulina

and yarrow 

Antihypertensive drugs, doctors urged to go natural.

Anti-inflammatory Foods

Antimicrobial ---> Bitter Cumin

        and Ajwain

        and Basil Essential Oil

        and Catnip (Nepeta cataria)

        and Galangal Root Herb

        and ginger

        and Plantago major

        and plum topical antimicrobial agent

        and Tea tree oil


        and Basil Essential Oil

        and berberine

                and at Wikidedia

        and Bilberry (Vacinium myritillus L.)

        and Black Cumin

        and buckwheat

        and dandelion

        and how effective

        and macular degeneration

        and rutin

        and Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinale) 

        and spirulina

        and Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum

Antioxidant enzymes in our body, Nutrients to take by D.Baden --p4

Antioxidants and Alzheimer’s Disease

Antioxidant rich foods list and here 

        and beets

        and coffee beans

        and A list of Natural AntiOxidants 

Antioxidants and Cardiovascular risk Vit C, E, CoQ10 and selenium

        and Alzheimer’s Disease

        and heart diseases

        and male infertility

        and oxygen

        and skin cancer

        and surgery

in red wine questioned 

Antiparasitic agent ➔ Anthelmintics

and Bitter Cumin

Anti-pollutant Houseplants


        and Berberine

Antipsychotic Drugs use in Aged Care.

        and brain size

        and Kidney Damage

Antipsychotic medication and weight gain

and increased body weight & lower temperature 

        and the elderly

        and overuse

        and serious metabolic complications

        may increase risk of heart disease

        no better than placebo in PTSD

        off label use of, no good for

        older drugs as good as newer ones

puts on weight in kids

tied to diabetes risk


and Galangal Root Herb

and Mangosteen

Antiretrovirals protect HIV partners


        and Ajwain

Anti-smoking drug, cheap

        Anti-smoking drugs and herbs

Anti-social personalities & gangs

Antispasmodic (muscle relaxant)

and Black seed oil

and Catnip (Nepeta cataria)

Anti-stroke diet video


        and Plantain

Antitumor effects

        and licorice

Antiviral herbs

        and berberine

        and garlic tablets

        and Lavender Essential Oil

        and May Take

        and Milk Thistle

        and Neem tree

        and Notes on

        and Red clover

        and Olive leaf

        and pine essential oil

        and other notes on

Ants Repellents

        and natural repellents

        and Pennyroyal

        and Tansy

Anxiety, Gambling, and Phobia by Jurriaan Plesman

Anxiety and Panic Attacks related to Hypoglycemia see also below

Anxiolytic defined 

Anxiety and the Autonomic Nervous System

        and alcoholism linked

        and adrenaline secretion

        and air pollution

        and anxiety meds --> Painful erections

        and anxiety-related spectrum disorder

        and Apple Cider Vinegar

        and Beating Anxiety and Phobias

        and Bergamot essential oil

        and berberine

        and Bipolar Disorder

        And Basil (Ocimum basilicum) essential oil

        and California Poppy

        and Chamomile

                and Chamomile (Matricaria recutita and Chamaemelum nobile)

        and children’s treatment inadequate

        and chocolate

        and choline

        and cinnamon

        and Crohn’s Disease

        and Delusions

        and ecstasy - potential drug

        and explained by Gary Null at page 18

        and fibromyalgia

        and gambling and its nutritional treatment

        and Gotu kola

        and glycerine

        and 3 herbs that helps you relax

        and hawthorn

        and heart patients

        and Herbal Treatment by Herbs2000

                and here

        and Hops (Humulus lupulus)

        and incidence among young people

        and ginkgo biloba

        and Kotu kola

and Lavender oil

        and here and here

        and lecithin which may reduce stress

        and Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis)

        and List of anxiety reducing (anxiolytic) herbs, 23436255

        and magnolia

        and Magnolia bark

        and  Microbiome at PMID21876150

                and microbiota

and Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca)

        and --> Nutritional Tests

        and Neem tree

        and Niacin (B3)

        and nutritional treatment

        and  OCD and its Treatment

and Olive Leaf 

        and omega-3 fatty acids and here (video).

        and Parents’ behaviour

        and Passion Flower

                and Passion Flower (Passifloraceae)

        and red clover

        and St John’s Wort

        and stress differentiated

and Borage Oil.

        and studies linking with insulin resistance

        and tyrosine

        and Violence & Vitamin D

        and Vitamin C helpful

        and yarrow juice

        among young children’s brains

Aortic aneurysm

        and Asthma


        and Ajwain

 and Galangal Root Herb

        and Sandalwood Seed Oil (Santalum album) doubtful!

Aphthous Stomatitis and Aloe Vera

Apigenin (compound in vegetables like celery)

        and melanoma and here

        and sources

Apigenin and Breast cancer

        and Neuritogenic (nerve-regenerative) substances

        and neurodegenerative diseases

        and gout

Apology in Being Assertive

Apoptosis: promoting cell death in cancer

        and Melanoma Research

        Apoptosis: What is?

Appetite loss of, linked to Crohn’s Disease

        and ADHD medications

        and basil

        and Devil’s Claw

        and how to improve your appetite

        and juniper

        and Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis)

        and Sweet annie

        and yarrow

Appetite suppressant

         and Chia seeds

Apple cider vinegar

and for pain 


        and Momordica Cochinchinensis

Apple a day keeps the doctor away.

        and Apples and kiwifruit for blood pressure video

        and improve cardiological diseases

Apple Cider Vinegar

        Some PubMed studies

        and benefits

                and no benefit

        and body odor deodorant

        and at HYPONL2014.03 p5

        and → Health Benefit if any?  and here

        and how to make it.

        and notes on

        and at WebMD

Apple and Pear Concentrate by Sue Litchfield

Apples are hypoglycemic

Appleton, Nancy on sugar illnesses

Apricot sulfurization & Asthma  12691872, 12645101

Approaches in Counselling

Arab Women & Vitamin D


        and leukemia

Arachidonic acid in Glossary and here.


        and bone bruise

        and Uses, Side effects, Interactions


        for Erectile dysfunction

        and Type I Diabetes Beta-Cell Regeneration

Arguments that are fallacious

Aristolochic acids in herbal products- avoid

Army Soldiers & Suicide

Arnica as a painkiller


        and AD Medications

        and Corydalis

        and herbal treatment Herbs2000

        and integrative therapy

Arsonists found to be hypoglycemic and here

Artemisia annua → Sweet annie

        and one of the most anti-cancer herb

                and here

Arterial calcification

        and garlic


        and conjugated linoleic acid

        and garlic

        and ➜ Ginkgo Biloba Research

        See Herbs2000

        and rutin

        and silicon

Atherosclerosis in lower legs explained

        and flaxseed

Arthritis of the brain - --> schizophrenia

Arthritis, Diseases of the bones --> P5

        and addictive parents

        and Anti-inflammatory Foods

        and Apple Cider Vinegar

        and Auto-immune system

        and ➔ Autoimmune system

        and Apple Cider Vinegar

        and Arthritis and Osteoporosis by Dr Samra HYPONL2005.08 p3

        and Artichoke

        and Astaxanthin

        and basil

        and Borage Oil

        and boswellia

        and Calcium + Vitamin D

        and causes

                and ➔ Autoimmune disorder

        and cayenne

        and celery

        and cinnamon tea

        and cinnamon and honey tea

        and childhood abuse

        and Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)

        and devil's claw

        and Dictamnus dasycarpus Turcz. (Rutaceae)

        and Epsom Salts

        and ESR Test

        and Evening primrose

        and Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium)

        and Flax Seeds (Linum usitatissimum L)

        and Green tea

        and ginger

        and Ginger

        and glucosamine & chondroitin sulfate

                and here some studies

        and hemp oil

        and Herbs2000

        and Herbal remedies

        and Huperzia

        and knee arthritis and herbal painkillers

                and here

        and Licorice

        and linked to Insulin Resistance (Hypoglycemia)

        and linked to Cardiovascular Disease

        and Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM) Notes

        and milk

        and MSM and more.

        and more likely among blacks

        and Nalgestic Forte (Curcumin)

        and Nettle

        and Nettle (Urtica Dioica)

        and niacinamide (Vitamin B3)

        and obesity

        and Olive oil for arthritis

                and here and here

        and or rheumatoid arthritis?

        and OTC supplements

        and pain & depression

                and Epsom Salt for pain

                and ginger and honey

                and some natural remedies

                and humidity

        and paracetamol no effect

        and pine essential oil

        and plums

        and Pycnogenol

                and pycnogenol

        and red meat

        and relief

        and Rheumatoid Arthritis by Herbs2000

        and sesame seeds and here and

and sesame seeds, oil. 

        and silymarin (Milk Thistle)

        and sleep

        and statistics

        and Sweet annie

        and sulphur

        and things you can do

                and here

        and treatments some

        and turmeric and here and here and here and here

        and Willow

and Vital 3Ⓡ Supplement for arthritis        

        and Vitamin D

                and here negative study

        and yucca

        MSM for pain relief and here.

        Vitamin D no help

        You are What you eat: Arthritis and Osteoporosis by Dr George Samra ---> page 3


and apigenin for cancer

and diuretic        

        and Uses, Side effects, and Interactions

Articles by various authors for HHAA

Artificial Insemination - Alternatives to

Artificial sweeteners & Diabetes

        and also ➜ Sweeteners

        and see List of Artificial sweeteners

Artificial Sweeteners by MedlinePlus

Atrial Fibrillation of the heart

        and tuna or other broiled or baked fish


        and anxiety

        and Neuritogenic (nerve-regenerative) substances

        and thyroid problems


        and has now been renamed AminoSweet

        and poison

        and under a new name “aminosweet”

and worst sweetener By Dr Joseph Mercola



        and diuretic

Aspartame ----> Advantame

Asperger Syndrome, What is? or shortened version here

Aspirin linked to Macular Degeneration

and to babies.

        and colon cancer

        and here

        and Rosemary Side effects

        and side effects

Aspirin may improve memory

Assertiveness Training Program

Assertiveness Training How to practise you mind

Assumptions in Psychotherapy

Aspartate  --> Advantame


Astaxanthin in Krill Oil,

        and Omega-3 fats

        for ulcers → Parkinson’s Disease

        Astaxanthin: What is?

        in Glossary

        The most powerful antioxidant

        ---> Mercola article

        Astaxanthin for wrinkles

Asthma Patients more likely to be diabetic, hence hypoglycemic

         and Aloe vera

        and Apple Cider Vinegar

        and antibiotics

        and Aortic aneurysm

        and Apricot sulfurization & Asthma  12691872, 12645101

        and asthma

        and Apigenin

        and Black Cumin

        and Boswellia

        and bromelain

        and comfrey

                and comfrey

        and Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium)

        and Gotu kola

        and Leaky Gut Syndrome

        and Magnolia bark

        and Nettle

and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

        and pregnancy --> antibiotics

        and Pycnogenol

                and pycnogenol

        and Red clover

        and Sida cordifolia

        and smoking during pregnancy

        More likely to be depressed

        linked to acetaminophen (Tylenol)

Linus Pauling Institute.

Asthma & Lycopene

        and Apricot sulfurization & Asthma  12691872, 12645101

        and Asafoetida (Ferula assa-foetida)

        and depression during pregnancy

        and ➜ Ginkgo Biloba Research

        and nutrients by LPI

        and obesity 

        and Vitamin D

        asthmatics may be low in vitamin D

Astragalus as a Herbal Diuretic

and leukemia 

        and Uses, Side effects, Interactions


        and Ajwain

        and Geranium essentials oil

        and Plantago major

        and yarrow

Astrocytes and Dementia

        in Glossary

Ataxia Neuropathy Spectrum in Glossary

         What is

        and stroke 

Atherosclerosis linked to hypoglycemia and here and here

        see also Cardiovascular disease, heart disease

        and Actos a diabetes drug

        and butyrate

        and conjugated linoleic acid

        and dark chocolate

        and dandelion

        and devil’s claw

        and diet for --> page 6

        and ➜ Ginkgo Biloba Research

        and hawthorn

        and hypothyroidism

        and Nutrients by LPI

        and pomegranate

                and here and here

        and Sweet annie

Athlete’s foot

and Black walnuts 

and Olive Leaf

and Tea Tree Oil

Athletes at risk of developing osteoarthritis

Atipical moles.

Atrial Fibrillation linked to use of Ginkgo biloba

Atrial Fibrillation Video

        and always consult your doctor when using herbs

        and anticoagulants among elderly

                and overprescribed

        and magnesium

        and notes on by Jur Plesman

Atkin’s Diet and The Hypoglycemic diet compared

Atopic Dermatitis in Glossary

Atrophic Gastritis → Wikipedia

        and Vitamin B12

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ⇒  ADHD

ATP a molecule derived from glucose metabolism

        and → Adenosintriphosphate

        ATP’s per molecule of glucose

        molecules per second required by the brain

        in production of serotonin

mainly derived from glucose

        how many molecules of ATP from glucose

Niacin required

see also Adenosinetriphosphate

Atrazine (pesticide) linked to birth defects

Atrial Fibrillation defined and explained in this video

        and anticoagulants among elderly

        and fishoil (neg)

        and Vitamin D not related

        and weight reduction --> improvement

Attack Therapy

Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder  ---> ADHD

Atypical Antidepressants explained

        lack sufficient evidence for widespread use

Authoritarian Personality

Authority Figures

        and how to deal with them

Autism may be related to vaccines but see Wakefield fraud

                and see here and here

        and ADHD,  27 Studies

        and AD Medications during pregnancy

and air pollution during pregnancy

        and antidepressant medication during pregnancy

                not linked but see here. No link.

        and Articles at Alternative Mental Health

        and Asperger Syndrome See ASD

        and Autism Test

        and Behaviour (ASD)

        and Brains

        and broccoli

        and cancer related

        and Celiac disease, no link

        and Challenging behaviour

        and citalopram not effective

        and complementary medicine

        and Dad’s Obesity

        and diabetes

        and diagnosis

        and environmental toxins

        and epileptic drugs -> light sensitivity

        and estrogen receptors

        and eye movements

        and Family dog

        and food

        and food sensitivities

and gaps between pregnancies

        and genes

        and ginkgo biloba

        and glyphosate (Monsanto Herbicide) Graph

                and glyphosate

        and gut bacteria

                and gut issues

                        and gut problems

                                and microbiota

        and gut and psychology syndrome (GAPS)

        and hypoglycemia

            and Insulin resistance

        and herbal treatment by Herbs2000

        and linked to acetaminophen (Tylenol)

        and microbiota

        and ➔ MMRI Vaccinations

        and more accurate diagnosis

        and nutrition

                and Nutritional Treatment

        and older mothers more at risk

        and Overcoming Autism by Dr Peter Tyler

        and Oxytocin

        and serotonin levels, role of

        and sense of smell

        and studies linking with insulin resistance

        and Treatment by Alternative Mental Health

                and various treatments

        and Nutritional Treatment of by Peter Tyler

        and pesticides

        and pyroluria

        and race

        and statistics

                and here

        and Testing for nutritional deficiencies

        and vaccines

        and vasopressin

        and Vitamin D and here and here

                and Vitamin D

        and What is autism Spectrum Disorder Wisegeek

                and in Glossary

        and What science has to say about treatment for autism spectrum disorder

        and Weight gain

        Alternative treatments

Articles by Orthomolecular Medicine

Autism by Herbs2000

Autism at Research Evidence for hypo

Autistic Children are superior in Maths

lack  of certain enzymes

        lack of service for young adults

        Massage not helpful

        linked to GI Problems

        Treatments not successful

        Autism: Review by --> page 10

        in glossary

        A 15 Minutes heart-rending video about Robert MacNeil's grandson

Autoimmune Diseases, What is?        

and causes

        and elimination diet

                and what to eat?

                and what to avoid?

                and how to reintroduce foods

        and ESRT Test

        and ➜ Ginkgo Biloba Research

        and gluten intolerance

        and Nutrients by LPI

        and plums

        and symptoms

        and Vitamin D

        and what is?

        and what triggers

Autonomic Nervous System in Glossary

and Anxiety

Autonomic Nervous System defined

        Anxiety and the SNS

        in Glossary

        See: Sympathetic Nervous System Below go to S-T section

Autumn & Depression

Avena seeds

        and possible psychosis

Avidin blocks biotin absorption

Avidin        and Biotin Notes

                and sources

        and deficiency signs

        and Multiple sclerosis

        and Notes at Linus Pauling Institute

        and Toxicity, drug interactions, anticonvulsants

Avocado and sugar control

        and cancer cells

                and here

        and LDL Cholesterol

        and Osteoarthritis

        and pain killer

        and Type I Diabetes Beta-Cell Regeneration

Axon in Glossary

Ayurvedic medicine

Ayahuasca and depression


        and Dental Caries

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B12 & Folic Acid testing

B-Cells in Glossary

B-Complex Vitamin deficiencies - symptoms

        High sugar diet --> depression

B-Vitamins, folate & B12 protective of depression

Baby's’ Colds reduced by prenatal Omega 3

Baby Unborn will inherit mother’s taste

Bacillus subtilis

        and pine essential oil

Back ache remedies

Back Pain lower --> Horsetail

        and Devil’s Claw

        and herbal painkillers


        and Alzheimer’s disease

        and Hypothyroidism

Bacterial infections

        and → Antibacterials

        and Cat’s Claw

        and plums

Bad Breath and Apple Cider Vinegar

Baden ND, Daniel

        Articles by

Baikal skullcap

        and leukemia

Baked beans

        and Acrodermatitis enteropathica

Baking soda

        and benefits

Balanitis (sore penis) hypoglycemic symptom?


        and Red Clover

        and Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinale) 


        and diabetes

        and Nutrients,GI,

        and nutrition facts

Barberry (Berberis vulgaris)(European barberry)

        and benefits

        and Uses, Side effects, Interactions


Barrett, Stephen MD the Quackbuster

        and His views on silver containing products

Barrett’s esophagus and esophageal cancer

        and fiber

Basal Temperature test for Hypothyroidism and here

        How to Take Your Basal Temperature Test for Hypothyroidism

Basil (Ocimum basilicum) Essential OIl

        and apigenin for cancer

        and benefits

        and liver injury

        and one of 12 cancer fighting foods

        and Uses, Side Effects, Interactions

Battle of the sexes

BEARBERRY See: (Uva ursi) as a Herbal Diuretic

        and Uses, Side Effects, Interactions

Bed bugs repellents


         and Aloe vera

Bed-wetting and ADHD

        and Dandelion

Beer - Gluten free is not.

Bee pollen

        and leukemia

Bee sting

        and Echinacea

Bees & GMO Agriculture

Beet for liver problem and detoxification

        and Acrodermatitis enteropathica

and Beetroot by Sue Litchfield HYPONL2009.08 p9

and Beets & Antioxidants

Begging the Question in Logic 

Behaviourism defined

Belief Systems Mechanical

Bellonzi, Dr Vincent about Orthomolecular Psychiatry

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia see also Prostate Enlargement

        and ➔ Common Herbs

        and Panax Ginseng

        and Saw Palmetto & Incidence

                and Saw Palmetto

        and Treatment and here. Also look up Prostate

        and treatment with Saw Palmetto

Benzodiazepines defined

        and Abuse of

        and Alzheimer’s Disease

and linked to Alzheimer’s Disease

Berberine, antidiabetic herbal product

        Also known as Barberry

        and Alzheimer’s Disease

        and anxiety

        and Berberine

                and BerberolⓇ as a Berberine supplement


        and Berberine & Curcumin

        and By Dr Joseph Mercola

and Berberine and  diabetic nephropathy

and Lovastatin studies

and lowers lipids (cholesterol)

and Metformin

and schizophrenia

and side effects

and Treatment of various cancers

and Type I Diabetes Beta-Cell Regeneration 


Bergamot essential oil

        and Molecular component and chemistry

and Neuroprotective

        and safety

Berries & Parkinson's Disease

        and benefits

        and one of 12 cancer fighting foods

Beta Blockers may aggravate insulin resistance

Beta-amyloid plaques

        and berries

Beta carotene

Beta Cells in Diabetes type I

        and regeneration

Beta-glucan what is?

        and leukemia

Beta Sitosterol

        for cholesterol lowering

        for Benign Prostate enlargement

Betaine sources

Benign Prostate Enlargement

        Suggested supplements



Beyeria leschenaultii,  an antidiabetic herb


Bias against Nutritional Medicine

        and by Wikipedia

Bibliography in Getting off the Hook

Bifidobacterium and winter diseases

Big Pharma & Vitamin B Complex

        and ➜ Pharmaceutical Companies

Bile production by Pam Killeen

        and Artichoke and as side effects

        and Astragalus

        and cinnamon

Bilberry for Diabetic Retinopathy

        and Bilberry Clinical Trials

        and bone bruise

        and eye health

        and Uses, Side effects, Interactions

        and vision

Bilingual People & Delay of dementia 7 studies

Bilirubin & Cholesterol

Binge eating and gaining weight

Binge drinking & sexual assaults

        Statistics in the USA on the rise

        and 1 in 20 are binge drinking

        and blood pressure

Biochemical Individuality and here.


        An important principle in Nutritional Therapy

        See also: Assumptions in Psychotherapy

Biochemistry of Insomnia by Jurriaan Plesman

Bioethics by Dr Justin Oakley video


        and as antioxidants

Biological energy (ATP) requirement for the brain

        and → Adenosinetriphosphate

        and Coenzyme Q10

        required for neurotransmitters synthesis

Biological response modifiers BRMs


        and Vitamin D

Biom ➔ Microbiome

        and Gut-Brain relationship

Bipolar Disorder

and Berberine

Birth control pill

        and candidiasis


        and cancer

Biosimilars in medications (Drug patents run out)

Biotin and avidin

Bisphenol A, threat to human health

        and associated with PCOS

        and Goji berry

Bipolar Disorder - defined - about

        and acetyl-cysteine

        and Alternative Treatments of

        and anxiety, common,

        and Berberine

        and caffeine

        and cannabidiol

        and Dark therapy for mania

        and foods that affect

        and fishoil

        and Folic acid

        and Genes

                and Genes

        and Hypoglycemia/Diabetes

        and hormones in women

        and lecithin may be beneficial

                and here and here

        and light cures depression

        and linked to hypoglycemia and here

        and Lithium

                and weight gain

        and Lithium research notes → Food sources

                and on Lithium and Bipolar Disorder

                and Lithium by MedlinePLus

        and multiple drugs

        and see --> Nutritional Tests

        and Nutritional Treatments

        and Nutritional Aspects of Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder --> Page 7

        and Nutritional deficiencies Image

        and Overview by MR Werbach

and Patients can benefit from lecithin

and Pyroluria

and schizophrenia linked genetically

and seaweed

and some statistics

and  St John’s Wort

and studies on (notes on Bipolar DIsorder)

and suicide risk

and Treatment of with acetylcholine

        and Vanadium and Vitamin C

articles on Bipolar Disorder by Orthomolecular Medicine

at Research Evidence

is often under-diagnosed

seen as an imbalance between sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous system

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