Squaring the Circle


By Doktor Aurora.




Near the End.


Twilight Sparkle gave another heaving cough, her body shuddering and convulsing, her spittle stained pink with a hint of blood.


Pink, that did bring her back; back to her library in Ponyville surrounded by friends. Not this dilapidated Manor, moldering in the Strutford rains surrounded by sycophants and vultures. The worst part of course was that she was dying.


“Thank you my dear,” she said, taking a bottle of tonic from her young attendant.


The mare, nearly a filly still, looked up to Twilight with wide eyes and an uncertain smile. “Y... y... y... you’re welcome Lady Twilight”.


The elder violet mare could not help but smile at the filly; she was a unicorn with a pale corn silk mane and a coat a mottled grey. Her cutie mark a sign done in crimson, not unlike a bare tree branch branch or the veins of a leaf. An expert at the winter wrap up perhaps? She would go to Ponyville and see it this year, doctors be damned.


“You’re here to learn magic, are you?” Twilight asked “And some poor teacher I am too, please, sit up along side me,” as she poured the tonic into her glass and diluted it with a cheap red wine.


“Yes lady twilight,” she replied shyly, moving to sit next to Twilight. “They… they say you once slew an Ursa Major, Lady Twilight. It sounds so unreal, is it true?”


“No my dear, most of the things they say are lies.” Twlight responded as she stirred her glass.


“Oh… even… even the good things?” she asked cautiously. Everyone had heard the rumors of course, the strange revels, the decadence, her supposed contact with strange powers from the heart of Everfree, the pacts made with the shadows that dwell on the far side of the moon. In some ways it disappointed the young mare to hear that they might be untrue.


“Well… some of them,” Twilight said as she downed the tonic and took to another bought of coughing, though it was not so severe this time. Soon she felt a warmth grow in her belly, and then spread through her veins, making even her bones tingle. “Now, before we go to your lesson for today…” she turned to regard the young mare’s flank, a devilish grin spreading on her face. “I think, yes, I think would like to get to know you a little better.” She gave a small grin as a forehoof slid along the young mare’s flank.


“Oh… oh,” she replied as realization dawned on her face, a touch of pink entering her cheeks and her eyes turning to the floor.


“Though, do be a dear and turn down the lamps will you?”


Sometimes, I do hate myself. Twilight though as the room went dark.

End of Prelude.