Technology Sites

Character Trading Cards

Comic  Strip

Wordle (word collage)

Author Pronunciations

Voki (talking avatar)

Blabberize (talking pictures)

Voice Thread (add voice to uploaded files)

GoAnimate for Schools (cartoon/avatar animation)

Animoto for Education (presentations with images, video, music, text)

Google Lit Trips

PowerPoint Virtual Museums (create signs and memos on various media images)


WordStash (word definitions, pronunciations, and use in actual articles)


TodaysMeet (simple, timed “chat” room)


10 x 10 (100 current event photos  and words changed every hour)


Letters of Note (authentic letters with background information, searchable for primary sources)


Tagul (custom shaped word clouds – must create account to use)


Iconscrabble (create headlines/titles in icon word images)


Poll Everywhere (create polls answered with computer and/or texting – sign up for free K-12 plan under Pricing)

Create Infographics (graphic representations/charts of data) (sign up for free account - able to import own data) (edit templates - must use FireFox or GoogleChrome)

Word Clouds for Kids (can edit and save Word Clouds created)