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Cover Page

My company name is Green Farm for All, found by HT in 2012. This company will work to end hunger around the world. We will produce farms in Africa, India and Burma. This company will focuses on the MDG, Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger in order to help hunger.

Created Logo Date: June 15, 2012

Executive Summary

The purpose of this organization is to start and a network of farms, to feed the hungry and to teach them how to farm for themselves. The first three countries in which we operate are Democratic Republic of Congo, India and Burma. Green Farm For All headquarter is in the USA, with three foreign offices in India, Africa and Burma. Green Farm For All will produce corn, rice, bean, ginger, onions and other fresh foods that people need. These foods the primacy elements of meals every day. The farmers also can sell them or eat them.

Mission Statement

Green Farm For All mission is to help train and educate self-sustainable skills for poor people in India, Congo and Burma..

Vision Statement

Fifteen years from now, Green Farm For All will be a successful for profit in Congo, India and Burma providing farming, training and marketing education to become the better agriculture company in the world. Also improve poor people's lives by sharing farms and help their children's education.

Business Strategy

Green Farm for All is giving jobs to poor people who can’t get a job because they don’t have higher education. We also help with their children’s education by providing their education fees. We teach the parents how to market and sell their products.

To Team Up with

My company will hire people who are trustworthy and hard-working. It will also looking for who has sympathy on poor people and who can learn from them.


He will run the company  by organizing what the company needs for the future and present. He/She will discuss with the laws from government and will meet workers sometimes. He will make connections with each government from 3 countries Burma, Congo and India. Everything he does will be depending on what company vision is.

- have the plans for company’s future

- have money for company needs

- good communication with workers or other

- have heartful for poor people

- who can change poor people’s lives

- manage the movement of products/equipment/materials in and/or out of the country

Vice President

He will contribute 40% of his own money for the company and he will also deal with the government when President is not there. He will give an idea to President to make company better. He will deal with the parents and to discuss what they need and how much they have to work for the company. He will make the term and policy for company by following the company’s mission.

-  provide what company needs and what the workers need

- taking care of the workers problems

- communicate with president and workers other who work in the company

- manage the necessary documentations

- formulation of strategy

- health and safety adherence

- new product development planning and management

- who is sympathy on poor people

Market Expert

He/She will deal with exporting and import the products from online or outside from outside. He/She will make connections with global food market companies in around the world. He/She will teach poor people what/how/why/where marketing business is and how it will improve their lives.

- expert marketing from online or outside: marketing technology

- who has patience on guiding

- good communicator

- Plan, forecast, report on sales, costs and business performance, according to company


- Attend meetings and contribute to company strategy and policy-making as required.

- Plan and implement marketing strategy, including advertising and PR.

- Plan and implement sales and customer retention and development.


He/She will take care of all education need including books, pencil/pens, book bag, uniform and etc... She/He must know how to treat poor children with sympathy their lives. She/He must be a learner from different cultures and people. These teachers are only for educate farmers children.

- Understanding people life

- Teaching children with passion and patience

- Learner and sympathy

- Good communication and no looking at the class


We will sell our products to food stores, restaurants, bazar, and export to other countries. We will trade our crops with other agriculture companies.


Our service is train poor people how to farm, use technology and give education of family life. Green Farm For All is going to make my own website with including twitter, youtube and facebook. Connecting Amiran Kenya, Amiran Farmers and Agri Yijan l


First year and second is the time that I have to build the company, buy the farms and visit different countries.

In 3 years: My company will have  three 30-acre farms in each country and each farm will be shared by 5 families. My company will partner with a local farming company. From Indian Monsanto, from Congo Farm Project and from Burma Burma’s Farm.

in 10 years: Green Farm For All will have more than 20 30-acre farms in each country, feeding a total of almost 200 people directly and providing food for many more.

in 15 years: The company will have nearly 50 30-acre farms in each country, feeding more than 4,000 people directly and providing food for thousands more.

I will know my company is success by seeing people who live on our farms are improving their lives, that they have enough food to eat and they have enough money to buy what they need. I will see they have experiences about marketing, farming and understanding the business.

Risk and Mitigating responses

In my company there are a lot of risks:

Risk: animals damaging crops

Mitigate: pesticides, build fences, farm dogs

Risk: weather --- too much rain or sun

Mitigate: irrigation, drought resistant crops,

Risk:Food prices could drop

Mitigate: store harvest until the price goes up, grow crops that maintain same price

Risk:Can’t sell the food -- transport or other damage

Mitigate: give damaged food to the farmers, sell local, grow food that can stay fresh longer

Risk: wrong seeds for local soil

Mitigate: ask experienced local farmers, choose crop and seed carefully, know your soil

Risk: bad workers

Mitigate: careful hiring workers,

Risk: bad equipment or livestock

Mitigate: ask equipment and livestock experts

The farmers will get 60% of the harvest and the company will get 40%. The farmers will sell 20%, eat 25% and save 15% for next year.

Financial Plan

In the first year I will register my business and set up main offices (in India). I will also research farmland prices and buy one farm in each country. In the second year I will make sure those farms are operating well and buy one more farm in each country.

In 3 years: My company will have three 30-acre farms in each country and each farm will be shared by 5 families. My company will partner with a local farming company, from India: Monsanto, from Congo: Congo Farm Project, and from Burma: Burma’s Farm. (WHY?) This is the year Green Farm becomes profitable.

Congo: $30K per farm

India: $90K per farm

Burma: $90K per farm

Green Farm for All needs at least $750,000 in start-up capital for its first two years of operations. After that point, harvests will generate revenue and new investors will come.

Strategy for Financing: get a total of $1m in loans from the World Bank, which spends billions supporting agriculture in developing countries, and from in-country microfinance institutions.

Activity                                                                        Cost


Setting up company                                                                $100,000


Buying farms (three farms)                                                        $210,000

Starting Farms                                                                $50,000

TOTAL:                                                                        $360,000


Buying and setting up farms                                                        $260,000

Improving overall operations (farms and company)                                $50,000

New hires                                                                        $80,000

TOTAL:                                                                         $390,000