Bronyville Episode 057 - Friendship Q&Neigh - Shark Week

Time : Saturday, 12 PM PST

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The views expressed are that of the panelists and do not in any way reflect those of Hasbro, Studio B Productions, The Hub - employees and management. The panelists themselves are fans and claim no expert knowledge on the source material.


Welcome to Bronyville! This is Episode 57 recorded on June 3rd, 2012. I am your host Apple Cider.

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A little note on Drama and YOU!

Hi there Starry Night! And those other guys, whoever they are. Chef Cider? Apple Sandy?

I don't usually like drama, but I've been snooping around on twitter recently and been seeing a lot of hullabaloo about a podcast being banned from BronyCon in the next couple of months? I can't find much of a source for all of it, and because you guys are my main source of all the intricacies in bronydum, I was wondering what you know about it, if anything. Thanks!

Emily, aka Starstuff

p.s.- I'm surprised you guys never reported on the CrookedTrees scandal, either. Also Derpy is best pony :]

Topic Time! - Q&Neigh Time


How much freedom are each of you given in terms of posting things on EQD and who generally does what?


I guess this is directed more at Calpain.

What criteria is used to judge comics?


To Calpain:

1) Is Equestrian Innovations actually trying to take over the world? If so, would it be a Conversion Bureau thing?

To Cereal:

2) How the hell can you find 8 diamonds after 5 minutes of random mining? >.<

To Seth:

1) Any countermeasures in case EQD got hacked into? D:

2) Why didn't you mention Tek in EQD staff? >.<

To Phoe:

1) Does it feel lonely being the only filly in the blogstaff? :3


Which blog authors will be at which of the three major conventions? (Being Bronycon, Canterlot Gardens, and Everfree Northwest)


2. Do you try to keep your posts as non-biased as possible, or allow a bias to take over if you feel it's appropriate?

3. Favorite site for pone besides the one you work for?

4. You've all made it very clear that checking e-mails is a large, and rather annoying part of the job. Is it really as bad as it seems?

5. A large majority of the posts on this website just seem to be content dumps. Why are editorials so few and far between on this site?


Good day to Starry Night, M, any applicable guests, the host who knows who best pony is and the other who is awesome,

Getting right to the point, it has been mentioned time and time again that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a very well rounded show. From good writing to artwork to musical components, the product quality is high. And for the average person, it poses little issue trying to explain these once you get past the "But it's My Little Pony!" stage. However, I have met somebody who is not one of the average. While being open to watching the show, and having seen a pair of episodes, he still questions what makes the show so good. I give you this to give you a sense of his perspective (it was the topic of our last discussion, and that is the only reason I bring it up): It is widely known that Mass Effect is a trilogy based around choices, and the ending to the third installment completely defied this (choices become irrelevant). He enjoyed this ending because it proves that, while any game can have choices, the story is always the same (event A happens, then B and C afterwards; it's just who you have or what you carry that changes).

I have tried to explain to him that the time went into this show, and the product is highly enjoyable, but he stands by his question: Why it is so good?

I didn't go to school to advance my debating skills, so instead I hire you and anyone you wish to contact for my side of the debate (you should receive the money as soon as Twilight can locate and teleport the money to you, or vice versa).

I say enjoy your day,


PS: Is the chat Starry's new microphone, or will she continue to pop in and out through Apple Cider's? She is using a lot more actions rather than words as of late, and while they may be louder, I can't hear them through a mic.

Dear Apple Cider, special guest host Pixel Kitties and Starry Night mistress of the chat (also Random Girl in the Background :P), also other guests,

Now that the summer pony break has gone into full swing, we finally have the time complete some pony projects. Speaking of which, I have been working on a PMV of Weird Al's parody of Taylor Swift's You Belong To Me, TMZ, mostly from the episode Green Isn't Your Color. However, I had this idea to put fake TMZ articles about the ponies within the video.

There's just one problem: I'm not proficient enough in photoshopping to make that on my own and don't know who to ask. Since you guys are a major outlet for reaching to the community, I was wondering if you would help a brony out and put my request to the, podcasts waves?

I think the best way to go about it is to put the email in the show notes and whoever is interested can send me what they can do. Unfortunately, I don't have the funds to give a proper commission but all credit in the video will go to them and I'll be sure to direct people to their site of choice (deviantart, tumblr, personal website, etc). Or, if you guys know a better solution, I'm all ears.

Many thanks for this wonderful show you do and here's to even more shows to come.

Your faithful listener,


Post Script: I feel like I'm forgetting something. Something about RARITY being best pony. But I think we all knew that. :D

Hello, everybrony.

I enjoyed the discussion of philosophy in your most recent episode (56). It made me wonder who the great philosophers would consider to be their favorite ponies. So I decided to find out!

Unfortunately, these answers may not be perfect, as I didn't give the philosophers a lot of time to consider. My time machine was synchronized with the present, so I only had a week to find all these great thinkers, tell them about ponies, and ask their opinions. I also had to insist that there be no duplicates, otherwise most of the philosophers would have chosen Twilight. And can you really blame them?

But in any case, I had an excellent adventure, and learned a lot. I now present the favorite ponies of ten great thinkers, in their own words:

  1. Socrates:
  1. While Cheerilee is a competent teacher, her method of teaching is simply imparting information. Princess Celestia allows her students to reason through their questions to come to the proper conclusions. Celestia is the better teacher, and the best pony.
  1. Plato:
  1. While her actions are scandalous, Pinkie Pie seems to possess the ability to see past the visible to the reality beyond. I must conclude that she is the best pony.
  1. Aristotle:
  1. The heart of ethics is the golden mean; the balance between extremes. Applejack is the embodiment of this mean. While her friends run to extremes, Applejack remains centered and reliable. She is the best pony.
  1. St. Anselm of Canterbury:
  1. We may define Fluttershy as that pony than which no greater can be conceived.
  1. St. Thomas Aquinas:
  1. Question: Whether Rarity is best pony?
  2. Objection: It seems that Rarity is not best pony.
  3. On the contrary, I answer that Rarity is best pony.
  1. Rene Descartes:
  1. I think, therefore I am. Twilight Sparkle thinks, therefore she is the best pony.
  1. John Locke:
  1. Rainbow Dash is the best pony because she represents the personal liberty necessary for a free society.
  1.  Søren Kierkegaard:
  1. Princess Luna contrasts dramatically with the general dullness of equestrian society. She is a pony who truly lives, and therefore she is the best pony.
  1. Karl Marx:
  1. The Cloudsdale factory workers are the pony proletariat who shall soon rise up and overthrow their oppressors! They are the best ponies.
  1. Friedrich Nietzsche:
  1. The heavily muscled pegasus stallion in "Hurricane Fluttershy" is clearly an Überpony. He values strength and rejects societal constraints. He is the best pony.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Perhaps someday I'll find out the favorite ponies of other great thinkers.

Take care,


In an effort to keep things short and simple, I shall skip making up some witty saying to greet the hosts et. al. of your fine podcast, using cliche nicknames for everyone and some obscure mention of whatever guests you have in the foreground (or background for that matter), special or otherwise. Instead I'll just say in greeting.... Hi.


I'm sure you've mentioned this in your news segment, but just in case


So Derpy is the special edition figure for this year's San Diego Comic-Con and another MLP centric convention. At first blush, I'm thinking AWESOME!!! But it only took me a couple of minutes for my brain to start working through the implications of this and now I don't know what to make of it. Obviously Hasbro has to know just how insanely popular this figuring would be if they would release it as a full line pony (arguably the most wanted of all ponies by the fans as whole). Also consider the going price of only US$20 for her. This doesn't make any sense for a company like that. Depending on the number of figures being produced, I'm sure Derpy would easily sell out with a price as high as $500 each. Heck, maybe even a full grand if the numbers were limited enough. With the massive demand for Derpy, Hasbro would have to be crazy to simply let her go at the current price. There's gotta be more to this than meets the eye. Either that, or the shareholders should be fumeing over this loss of potential profit. Perhaps this will be addressed in the news segment already, but have you guys heard anything about what Hasbro's mentality is behind this?


Now on to something different since I already have your attention. While listeing to episode 56, something Pixelkitties said flicked a light on in my head. When she was commenting on the email asking about comparing Chrysalis to Nightmare Moon, PK mentioned that Nightmare Moon was more taunting and the "thorn in the side" type villan. It didn't take long until it hit me. Do you think that Nightmare Moon wasn't actually evil, or at least not like she used to be? Here's my logic behind this: From what I remember of the opening episodes, Pk was exactly right. Nightmare Moon could have likely done a lot more if she wanted. Instead, I'm thinking maybe it was Luna had regained some control and was leading the mane 6 on, putting them through various tests, so that when the showdown came, they would put everything together and realize that each one was one of the Elements of Harmony. I mean really, do you think a true villan would piss off a manticore by poking it with a thorn to get it to attack anypony? I now find that hard to believe. Same with the other "traps". Nightmare Moon still had little Luna on the inside trying to maintain enough control over herself to help the mane 6 break the spell caused by her own jealousy. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Light Show

I'm currently listening to Episode 55 (7 days late - RSS issues :|),

and heard you say that all the MLP references were removed from D3's

Whimsyshire due to Copyright issues.

I give you the following 2 links to prove that this isn't ENTIRELY correct :)



Enjoy, and keep podcasting (And may Season 3 be released ASAP :D)!

- Reelix

P.S: Fluttershy is indeed best pony (As agreed on by the two guests in

this episode ;p)

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Dear Princess Celestia,

I hope you are having a wonderful morning. I sent along a fruit basket this week. All I had were grapefruits and I hope you do enjoy them. I tend to prefer a little sour in the morning as it wakes me up rather well. This week on my show I had the EQD staffers Sethisto, Phoe, Cereal, and Calpain on for a little bit of Q&Neigh talk. We covered news, user questions, got serenaded in call ins, and detailed awesome shark and goat based versions of our favorite ponies.


Apple Cider

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