Google Teacher Academy

*NOTE: Each applicant to the Google Teacher Academy is REQUIRED to produce and submit an original one minute video on EITHER of the following topics: "Motivation and Learning" OR "Classroom Innovation." Be as creative as you like.

My video

List any professional development organizations you belong to. *

Board of Directors - PK-12 Teacher Representative: International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), American Library Association (ALA), American Association of School Librarians (AASL), Executive Board: Maryland Society Educational Technology (MSET), and Maryland Association of School Librarians (MASL)

List any professional awards or accolades you have received. *

Recognized by Library Journal Magazine for my work as an “Innovator” in the profession in the 2011 edition of international Movers & Shakers, author of the Edublog award winning and multiple nominated Daring Librarian blog. Named Gale/Cengage SLJ New Leaders Program for the SLJ Leadership Summit, 2010. MICCA Outstanding Educator Using Technology Award 2004. Teacher of the Year Maryland Public Television & PBS National Teacher Training Institute 2001. Interviewed & featured on the Bob Edwards National Public Radio show for a series about the future of school libraries in America where I speak about classroom innovation and the new digital shift in education. The Daring Librarian’s Steam Powered Wiki was a Featured Wiki on Wikispaces - December 20, 2010.  A list of all awards, articles, and interviews can be found on the “About me” section of my Electronic Portfolio:

List three of your favourite NON-Google technology tools/products that you use on a regular basis. *

After seeing my video you can probably tell I love animation! Animation studios and sites such as Go!Animate and Xtranormal have been a passion of mine.  I’ve written articles, hosted webinars, and delivered presentations in Second Life and in real life at technology conferences for the last several years about how animation can add innovation and engagement your classroom or library.

Another software product I love is Comic Life. With Comic Life I create Technology At-A-Glance Comic Tutorials for my students, teachers, and colleagues - all Creative Commons and share alike! I’m very visual and find that easy comic style directions with limited steps appeal to my students and my teachers. I just found out recently, that my QR Code At-A-Glance poster is now on display in the St. Louis Science Center!

Finally, my graphic design addictions are also fed by Photoshop. I’m learning new things every day about layers, filters, masking, and I enjoy teaching others to create vivid graphics for instructional and web use. Still by no means an expert, and most of the stuff I’ve learned has been by accident, but creating yummy & eye catching graphics is a passion of mine.

Why should we select you to be a Google Certified Teacher? And what do you hope to get out of the Google Teacher Academy? (150 words max)

I am a total Google fangrrl! I’ve LOVED Google since the Pigeon Powered April fools joke of 2002!  My first Google Apps focused webpage and tech presentation was given at the 2004 MICCA conference called “Doing Backflips Over Google For Yahooligans” which is still online (written in html & composer; my sites look much better now! lol). Since then, I’ve included Google in my tech presos because it’s a powerful part of my every day personal and professional life. Yet I still have so much I want to learn! Mostly because Google keeps adding cool new great apps, resources, and tools for educators!  I know there are a plethora of resources now available to teachers that I have yet to discover & learn!

Describe one of your favorite teaching moments. What made it so special for you and your students? (150 words max) *

I have had many wonderful teaching moments, but my recent favourite was when I created a QR Code Quest Scavenger Hunt lesson in the library for my ESOL kids!

Using 2 iPod touches g4 that I bought for kid use and my personal Droid Fascinate with the downoaded iNigma QR code scanner app, small groups of students followed written and QR code clues, learning about the resources available in our school library and at home, with our online resources! Licensing the lesson Creative Commons Share Alike,  I’ve made it available for download on our wiki and have gotten some great feedback from educators who have used & adapted the lesson with their kids! To see these kids who have limited proficiency English pick up the technology and master it in mere minutes at the same time getting excited about the task..well, it does not get better than that! \\FTW!//

Describe your role as a Professional Developer. (150 words max) *

I am committed to the "turn-key - each one, teach one,” philosophy of peer training, mentoring, sharing resources, building personal learning networks through school, district, state, national, and online programs. As an adjunct instructor at Johns Hopkins University I taught “Professional Development to Support Technology Integration” for eight years. I’m a digitally shifted Ed Tech teaching Ninja with a passion for re-mix mash-up production, transliteracy, cutting edge librarianship, creative commons, graphic design, & being a change agent within my learning communities both geographically, virtually, and within the æthernets (& humble, too!). When asked to be a keynote or featured speaker I try and convey my Ed Tech passion with humour and visually arresting graphics. Everything I create from scratch I license out as Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. I ardently believe that the more you create and give to your personal learning network, the more you get back.  

Describe an obstacle you encountered in your professional life and how you overcame it. (150 words max) * Every year I’ve fought some district obstacle for teaching cutting edge technology.  Sites I’ve written lessons for one year get blocked the next and I have to adapt and find new ways around it.  One week I teach a cool lesson about creating music driven slideshows using Animoto and the next week it’s blocked and I have to switch to PhotoPeach. I can’t believe it’s 2011 and we’re still fighting filters and the locked net monster! Even my Blogger site, The Daring School Library blog started in 2006 was blocked this year. I’ve fought to have Flickr, Xtranormal, Go!Animate, and unblocked. It’s easier to say sorry than ask permission - sometimes you need to be a rebel *with* a cause to be an effective and fierce educator & advocate for our most important customer, our students!  /rant

Special Note for Video:

Because Go!Animate adds 10 seconds onto the end for site promotion, I only had 50 seconds to utilize so I added back a pause of 7 seconds on the last slide post production in YouTube as an annotation.  To view the last slide static-  Daring Super Librarian Comic

Alternate Go!Animate link:

Thank you for this opportunity!

Thank you for applying to the Google Teacher Academy. We appreciate the time and effort that you have committed to this application. Even though only a small number of applicants can be accepted, we know from experience that each applicant is a dedicated and innovative educator. We sincerely thank you for your service to your students and colleagues.

Your application will be reviewed and scored by a team of Google Certified Teachers and Google employees. The top 50 applicants will be invited to participate in the GTA and to join the Google Certified Teacher community.

Applicants will be notified whether or not their application has been accepted on or before June 30, 2011. Notifications will arrive via email from