Pifan 90 583ff

The Great Bongue Festival

Whoder’s b-day Pifan 90 583ff

Nakula starting

Stonecry Tavern


Skotty Larkum is there

Bongue Revelers

Muffspoar, Kragenpint, Whoder, Jacob get laid

Revelers slip the party a mickey, drug called rendermoss

Female Bongue Sadists

Start shit w/the village idiot at Bongue Fire

Party subdued and arrested them

Enus Rodders House

Taking Bongue Fire Sadists to Crown Keep

Investigate noise at Enus Rodders Place

Party faces band of dwarves and humans

Madlow Bogger is there

        Scroll case w/map made by Dell Quarters

Papers of Enus Rodder


        Letters to sons in Trees

        Strike the homes of Rodder, Thinquest, Berkshire and Matro, burn homes and letters

Families related (somehow) through Vitorun

Familes are expansionists some members moved to trees

Family homes almost in line Matro (burned), Rodder (interrupted), Thinquest, Berkshire

Atala Ondrogist, married Marilyn Matro, was paladin of Vitorun,

Atala fighting hobgoblins, guerilla-style

Was pursuing hobgoblin leader Vogsundar

Vogsundar sent assasins who slew Atala’s family

Atala snapped killed Marg unit protecting family left JC

Enus owes us a favor

Bongue Sadists released owe us a favor

Crown Keep

Assigned to investigate Matro family home

Matro Home

On arrival Endo and Varris Matro are there

Sister lives in Trees

Find deed to Atala and Marilyn’s farmily

Some deeds from Rodders are adjacent to Atala’s

I remember all families had plots enroute  to trees,  adjacent to Atala’s, valleys, mineral rights

Matro Family Cabin

On the way ambushed by gnomes, pit trap w/scorpion

Ambush near garden gnome snipers

Oduquo Molinari joins the fray blasts party w/Color Spray

Elron slain by gnome hook coup de grace

Jacob slain by coup de grace

Oduquo Molinari defeated and captured

Oduquo’s Notebook

        Writtein Gnomish

        Numbers and names

        List of name w/stars


                Names w/stars prisoners who have been recruited (includeing Madlow)

        Forge name of dwarven criminal

                Former prisoner/escaped convict

                Angry dwarf

                Caught cheating at the gray stream down in Seed

                Started barfight killed 2 other gamblers

                Killed 2 fellow prisoners

                Killed dwarven jailer

                Oduqu hired by Skotty Larkum as jailer

                Oduqu sub-ordinate of Forge

                Forge scouting, due back today or tomorrow at Matro Family Cabin w 3 or 4 more

Party interrogates Oduquo

        3 half-orc thugs (rangers)

        Forge raging dwarven barbarian

Oduquo is a jailer

Forge escaped

Oduquo worked a deal where he was letting prisoners escape for Forge

Gives us ambush location for Forge

Battle at the bridge

        Party ambushes Forge

        Party manages to stun Forge

        Archers cause a lot of trouble

        Party slays all

Forge has notes reference iron forest

        There is an iron wood forest deeper into the felderwood

        The forest is on the iron hill along unnamed river

        Rumored to be ruins of the ancients at the summit of iron top

        The eastern reach is known to be center of arcance energy

Report at Crown Keep

        Brought before Hebron

        Debriefed about Battele at the Bridge

        Red Beard is brought in

        He acknowledges our accomplishments

        Assigns us to investigate Iron Top

        Unit is designated sst-7

        Used some of Jacob’s money as seed money for Temple Vuurtonen

Travel to Iron Top

        Slay Forest Drake

Iron Top - Down by the river

        Arrive at Unnamed River near Iron Top

        Defeat Hrugek Ashata (Atala’s master huntsman) and his band

        Huge canoe, holds 8, 5 hours, Whoder and Gentry stash it

Hrugek info

        Sly way to get up Iron Top, climb sheer face

        Hrugek and his hunters expected back today

        Hrugek gives us info which will get us through trapped forest (+2 checks)

        Poger the ogre and his sons (Hudge and Brodo)

        6 guards guard  the standard (non-shear) approach

Ruins and strange structure on top of Iron Top

Some sort of “missile structure” of the ancients

Abusa Kabata lives near top, human, wizard

Has cast spells that ward the entrance of ancients fortress

Ancient storage room at top

        There are guard people

        Entrance on right goes to Atala’s quarters

Openings in quarters view surrounding geography

        Entrance on left, contains a tortured griffon in an eyrie.  

Atala has been trying to torture it to convince it to become his mount.

14th Day of Nakula

Hamburger Hill - Hudge and Brodo

        When we start to go up the hill we encounter Hudge, Brodo and their Hyenas

         We slay them after hard battle

Atala’s Guards

        Muffspoar trips a sound trap

        Atala’s guards attack

        They are slain

        Rest for the night

Kragenpint - Party continues up hill; does not spot trip wire; bag hits large gong; party attached by 6 humans in forest on Irontop.  Party rests that night unmolested.

15th Day of Nakula

Abusa Kabata outside Atala’s Tower

        Defeated guards

        Defeated Abusa Kabata

        Find weak abj aura one 1 door

        Find mod abj auro on other door

        Cannon has “universal” aura

        Cannon “actual device” is encased in stone

        Rest for the night

Kragenpint - Next day, party begins ascent via switchbacks and crests Irontop.  Party spots building atop Irontop that is made out of smooth/flowing rock (e.g. obsidian).  Ground is powdered obsidian.  Party decides to RUN across open expanse, surprising sentries with their audacity.  Battle ensues with a wizard and 6 minions (dirty dwarves, filthy humans, etc.).  Combat results in near-endless pursuit of wizard round-and-round old Irontop, until he is finally defeated but not before he burns off some scrolls and potions.  Lord Blackfell claims the scrolls and spellbook.  Surly.  Party learns that the small structure atop the building is potentially an artifact of the ancients encased in stone.  Irontop is located on a ley line.  Party rests overnight, unmolested, and attains 3rd level.

Tower Entrance

        Pary ttries to open door

        Muffspoar gets DOOMed

        Open door w/Knock

Kragenpint - Party unable to open double doors that are locked until Blackfell casts a knock spell


        Party is surprised by Nuglubs

        Party slays Nuglubs and heads left toward griffon

Hallway Trap

        Gentry finds trap

        Gentry triggers arrow trap

Pugwampi Ambush

        Party is attacked in same hallway by pugwampi and nuglubs

        Bonecrusher is slain by nuglubs

Kragenpint - Go down stairs and encounter two small creatures with blue skin and oily hair, unfortunately resulting in Bone Crusher's demise.

Griffon Eyrie

        Party attempts to parley

        Griffon has been tortured beyond reason

        Party recovers two griffon eggs

Kragenpint - Party continues to the left (with the intent to free the imprisoned Griffon, per Whoder's orders and party's generally good alignment) and finds a very large, barred door.  Party opens door, and the Griffon tortured into insanity, attacks and is eventually killed.  Party finds a hidden area with two Griffon eggs.

Prisoner Room

        Find Vog Sundar, maimed hobgoblin chieftan, chained up

Rodder chained up

Thinquest chained up

Corvan chained up

2 brownies chained up

Lurker in Light is performing ritual to summon another

Lurker in Light is run off

Habiscoo (the surviving brownie won’t go towards Atala)

Cave Complex

2 Male voices - Conversing but not necessarily w/each other, 1 voice  mention 2 names, Finkin, Mary.  2nd voice eventually refers to the other speaker as Atala and is berating him for losing track of Forge and Hrugek.

Finkin and Atala are defeated

16th Day of Nakula

Searching Cave Complex (Day 16)

        Find two magical auras throughout caves (Enchantment/Charm, Necromancy)


        Habiscoo Info

        Party tracks down Habiscoo in Pool Room

        Faery Courts run Faery

        Seelie and Un-seelie Faerys

Un-seelies are evil

Un-seelies are ruled by a queen

Finkin probably ordered to serve Atala

Irontop exists on Faery, is a cross-over point

Irontop built by mortals on crossing lay lines to try and use magical power

Ancients of Ola’an decided that Irontop had to be shut down

Ancients imprisoned queen’s consort Kanan

Brownies tasked to investigate Unseelies crossing over

Browinies (Habiscoo and his brother) captured

Kanan was Fey

Kanan controlled the Tane

Tanes exotically powerful creatures originally unique controlled by powerful Fey, include Bandersnatch, Jabberwock, Thrasfyr and Sard.

Kanan was keeper of many Tanes

Kanan able to impersonate deities

Ancients trapped Kanan and as part of that shut down Irontop and several similar portals.

Lord Kanan was released from bubble of entrapment iby Sparage Windfall n 565

Gentry told Habiscoo about Kanan’s release

Sparage originally part of Jarkrock Combo

Sparage was a priest of Evitar (god of air and sky)

Sparage received magical abilites from Evitar

Hobgoblins have been ramping up their situation

Halidron tells Habiscoo about hobgoblin flaming skull symbol

Habiscco points out that Irontop might now be in the Faery Realm

Party checks but Prime Material still outside

Blackfell figures out that certain celestial events (like cycles of the moon) may determine when Irontop crosses over, but can’t predict w/info available when it will be

Party rests for the night

17th Day of Nakula

        All Items ID’d

        Party explores interior of Irontop

        Party finds chamber w/Warrior statue

        Writing tell a story of sacrifice for the Realm and indicate that you can perform a ritual

        Put your hands in statues and intone “Bound in Blood”

        Statue radiates conjuration

        At foot of nearby stairs is a difficult to perceive door

        Whoder performs ritual door opens

        A large hemispherical room lined w/tiny multicolored lights

        A large chair floats in the air at the center

        We make the offer - LT

Door at the bottom of stairs opens

We investigate

Gentry posts up

WE scan the room

Fire Mephits - 3

Come from the hole

Roast Gentry - to unconsioness

Stonecry rolls down and heals gentry

We retreat up the stairs

Mephits leave room

We rally around them


We kick there ass's

Hakim Ba Garimbi - honerable - talks to LT in Celestial telpathic

do you intend to let them all escape

We confront saying we are with the MARG

Hakim is a gardian of this space - old - can't let us advance we seem to want to let everyone out

Evil at top of chair -

We are here to investiage - we are after metal

He was bound to this location - by people with military

12 ft red skin man on the chair - warharness / suit buckled at his waist - enormus falshion in flamed -

I am Hakim Ba Garimbi!!! I am the guardian of this location / weapon

Hakim was imprisoned by Bendalarak

Hakim offers us passage if we can defeat him in “honorable” combat

Party decides to return at a more advantageous time

Party heads back to Crown Keep

Journey back

        4 Days of overland travel

20th Day of Nakula

        Attacked by Giant King Cobras

21st Day of Nakula

Giant Boars

22nd Day of Nakula

        Report and R&R in Crown Keep

        50gp worth of R&R

Redbeard wants us to go to Rednard and check out skullduggery around bridge between human and elven colonies

88th Day of Nakula

        Fought giant frilled lizards

89th Day of Nakula

        Returned to fight Hakim Ba Garimbi

        Halidron crits him, eventually Hakim is slain

        Hakim on defeat disappears and cries, “Finally I go to make my noble appearance”


90th Day of Nakula

        Party climbs down whole beneath where they fought Hakim

        Fight 6 Urdefahn

        Fight Bone Golem

        Find Dark Glasses that allow us to see energy flows and refractors in special room

        Find 3 special magical crystals used for unknown purpose

        Next room we realize the glasses are Diffusion Chamber Spectacles

In the other chamber we find Ethereal Diffusers, they lock the Prime Material and t        the Faery Realm in place so they can be bridged and magical energy can transit between the planes.  Energy is channeled up into the room with levitating chair.  Person sitting in chair is part of operating mechanism and can perform functions like aiming the cannon trapped in stone and top.  There are 6 other operator stations in the lower chambers

Diffusion Chamber Requerments

Chair Operator using True Seeing

2 Ethereal Diffuser Operators must be able to cast 6 lvl spells and make arcana checks

Day 1 of Interim Harvest Festival

        Party exits Irontop

        Immediately smells smoke from nearby camp fires

        Gentry goes to investigate

        Party is attacked by a band of hobgoblins led by the cleric Ento Koto

        They are slain

Ento Koto has an overland map of the colornies, spot near where the river runs into the ocean, says “possible location”

        Has another map of the top of Irontop, notes about not being able to get in


Day 2 of Interim Harvest Festival

        We travel uneventfully

Day 1 of Yove’s Guard

        Ambushed while sleeping by a red cap and 2 proteon naunettes

        Halidron was slain

        Creatures were defeated in a tight contest

Dawn came this morning with a torrential deluge which has soaked each of you through to the bone.  The remnants of your campsite are strewn throughout the area from last nights battle.  A warming fire is lit as you all gather around the cooling corpse of your stalwart friend and companion Halidron.  Faces are grim as you try to decide what your next steps will be.

SST7 was en route to the community of "Trees" when you were set upon by another Redcap and his chaos infused Proteon servants. You are currently en route to Trees, where you are to meet with Rednard (Headman of the Trees community and a disciple of Lanthos).  All you really know of your "mission" at this point is that you are supposed to investigate/assist in getting to the bottom of why a proposed bridge over the Von Moramba River is experiencing so many delays.

You are in the middle of nowhere, still many days out from arrival at Trees.  But the prospect of returning to Jade Cove seems even more daunting.  As you weigh your options it seems clear that in addition to continuing on with your mission, each of you agrees you would also like to raise your slain companion.  You know their are some clerics in Trees and it is possible they may have the resources to bring Halidron's spirit back to his mortal coil.

As you pack your gear for the days journey, you also create a liter upon which to bear your companion.  He's a large man and quite heavy so your progress is slowed significantly but SST7 is an elite MARG unit and used to such inconveniences.  Still, you're only able to make 3 miles the first day despite Gentry's best efforts to find a decent route.  Roots and mud take on a new meaning when your carrying a grown man and all of his armor.  Kragenpint memorizes a spell to preserve Halidron's remains as he begins to take on the odor of decay in the hot jungle climate.

Around mid morning on your second day of travel since Halidron's demise, the skies clear and you are given a reprieve from the rain.  SST7 has just broken out of a particularly difficult part of the trail and are taking a break when you spy a tall man observing you from the edge of the clearing.  The man is of unusual appearance with dark brown skin and a huge pile of dark curly hair on his head and an equally bushy beard shocked through with grey.  Eyes the color of blue sapphires peer at you curiously.  The man is lightly clothed in the hide of some jungle cat, and his overall appearance is quite dirty and primitive.  He carries a spear with an obsidion head, and some other light armaments but appears non-threatening.

He introduces himself as Tobon, a naturalist who makes his home in the jungle.  "Lord Blackfell" accesses his memory banks to see if he knows any colonists who fit the appearance of this unusual man, but comes up empty.  None of you have heard of nor seen Tobon before though the man says he's lived in the vicinity for years and seems familiar with the colonies, in particular Trees.  He is interested in what your purpose is out here in the jungle, and of course what has happened to your companion and why you just don't bury him.  After speaking with you for well over an hour and catching Tobon up on current events in the Colonies, you learn more about this enigma of a man and suspect he is more than just a naturalist.  His familiarity with the entire geography, flora, and fauna of the jungle and swamp reveal to you that he is a Druid.  Here are some of your obvious impressions of the man.

You spend the rest of the day getting to know Tobon, and he volunteers to reincarnate Halidron with several conditions.

1)  He requests that prior to continuing on your mission to Trees, you take up the reins of pursuing this current Hobgoblin menace and deal with it.  You won't have to go too far out of your way...maybe a few days.

2)  You relay first to Rednard and more importantly to Crown Keep and Jades Rest that there are many more "voices" in the jungle than those of the colonists, the elves, and the hobgoblins.  He is the spokesman for those voices, and he'd like to see steps taken to ensure they are heard and headed.  He hints that to "not" observe the rights of the plants and animals could be disastrous.  Trees needs to make changes and, as far as the new bridge across the Vone Moramba goes, he believes that idea should be abandoned entirely.  He indicates he'll be available to provide his input to future planning should he be called on to do so and provides the PC's with a feather token to call him to any meeting they are able to set up.

Day 2 Yoves Guard

        Encounter Tobon

Day 3 Yoves Guard

        Reincarnate Halidron

        Rap w/Tobon

        Tour from Tobon


        Attack by Hobs

        Attack by Gorillas

Day 4 Yoves Guard


        Find Shrine of Evitar

Poonjab Disciple of Evitar, son of Sparage Windfall

        Fought hobgoblins at Poonjab’s Encampment

        Restore Poonjab and Samuel (Acolyte of Evitar) after battle

        They relate savagery of hobgoblin captors

        Forefang leader of the hobgoblins was after info about the Tane

Day 5 Yoves Guard

        Poonjab cleans camp

        Sparage setup camp, after finding Shrine

        Sparage released entity (Lord Kanan), he and Poonjab have been investigating results

        “Ancient Language”, priests of Evitar preserve

        Poonjab knows of ruins nearby

        Blackfell, Halidron and Whoder assist Poonjab in reading Ancient Language writings

Gherkin monument, relates this is holy site of Evitar, tied to people that lived in ruins thousands of years ago

There was an academy documenting, and cataloguing nature of ancient magical beasts and creatures

Bandersnatch, Jabberwock, Thrasfyr Sard, and JubJub Bird, we have no further knowledge

Hitch Creek and Deller’s run are geographical features near the Poonjab’s Encampment

Tane are amalgamations of other creatures.  Essentially Fey “Ultimate” Magical Beasts, combinations of very powerful creatures like Tarasques (also unknown to us)

Kanan since return has continued to seek knowledge of these creatures, he is already a keeper or “beast master” of such creatures

Kanan agent of chaos, iconoclast

Party heads into jungle, comes to ruins of ancient town

Attacked in town by 4 Mandragoras

Attacked by 2 trolls

Attacked by Kurosavar the young green dragon

Kurosavan gets Gentry by the throat

Kurosavan gets turned around by stinking cloud

Halidron challenges Kurosavan to single combat

Kurosavan accepts

An epic battle ensues Halidron vs. Kurosavan nose to nose

Kurosavan misses repeatedly

Halidron offers Kurosavan amnesty

Kurosavan blinks and flees

        SST-7 investigates buildings

        Structures seems to have a specific purpose, some form of protection (abjurartion)

        Writings reveal commuinty at that location, reared and controlled magical beasts

        Very concerned about welfare of magical beasts

        More than a few of the creatures very powerful (grant us +2 bonus on knowledge checks

        related to Tane

        Fey created Tane for the purpose of creating chaos in situations the Fey felt important

        Beasts were so powerful they could disrupt/influence whole populations

        Party discovers Kurosavan’s lair and treasure


        Day 6 Yove’s Guard

        Uneventful day of travel

Deller’s Run named after Deller who was a member of Yove’s party went this way in antiquity to seek aid for the rest of the party

Water’s of the Vone Maramba have a distinctive dark color caused by the mineral content of the rock the river passes through, volcanic, igneous rock

Ambushed by Hanging Trees

Day 7 of Yove’s Guard

Day 8 of Yove’s Guard

Day 9 of Yove’s Guard

Arrive in Trees

SST-7 rolls into Green Dreams Bar

Indica is the Barkeep

Recognize local bard Ferris

While reveling Rednard arrives

Rednard tells us about Burhog’s Emporium

Terry member of Carpenter’s Guild

Rednard wants us to cross river and secure areas for construction sites

Day 10 of Yove’s Guard


Day 11 of Yove’s Guard


Day 12 of Yove’s Guard


Day 13 of Yove’s Guard


Day 14 of Yove’s Guard


Guard construction site

Defeat a raiding party of Kayan w/Druid

Day 15 of Yove’s Guard

Some workers go missing at lunch by river

SST-7 investigates

Encounter Galay the Aenead and a Water Elemental they retreat

New character Buck Hardon, is mysteriously with workers

One of the workers has a map he thinks he got from Galay

Map is of the local area (arrows indicate ruined city near poonjab)

Day 18 - 33 of Yove’s Guard

SST-7 returns to Crown Keep

Day 34 - 77 of Yove’s Guard

Each member of the party receives a sack of gold (Rodder Famly Reward)

Rednard congratulates party, party is promoted (Lt -> Capt, Blackfell -> LT)

SST-7 is promised more autonomy

Rednard gives SST-7 access to a various magical treasure

SST-7 takes some R&R

KragenPint while at Light House is approached by Amber Barnguard

Lighthouse is near Choker’s Hold

She is interested in being a disciple of Vitoran

Day 78 of Yove’s Guard

SST-7 convenes for feast, attacked by Half-orcs w/steel weapons

Kragenpint uses Speak w/Dead to interrogate Rage Prophet

Oberog sent half-orcs

Their unit is known as Sons of Rovagog

They came from many days travel to the South

This reminds Blackfell of Skull’s Crossing settlement to the south, beyond Vone Maramba

Day 82 of Yove’s Guard

New alternative festival Torchdown is started

Gentry hears tell of unusual behavior

Encounters evil creatures posing as villagers in Strobe

Gentry escapes and rallies the rest of SST-7

SST-7 tracks the Flesh Drinkers back to their shanty’s and slay them

Day 84 -89  of Yove’s Guard

Festival of the Bounty of the Sea

Priestesses of Baranor fail speak w/Dead


Day 1 - 16 Asgald’s Flight

SST-7 decides to explore Galay’s map

Brief Redbeard and head out

Party makes it back to the Shrine of Evitar

Poonjab is not there

SST-7 heads down toward river

SST-7 encounters Gorgon Muffspores (Whoder and Gentry) are turned to stone

Day 17 - 39 Asgald’s Flight

Party has to return to Crown Keep to get Muffspores de-calcified

Gentry is killed by the stone to flesh process

Gentry is reincarnated as a halfling

Day 55 - 57 Asgald’s Flight

SST-7 returns to location where they encountered the gorgon

Found some more ruins and entrance to complex

Pit trap

Greater 9-headed Hydra

Alchemical Golems loot

Tome for construction of Alchemical Golems

Access to the library gives +2 bonus researching magical beasts

Writings of Palintar the Evoker

Book of Spells

Palintar believes Evocation is greatest magic

Palintar the Evoker’s Spellbook

Treatise on the JubJub Bird

Blackfell dons Cannibal Ring

SST-7 start travelling back to Crown Keep

Day 62 - 64 Asgald’s Flight

Blackfell is overcome by Cannibal Ring

Party subdues Blackfell

Party removes curse on Blackfell

        Day 69 Asgald’s Flight

        Nymph, Corad, and Satyrs

        SST-7 parties with Haveme and Itakeit the Nymphs

        A good time is had by all (A Midwinter’s Dream)

The nymphs ask that SST-7 investigate a group of Ogres

Atala’s consort was the queen of the Unseelie faery court

Kanan not actually evil, totally chaotic

        Day 70 Asgald’s Flight

        Investigate ogre’s, find ogre’s, trolls and ogre magi

        Defeat monster’s one ogre magi escapes

        Found the arm of pon pon poo, follower of Vitoran

SST-7 leaves a note (with origami rose) for nymphs (“Business handled, one ogre magi fled --SST-7”)

        Party heads back to Crown Keep

        Day 75 Asgald’s Flight

        SST-7 makes it back to Crown Keep

        Party reports to Hebron

        Hebron is facing charges for misappropriate of MARG resources

        Day 76 - 79 of Asgald’s Flight

        SST-7 parties

        Gets info about SST-8

        Destiny Mine

                Full of humanoids

                SST-8 some members standing for members of Hugub goblin tribe

                SST-8 are dealing with humanoids infesting destiny mine

                SST-8 dealing with dopplegangers infiltrating the colorines

Entreat the Rodder’s to use their influence ot get the council to communicate and pay attention to Tobon

Day 80 - 85 of Asgald’s Flight

Amber Barmguard had a new symbol for church of Vitoran created

She felt divinely inspired by Vitoran to add elements to symbol

Kanan may be influencing the process possibly impersonating Vitora

May have done the same thing to others we have encountered

Kragenpint hold’s service for Pa Pan Poon

Day 86 - 95 of Asgald’s Flight


Day 96 of Asgald’s Flight

Festival of the Tree’s

Lanthros and SST-8 are in attendance

Whoder is promoted to Captain

Blackfell is promoted to Lieutenant

Food is served

Everyone is poisoned

Bushrod Hoover from Southkeep stands up and blasts Redbeard

Soolari Bolati dies

Sonari Dal dies

Redbeard dies

Blackfell notices strange vials near food

Kragenpint notices one of the servers acting suspicious

Kragenpint notices one of the servers is under an enchantment (charm)

Server got vials from Bron Dolgard (brought from Holy Lands)

Lanthros departs to check on Tith

Off towards South Keep SST-7 sees flashes of light (near Skotty Larkum location)

SST-7 departs to checkout South Keep

Skotty Larkums villa

Party is hit w/Deeper Slumber and attacked by 2 fey-touched dwarves

Party fights 2 Cyclops, 2 Chimera, an assassin, fighter  and a sorcerer

Fighter has symbol on armor of Sons of Anarchy

SST-7 Heads back to First Forge

Party decides to check on Tith

Day 97 of Asgald’s Flight

Party travels towards Tith’s

Day 98 of Asgald’s Flight

Party slays Gnasher Lizards

Day of 1 of Farcall’s Harvest

Tith’s at Finder’s Holdfast under attack by lizard folk

        Lizardfolk lay siege Vole Oakhart distinguishes himself

        Lizardfolk and King assaut the place again and are slain

        Day 2 of Farcall’s Harvest

        Lizardman Ja kob appears in the morning to parley

Ja kob didn’t like Hox (Lizard King) wants good relations

Hox had sunburst on symbol

Tsathar are being whipped into a frenzy

Tsathar’s new leader has sunburst on symbol

Tsathar are frogs

Worship Tsathogga

Slimy hard to grapple

They can leap

Summon hydrodemons

DR 10/Good

Res cold, elec, fire

Rake - 2 claws+ (rend)

Sleep Spittle

Glide through the air, pounce

Implant you with Tsathar

Can jump

Day 3 of Farcall’s Harvest

SST-7 decides to investigate Tsathar

Ja Kob guides party through swamp

Warns of Bog Turtle

Party defeats Elite Sathar Front Guard

Party slays a Mobogo