Soapstone Sadly this retreat is being discontinued, but there may be something new from 2011 from this lovely grassroots organization that supports women writers.

A Room of Her Own Foundation .. and its Gift of Freedom award (currently suspended)

Alliance of Artists Communities

Vermont Studio Center

Women’s Studio Workshop (book arts)

About Norcroft, which stopped running in 2005

Millay Colony Apply by Oct 2011 for 2012-13 season (Apr-Nov)


Millay Colony Application Process: Each year the Colony invites 48 individuals for a Millay residency with the help of distinguished juries. Your work is considered solely on the merit of your artist statement and work sample. The jury process is competitive and anonymous. Please keep these factors in mind as you prepare your application. It is very important that you do not include your name on your artist statement or work sample, unless indicated otherwise.


1. Artist Statement:  Write no more than one page. Write about your work, yourself and your current thinking about what you’d like to accomplish at Millay Colony as clearly and concisely as possible. The jurors want to get a sense of you as an artist and your creative process, of how you plan to move forward creatively and the context for your work. This will help them make their final decisions. Do not include information aboutawards, galleries, publishing, etc.  The number of copies to be included are listed below under work sample requirements.  Do not write your name on this statement.

2. Biographical Statement:  Write no more than 2 paragraphs.  This is for the administrative file and will not be seen by the jury members. Here you can list awards, exhibitions, published works etc.  Only one copy is needed.


3. Work Sample Requirements:

WRITERS - Artist statement attached to each work sample:

Fiction/Non  Fiction:  Submit  seven  (7)  copies  of  no  more  than  thirty  pages  of  work  sample  in manuscript form.  Work samples can be work in progress or already published work; whatever you feel will make for the strongest application.  Manuscripts must be double spaced, using an 11 or 12 pt. font.

Poetry: Submit four (4) copies of up to ten poems and no more than 15 pages total for work sample.  

Playwrights and Screenwriters: Submit three (3) copies up to 30 pages in standard industry form.  


ALL  WRITERS:  1)  Do  not  have  your  name  on  any  manuscript/work  sample  page,  and  number  your pages. 2) Staple or paperclip a copy of your Artist Statement to the front of each of your work sample copies.  (Do  not  include  publishing  or  biographical  information  in  Artist  Statement).  Only  one Biographical Statement copy is needed with your application.        Work samples will not be returned.                Please Note:  The Millay Colony does not accept translation projects for a residency.

Djerassi Deadline for Retreats in March-Nov 2012 is 11 Feb 2011

link to application form

RESIDENCY PROPOSAL: Briefly describe a project on which you might like to work during your residency. (Use only the space provided. Please no "see attached"

PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS:  List and date three professional achievements that you consider to be the most important in your career as a creative artist  (i.e., published works, performances, awards, recordings, exhibitions, lectures, etc.)