Twilight stared at Pinkie Pie as they met in the middle of Ponyville in the morning for a moment, holding her teeth so tight on her lips that she nearly bite them. “Hi Pinkie Pie..” Twilight said, “you're looking different today.” Twilight desperately wanted to turn her attention away, but she kept focused on Pinkie Pie, who had purple pupils and purple running through her mane. “What's up with all the purple?”

Twilight would proceed to wish later that day that she had had greeted her friend differently that morning. “Unicorn-chan, Unicorn-chan!” Pinkie Pie began to shout.

“Unicorn... chan?” Twilight stood confused.

Pinkie Pie started to jump around with energy. “Where's everyone? Party time! Where are they?”

Twilight motioned her eyelids in focus. “Pinkie Pie, are you doing all right? I don't mean to sound rude, just you seem rather... off today, even for you.”

Pinkie Pie stopped hopping around after hearing parts of what Twilight had said. “Huh?” Pinkie Pie turned her head. “Pinkie Pie? Who? Not big. Party time! Where's everyone?” Twilight took a few hooves step back from the pony, unsure of what was occurring. Ignoring this movement, however, Pinkie Pie(?) shouted, “kotae wa kiitenai,” and clapped her hooves together.

Applejack's ears ringed upward. “Y'all hear music or something?” She asked Fluttershy who was walking along side her towards a cave.

“Um... I think so. Maybe Pinkie Pie is having a party.” Fluttershy answered.

“That wouldn't make much sense, Sugarcube. We both know that Pinkie Pie would never have a party while we're out doing...” Applejack stopped walking for a moment. “What are we doing?”

“Making sure this cave is safe for animals to sleep in. There's been shakings around it recently, and it might've caused instability in the cave.” Fluttershy responded.

“Well O'kay,” Applejack said as the two of them entered the cave, “just hope no shaking occurs while we're in here.”

The cave seemed normal and in good shape, with no cracks visible to the two. As they surveyed the area, however, they came across a large boulder, as big as an Ursa Minor, positioned in a tight, long corridor, in such a way that it could roll out of the cave and straight into Ponyville if it was given motion.

“Seems like this is the only danger in here, Shy,” Applejack said, “and I can't think of anything that would even bulge it.”

Suddenly, the ground started to shake strongly, and Applejack's words were proven wrong, not something that she would acknowledge as she and Fluttershy began running away from it. “Fluttershy, we can't let that boulder leave this cave!” Applejack shouted. “All those poor animals might die from it!”

After she said this, Applejack froze in fear as she saw Fluttershy standing, parts of her mane now yellow. A tear in fear fell down Applejack's face as she saw the boulder coming close to hitting them.

But not close enough. Applejack was unable to tell how precisely she could've died, as her entire vision was filled by dust, and a small rock that flew towards her to give a sucker punch good enough to knock her out.

Rarity used her magic to lift a cup of tea to her mouth, curious to learn more about the guest sitting on her couch. “So you're saying that you've lost your friends, Mr. Urataros? That's disheartening, but I'm sure we'll be able to find them.”

The guest, a blue, turtle-like humanoid, drank his cup of coffee while he thought up of a response. “It'll be easy to fish them out. We were just scattered around when we had arrived here, and I expect that they're searching too. They're probably sticking out like a sore thumb though.”

Rarity smiled at that expression she had never heard before. “A sore thumb?”

“Yes,” Urataros responded as he pointed towards his left thumb. “Something that's really different from everything around them. Even if my friends are attempting to use hosts, their personalities are rather... special to them.”

“Oh really?” Rarity asked. “I may be able to help if you don't mind going into detail about them.”

“Sure,” Urataros said as he crossed his legs out on the table in front of him, forcing Rarity to resist the urge to grow a scowl. “Well, first there's Sempai, Momotaros. He's rather... Aggressive, in lack of a better word. If he were to get him a host, then the host would gain red pupils, a red streak in their hair, and get placed in a number of fights.”

Rarity took another sip of her cup. “Hope he doesn't come across Rainbow Dash then. That pegasus never backs from a challenge, and she herself is probably the most confrontational pony in all of Ponyville. Not to mention, she seemed grumpy right from the start of the morning, complaining about the lack of coff-” Rarity cut herself off mid-conversation. “You said that you had came to me initially because I was the potential 'host' who shared the most attribute with yourself, correct?”

Urataros genitally grabbed his chin and began to motion his head up and down. “Yes...”

“Would the same be true for your friends?” Rarity asked.

Urataros got up off of the couch, repeating his “yes.”

“By chance, would your other friends include a nature-lover, a party-lover, a work-lover, and a book-lover?” Rarity asked as she got up.

“Can't say yes to that last one, but three of them are definitely those first three descriptions.” Urataros answered.

“Then it'll be easy to find them, since I expect for your friends... to be my friends.” Rarity said as she stared at Urataros. “Yet we can't just have you walking around like you are, since I doubt most ponies would be able to appreciate the charming gentleman just because he's not a pony. So tell me, darling, what exactly is it like for the possessor and the possessed in possession?”

Urataros returned the stare. “Exactly like this.”

Twilight came to as she felt cold water splash against her face. “Huh?” Opening her eyes, she noted that she was on her couch in the lobby of the library, that she had sore legs, and that Spike was looking over her while sited upon the shoulder of a black-dressed, yellow-faced, and green-eyed creature that also looked over her, a note that promptly made her attempt to scream before she noticed a smile on Spike's face. “Spike, what's-”

Spike immediately began to speak before Twilight could even say a third word. “There's these guys called Imagins going around, and Pinkie Pie was possessed by one named Ryutaros, who can hypnotize anything into dancing, and he had almost all of Ponyville dancing... Well except for me, because Deneb,” Spike pointed towards the creature he was on, “is an Imagin also, and he was able to free me of the hypnotism, and we managed to get Ryutaros to stop forcing everypony to dance by telling him that he wouldn't be able to meet the best partier in all of Equestria if he didn't get out of Pinkie Pie right away. Then me and Deneb checked to make sure that everything else was okay, and we found you sleeping on the ground, worn out from dancing so much. So then Deneb helped me take you back here, and he told me that there's other Imagins around in Ponyville, and we had Ryutaros and Pinkie Pie form a search party in order to find them.”

Twilight slowly began to open her mouth to blow out a response.

“Also, they're time travelers. And Deneb helped me organize all your books! He also made a whole lot of candy, and it's delicious. He even says he'll make shiitake for dinner. I've never had it before, but it sounds tasty. Oh, did I mention that Ryutaros is also a purple dragon? Guess I'm not the only one in Ponyville now. Anyway, what else was there?” Spike stopped for a moment to think.

“Why we're here.” Deneb spoke up. “Please forgive us for the sudden intrusions upon this lovely village, but your world is in danger. We Imagin are members of a detective agency named the DenLiner  Police, and we had recently noticed a timeline disturbance from this planet, and we believe it's the work of an Imagin, who somehow managed to get here and then travel back in time to change the time stream. If we don't act quickly, then anything can happen.”

Twilight stared emptily after this long exposition, all while Spike and Deneb continued their stares. Finally, Twilight found a small piece of sense that gave her the strength to talk. “So what's happening is alien detective time-travelers capable of possession and mass hypnotism are here, and one of them is causing trouble in the past?”

“Yeah, basically,” Spike replied.

As if time had decided not to give Twilight any chance to take a deep breath, there was a knocking at the door... which sent it through the wall opposite of it. Leaping off of the couch, Twilight stood next to Deneb as she saw a large yellow creature with a horn entered,  carrying a knocked out Applejack, and being followed by a calm Fluttershy.

“Kintaros,” Deneb said as he walked towards the yellow creature, “have you seen Momotaros or Urataros?”

Kintaros walked past Deneb, placed Applejack down on the couch, took a seat in a chair, turned his head with his hands, and proceeded to say “no” before snoring.

Twilight looked at Fluttershy. “Uh... Fluttershy, do you know what's going on?”

“Um... Kintaros had saved us from this boulder, by um... controlling my body to... break it. But a small rock had struck Applejack, and she's knocked out. I asked Kintaros if he would help me get Applejack here, and he did.”

Twilight stood and stared. “Father of Celestia and Luna...” she muttered. “What else could happen?”

Rarity, wearing blue glasses, and the bottom of her curls blue, entered the library. Looking around, she sighed and in a moment, she was back to looking as how she usually looked, but standing next to Urataros. “Well, I guess all that preparation was for waste since it looks like your friends don't care much about fitting in. How are you all doing?”

“Pretty good,” Spike replied while licking a lollipop that Deneb had handed him.

Urataros began talking. “So three of us are here. Deneb, have you seen Sempai, Ryu-chan, or Sieg-chan?”

“Ryutaros is out looking for all of you,” Deneb replied.

Everyone began to hear music and singing.

“Yeah, cause this is Thrirrer,”

“Thriller Night,”

“And no one's gonna save you from the creatures of the night.”

Urataros and Rarity walked outside to take a look at the source of the music and singing. They then walked inside and and pulled chairs up for themselves.

“I assume the purple dragon with the headphones is one of your friends?” Rarity asked.

“I assume the pink horse somehow walking on two legs like that is one of your friends?” Urataros asked simultaneously. The two then looked down, depressed by what they had seen.

“Well, someone is going to have to go out there and tell them that there not allowed to bring their army of dancing ponies in with them.” Rarity said.

Spike and Deneb began whistling. Urataros sighed and looked at Rarity. “That pegasus floating next to Kin-chan,” Urataros pointed at Kintaros and Fluttershy as he whispered, “she's Fluttershy, right? The one that loves nature sincerely?”

“Yes,” Rarity whispered back.

“Well,” Urataros said as he stopped whispering, “it truly would be a bad sight if that large group out there manages to enter the habitats of animals around here. Just who knows what could happen. They could destroy all of the poor animals homes. Could you imagine all those poor little rabbits... crying?”

Fluttershy, who heard this, began to tremble, almost on the verge of tears. Suddenly, Kintaros got up and softly patted her on the head before walking out of the library.

“What did you just cause?” Rarity asked Urataros.

“Kin-chan is a sleeping bear most of the time, but when he hears the word 'cry' or senses anything near him crying or getting ready to cry, he leaps into action.” Urataros replied.

A minute later, the music had stopped, and in walked Kintaros holding both Pinkie Pie and Ryutaros, both of whom he promptly placed in a chair before going back to his own chair and going back to sleep.

“You're the best partier, I've ever met, Ryutaros,” Pinkie Pie said with a smile.

“You're pretty good too,” Ryutaros responded.

Urataros stood up from his chair. “Now that all mostly here, does anyone have any clue on the whereabouts of Sempai?”

“Or of Rainbow Dash?” Rarity added.

There was no response that resembled a 'yes', besides a loud crash through the glass ceiling, followed by the falling of a mole monster. “Sempai's here,” Urataros said, pointing towards a weird-looking pegasus hovering just above the now broken roof, “so we'll probably want to get out of here, unless we want to be part of the damage caused by whatever he's about to do.”

All of the group got up, including the now awake Kintaros who picked up both the knocked-out Applejack, and the still confused Twilight. They then walked out of the library.

“Here's the best part, Bowie,” the pegasus, dressed in a red, white, and black costume with a red and white helmet, said. Placing a sword-like object in its mouth, the pegasus waved a device on its right front hoof in front of a belt placed on the middle of its body.

“Full Charge,” a mechanical voice stated.

“Hissatsu!” The pegasus shouted as part of its sword detached and formed an energy-chain to the grip in the pegasus' mouth. “My hissatsu attack, pegasus version!” The pegasus then descended upon the mole monster, and swung its head right-to-left, causing the detached blade to reach down to the monster and slashed straight through it, destroying it.

Twilight finally screamed as she stood with the group outside the library. “MY LIBRARY! ALL THOSE BOOKS! IS THAT A FIRE IN THERE?!”

However, she stopped screaming as she looked up and saw Rainbow Dash and a red horned monster walk out of the library. The two proceeded to successfully high-five each other.

“You're awesome, Momotaros. I mean that. You are the coolest.” Rainbow Dash said.

“Heh. I'm at climax from beginning to end.” Momotaros laughed.

The two then looked at their friends. “Oh hey, you're all here,” Rainbow Dash said as she waved a hoof towards her friends.

“Turtle-liar, Sleeping-bear, Snot-nosed Brat, Tubby,” Momotaros said as he counted up the other Imagin. “Wait! Where's Chicken-winged Bastard?!” Momotaros grabbed his horns in anger. Suddenly, he looked up and pointed at something in the sky. Everyone, but the sleeping Kintaros and the gonna-probably-be-knocked-out-for-most-of-this-story Applejack, turned and looked up to see what it was.

“Princess Celestia...” Twilight's words brought a silence that lasted until Princess Celestia had landed. As soon as this happened, however, Twilight was overwhelm by emotions and became unconscious.

“Let me guess,” Rarity said as she turned to Urataros, “Princess Celestia is being possessed by that Sieg friend of yours that you had mention while you were possessing me?”

“It appears to be so, at least based off of that white hair and white pupils.” Urataros said back.

Momotaros walked over to the possessed Princess Celestia, and began shouting. “Hey, Chicken-winged Bastard! While you were busy doing whatever it is you aristocraps do, I was out here actually working.”

There was a distressed look on Princess Celestia. “More elements than Elements of Harmony. Elements of Harmony merely small part of big puzzle.”

“Hey, we took those English classes for a reason!” Momotaros shouted. “If you're going to speak a language, speak one that you're understandable with!”

“Uh Momo...” Rainbow Dash said as she approached Momotaros. “This sounds pretty important.”

“Elements of Harmony weak,” the possessed Princess Celestia continued. “They searched through time. Found something powerful. Have to be stopped. Stopped!”

There was a great flash. When Momotaros regained vision, he saw that it was suddenly night, that there was a large, black, winged unicorn standing in front of him, and riding that winged unicorn was a silver figure with green eyes.

“Aren't you that one Shadow Moon jerk that I rider kicked one time with all those other riders?” Momotaros asked.

“It's Nightmare Moon! Run for it!” Spike shouted.

With both of them named, Nightmare Moon flew up into the sky, where Shadow Moon, still riding her, pulled out two swords, and then posed up in the sky to seem dynamic.

“We'll regroup later, right now we just need to escape!” Rarity yelled.

“Tch... Can't use Climax Form here.” Momotaros groaned. “Turtle-pervert, Sleeping-Bear, Tubby, Snot-nosed Brat! I'm going to get the DenLiner! Find some place to make a stand, and stay alive! I'll be back soon!” Momotaros then turned to Rainbow Dash. “Can you go faster than the moon?!”

Rainbow Dash grew a smile. “No problem.”

Quickly taking possession of Rainbow Dash, Momotaros and her flew off into the sky with Shadow Moon and Nightmare Moon following them. Deneb grabbed Spike and headed deeper into a Ponyville that no longer resembled the simple village it once was, but was now a smog-fill, tall, shadowed city. Ryutaros & Pinkie Pie and Kintaros, Applejack, & Fluttershy went into different parts of the Everfree Forest.

Rarity looked at the unconscious Twilight on the ground before turning to Urataros. “Why didn't your bear friend take her with him?”

“Who knows. We should probably head into the city, though. Together, we should have enough charisma to avoid problems, and we might even find out some information about this changed time-line, and possibly find out why you and your friends weren't affected by the change in the timeline.” Urataros said.

“But what about Twilight?” Rarity asked.

“We'll take her.” The two looked behind them to see who had said that. Standing on a tree branch of what-used-to-be, and what-could've-been, the library, were two black figures, one with silver markings, a silver head, a white hat and scarf, and the other having a 'W' on its head. “We are the protectors of the innocent in this city. The ones who shall punish the sinners. We are Kamen Rider Skull...

“And Kamen Rider Joker.”

PREVIEW SUMMARY OF NEXT CHAPTER: Fluttershy has a bloody good time in the Everfree Forest with Kamen Riders Amazon, Shin, Gills, and Another Agito.