Proclamation & Procession of my Church

 -Keshet Israel (Isaiah 62:2, Rev 3:12)

Citizens of this world; My name as according the United States of America is Jerry Michael Cofer.  I am a Priest who founded The Entheogenic Reformation Church in 2000 & who with 3 other’ local members incorporated in 2008.  It was that year that we as a church body (“Self-Governed”) came together and in council as a Church adopted Cannabis into the Church as the 1st Entheogen to enter into the service of the Church.

The founding papers were written back in 2000, in Seffner Florida as “The Charter of The Entheogenic Reformation Church”.  As a lone priest born of God in 1994, I created a yahoo groups for the church and we had about 8 members across the whole World wide web!

I, however, continued to travel across the United States as a vagabonding Rainbow Warrior, calling all to gather together with the Gathering of the Tribes (The Rainbow Family of Living Light) that we may prepare for the the marriage supper of the Lord.    

I must say, that I have lost all the original members information, and as I traveled however I met many other entheogenists from all sorts of differing religious backgrounds and I was comforted thru all the routes of my literally 7 years ‘On The Road’ (Thanks Jack K.) that I was hitch-hiking this country.  

I went from Gathering to Gathering, Church to Church, Library to Law Library.. seeking with all my power to draw more and more people to the use of our God’s glorious comfort, drawn thru the anointing of my God’s own marriage supper in The Cannabis Tree of Life.

Now, almost 18 years after I myself was anointed under the auspiciousness of the ritual use that God incorporated unto me, as His son ‘reborn’ unto this earth to preach about our redemption being bought by Jesus the Christ’s own death, that we may enter into the Garden wherein we were kicked out, and there accept the Cannabis Tree of Life, which we never did accept because we chose to lust over each other in our own bodies.  So much, that we denied our God the Glory of His Tree!  

But, now that the wages of our sin have been paid, we are granted access once again to accept the Tree of our Father’s invite!   And, I after all these years have come as the Priest of The Entheogenic Reformation Church to make that invite to mankind, in the new creation name of our Lord and Savior; Keshet Yashua Israel.

I, being the marriage vessel of my God am married continually unto the Father’s will by my sharing of the marriage supper and the words that my Father has drawn upon me as His predestined son come.  Woe is I, for being the son sought but never allowed seen!  For how long will it be that the God of this world is Defamed from being!  

I stand not in any domain which can be judged by any, why do men seek to judge whom God can be? Am I Grandiose, because I speak in the vanity of God; as His son?  But, who doesn’t among you moan for Salvation from the evil that persists even unto this one!?

You may point at me and say.. That man claims to be God!! Blasphemy!”   And I?  What should I do? Should you NOT care!? and so just allow the State Mental Wards just think we are as christians just all ‘insane’ for being ‘reborn’? Should I fear for my life, if I am the second coming; the Third Adam of God !?

Seriously people, whether I am God or God’s son, should not matter so much that it causes me direct persecution simply for complying with what God has shown personally unto me. No, we should be more concerned as to whether the 1st amendment is being upheld by our Countrymen at present!

For there are far more vessels of God that surround me, then I at present; who are about to perish for their choice to accept the marriage supper of my arrangement. Which has, thru my own conviction, drawn the Cannabis tree to be that which draws the wrath down upon this earth that is Gods!
 “Vengeance is Mine Saith the Lord”

Yes, there is classical ‘ritual’, about our religious observations & consumptions, but if you are not a member of the Church, how dare I tell one who is ignorant of the prescription God has shared it with us, for!?  I would be speaking tongues without giving translation and could therefore cause unwarranted ‘false witness’ by assuming the hearer has ‘comprehension’ wherein the devil has rooted himself to take away my God’s own ambassadage; just as I in the courts of the world must have a ‘Lawyer’ to translate the ‘prescripts’ of the courts, those needing that lawyer would need a priest to understand the ambassadage of God’s heart working out of the Entheogenist.

For it is for the drawing members of the Church of our God unto this final decree; which I having been led by the spirit and the blood to be baptized (even by water again), that the Fire of Our God, may be shared and seen in the marriage supper offering we have personally accepted, as The Entheogenic Reformation Church (God’s members) marrying ourselves over unto God, Our Church & all of it’s members!  

Even in this new creation vessel raised up by the Rainbow, A Vagabond, of whom I am in (married), I’m become the The Vanity of God, the Lost Prodigal Rainbow King. I have emotions and feelings as being just simply a man; humbled and defamed for whom I have come, to believe’ and to Preach His Judgment done! The Martyrs blood needs no longer be bled & the Cup of the blood of Whores is overfilled also and so all is ready for harvest!

In this I have come to recognize myself as the fallen star of David (Jerry Dead
to the Flesh because Christ is Alive in me) as even that one which all men seek, to stand as the one to come and call the Church, as I have in this end.  

“Shall we partake in the Cannabis tree of Life”; as it is the Tree given to us in the beginning to lead us into knowing first our God’s own love, by our own obedience; partaking?   Then.. after we partake and we are as one body in God (again), then we may by our marriage made have also the right to take our Bridal gown unto marriage in the harvested world the Lord draws unto His entheogenic Reformation of Body and Mind, as His route for our Way; bearing fruit unto His name..  

See, it is upon my heart, as one born of God.. that no man can have a wife lest she is anointed by the Tree of Life and thru sanctimonious vows, structured between the two agreeing parties seeking to vow loyalties to one another; that God may work out of their relations unto the prosperity of His Kingdom (build), as our Lord (Jesus) has prepared for us to receive!    

 “Our Father, Who art in Heaven.. Hallowed be thy name!   Thy Kingdom Come, thy will be done.. on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Give us this day, our daily bread.. and forgive us our trespasses as we also forgive those who trespass against us, but lead us not into temptation nor allow it to draw us Father away from the significance of your Kingdom come; that we be not avowed to some other way but the way of your righteousness, virtue, dignity and honor so that we may prosper not as justified sinners but as purified souls who complete your commands as a daily honor, Let us be fully given up to you; as we continue to anoint, and share the name you have given to draw your Kingdom upon this earth through our Build of The Entheogenic Reformation Church!

I, father God, stand as your son.. given to the making of The Embassy (of Entheogenists) which you have sought to institute unto this world, by Your drawing of The Entheogenic Reformation Church unto and thru the Charter which I have founded after coming thru the blood and water of your adoption, to share your fire baptism with all of those You send!

The direct burden presented and placed by the Federal Government upon the Church of my God’s incarnation (as He is even within my own flesh), is a violation of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.  I have also sought relief from the persecution which locally has come against my body as my God’s church; asking the Governor of Florida to send me a letter of Assurance verifying the oath that the Governor gave to take office is worthy it’s merit when considering my religious guarantee protected’, not hindered for my religious exercises consisting of; Using cannabis as the anointing of the Lord Our God in my marriage unto His self same spirit in this flesh I am. (and those likened unto God as I have become, by their acceptance of the marriage supper I have come to offer as a Child sent (born) by God.

The blanketed denial ,by police officers generally and most often locally’, is denying Entheogenists (religious authorities) are to be protected under the Guarantee of the 1st Amendment and the Religious Freedom of each of Our members corresponding states!   Even prosecutors are denying our sincerity without ever even doing an investigation as to from wherein our beliefs stem. Who are these corrupt officials who blatantly deny Cannabis Christians and other entheogenists their right to accept Cannabis, as according their own Self Governing religious bodies!

 and my states religious freedom has been mockingly seen as insolence to Justice and it is being carried out by the State Prosecutor’s office, the Office of the Chief of Police, the Arresting officer’s and even the Tacticians of physical force, are ‘authorizing’ violent militant tactics to being carried out against religious persons who are acting citizens of God, but whom hold identity cards for lawful purposes to distinguish us, are innocent of any actual crime, thru court procedures (inquisitional and persecutorial from beginning to end (wherein the ‘Innocent till proven guilty’ are handcuffed, shackled and treated as every other ‘prisoner’ held, while surrounded by armed men! How can they NOT, be ‘coerced’, unto false witness?!’)  We must end the War against those which have found their religious call in Life in their being called “Entheogenists”, they are being made into Criminal people rather than those honoring God with their activities.

The insidious nature of police officer’s being used to come and arrest our citizens for choosing to accept our God’s marriage supper invite, given to announce the comfort and joy of being our God’s church, is a declaration of War against our Lord and God who died to give us the Tree we gave up, in the beginning with God, by our acceptance as Adam and Eve to undress our own longings rather than to be in obedience to God who still now offers us that Tree now thru the fire baptism consumption of our marriage supper ingredients.

These Ingredients are needed for the Marriage supper invite to be fully accepted unto God!

The Substance of our Faith is that

 The Vessel accepting the Entheogen, must recognize (1-6):

1. That they have died on the Cross with Jesus the Christ & regenerated thru the Resurrection spirit, back unto their present vessel.  

2.  That by that Death & Our obvious Resurrection (#1) we have been grafted, by the spirit and the blood, back into right position with God, that we may partake thru our justification in Christ, in the marriage supper which espouses us unto The Lord our God.(which includes partaking in His entheogen)

3. That He (having the spirit that admits to both #1 & #2 ) has right to partake in our God’s righteousness, comfort and Joy (His Marriage), by accepting the divine entheogenic passage; which draws us to accept the Marriage supper invitation, and the entheogenic embassy creatd of it’s substance!

4. That accepting the Entheogen, is ‘The Only Way’ given for us to be Divinely  Married (“Anointed”) unto the fullness of our God; in spirit and in Body.  

5. That no man may take a wife in this world without first anointing her by God’s authority which comes upon us in our being anointed before we are given to announce our vows of commitment & loyalty over to our spouse in life.  

1. This can only come by her acceptance of the marriage supper invite which our God has given us (Men) to hold out to those (women) whom seek to loyally submit themselves as God’s wife to His unction, marriage and character.

 “Carrying the Christ anointing to other’s for His reception!”

6.  That Entheogens are espoused unto our temple Bodies as Sacred utensils given to us by God, that we may by God’s fullness marry our selse and our spouses over unto the Spirit in the Way of Our Anointed; whom is carrying out His own Entheogenic Paths of Vengeance & Joy; thru our lives as we Reform our Hearts, Minds and Bodies in the building Kingdom, of God.

7.The Entheogen