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EVA 6 Report:

Jon Kosh Reporting

EVA Time:

1223 - 1350

EVA Crewmembers:

Jon (KF7GLD)

Mitesh (KK4AQI)

Base Communications:

Tommy (KJ4KAC)

EVA Procedure

Sample soil at sites where water flow characteristics are evident. General site locations north, northeast of the hab were selected beforehand based on satellite images. EVA team not to deviate from established paths while on ATVs.  Before exploring on foot, ATV helmets are to be exchanged with bubble helmets.  Once the sample site is reached, stakes are to mark out a 6' x 6' area. Pictures of the test site will be taken from each stake, then a sample will be gathered from the area. Radiation readings and a count of large (>6" characteristic length) rocks will also be taken. This will be performed at up to five sites.

EVA Results

Soil sample returned from a promising site located at 12N 0519191, 4251413 (UTM). After evaluating weather conditions, the team returned to hab, safely inside from the Red Planet rain.

Lessons Learned

Start EVAs earlier in the day, stay mindful of weather conditions.

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