1. AWANA club starts promptly at 6:30 p.m. and ends promptly at 8:15            p.m. in the gym.


  2. Respectful language is expected before, during and after club.


  3. Care and respect should be shown for church property.


  4. Pushing, shoving and roughhousing are not allowed.


     Methods of Discipline:


  1. Five (5) count used for a group of kids when they need to be re-focused.
  2. Three (3) rule applied per night for individuals:

a. One count – Verbal warning with explanation.

b. Two count – Timeout in room and conference with club leader/Commander.

c. Three count – Taken to Commander for discipline, removed from club for the next club night.


Uniforms will be awarded to clubbers at a subsidized price upon completion of their entrance booklet.   

Upon receiving uniform: the clubber should wear it to every regular AWANA meeting. Awards are presented only to clubbers in uniform.


Sections must be passed by clubbers in one meeting.  A maximum of two helps per section is allowed.

Clubbers are encouraged and rewarded to regularly attend AWANA club and Sunday School and/or worship service at a Bible believing church of their choice.  To receive these awards, attendance must comply with the following standards:


·    One absence per quarter of club  (eight-week period)

·    Two absences per semester of Sunday School (sixteen-week                                                 period)


5.  Clubbers should wear tennis shoes to all club meetings.  Game time is comprised of high energy games that require appropriate shoes as to prevent injury.


6. Parents are always welcome to attend any and all parts of the club.  Feel free to drop in, attend on parent nights or volunteer to help on a regular basis.


7.  In the case of inclement weather, the policy will be if JC schools are canceled either for the day or an early out, AWANA clubs will be canceled. Otherwise listen to local stations(KLIK, KWOS, KRCG, KOMU ) or check for cancellations.

If you have any questions, contact David K Ellis at 573.690.3148

Thank you,

David K Ellis - AWANA Commander