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Delta Opportunity School

“We never give up!”



Now located at the Delta Montrose Technical College Campus 1765 Hwy 50, Delta  874-7671

Welcome to Delta Opportunity School


Delta Opportunity School Staff

John Jones-Director of DMTC/Principal of DOS

Tony Bowling-Assistant Principal of DOS

Kevin Nettleton – Assistant Principal

Cole Baldwin - SPED Teacher

Cody Kanz- English Teacher

Kathy Applebee - Science Teacher

Amelia Baldwin - Math Teacher

– Registrar/ALS/Service Learning

Johnna Fender-ALS/Service Learning/DMTC bookstore

Kelli Scheid - Counselor

Equal Opportunity

Delta Opportunity School is committed to equal opportunities for all persons regardless of race, color, religion, creed, sex, age, marital status, handicap, national origin or ancestry, and that no person shall suffer discrimination with respect to employment, recruitment, selection, retention, promotions, educational programs, classes services, or activities.  This shall be applicable to employees, potential employees, parents, patrons, and students.

 Our DOS Mission

DOS is public school designated as an Alternative Education Campus with programs designed to give students at-risk of not graduating from high school an alternative route to earning their high school diploma. Our mission is to serve at-risk students through building strong relationships, providing instruction in core areas which prepare students for further education, learning through service, and building self-esteem so students have the skills and confidence to pursue their individual interests as adults.

Message From the Staff...

This success guidebook is to help students and parents understand what is expected of students who attend DOS.  Relationships between staff, students, and parents are truly the foundation for all that we do here at Delta Opportunity School.  When you become a student at DOS, you become one of the DOS family.  As part of our family we will help you in any way that we can to be the best you can be, and earn your high school diploma.  Remember, your past is not future.  Your future starts today and you get to decide the direction your future will take.

Welcome to our Family

Terms for 2016-2017

1st quarter August 22-October 17 (Fall break Oct. 10-14)

2nd quarter October 18-December 16 (Christmas break Dec. 19-Jan 2)

3rd quarter January 3-March 9

4th quarter March 10-May 20

Graduation Dates for 2016-2017


Be Successful

      Be here each day

      Be here on time each day.

      Be dressed appropriately.

      Be productive while you are here.

      Treat others with respect and honor individual differences.

      Apply these same principles at your workplace.

Attendance Policy

 The goal of DOS is to help you gain a high school diploma as well as to prepare you for the world of work.  Your future work success will depend upon skills, knowledge, work ethic, and attitude toward the business in which you work.

      Businesses will provide jobs for people who come to work on time, who have the skills to do the job, and who fill the needs of the business.  We know of no business that will pay you to come to work late or stay home when you don’t feel like working.  It would be unprofessional of us to prepare you for a world that does not exist!  Therefore, your days in our school will be as much like the real world of work as possible.


      The result for your attendance is in the form of credit that indicates skills and knowledge you have gained from learning.


      Each student must be active at DOS on a full-time basis, which includes a minimum of 5 hours per day or 25 hours per week.  Additional DOS programs include attendance at DOS or Delta-Montrose Technical College, employment, volunteer work, or other activities or classes approved by the staff at DOS.  All documentation must be turned in on time in order for the student to earn credit and remain full time.  


      DOS students are expected to attend school and are subject to the district attendance policy.  Letters and meetings will be utilized when necessary to improve a student’s attendance.  A student may be dropped when absences become excessive.


      The DOS staff will contact parents when attendance is becoming an issue for the student.  If the student must be absent, a parent or guardian is expected to call the school and state the reason for the absence.  


       We expect students to be on time for class each day.  Excessive tardiness will cause a student’s attendance to become an issue.  Students are expected to arrive on time and to work for the assigned time.  

Code of Conduct and Expectations For Behavior

DOS is now part of the Delta Montrose Technical College and must abide by all campus rules.

      DOS students are subject to decisions made by DOS staff, DMTC staff, and the Delta County District Office Administration.  


      Students are expected to treat each other and staff with respect.   Any type of disrespectful, judgemental, yelling, cursing, or bullying type behavior will not be tolerated and will be cause for a disciplinary referral or strike.

Dress Code

Students are expected to dress appropriately for school.   Extremes in dress and personal appearance which tend to cause distraction or pose health problems will not be allowed at school.  Any clothing designed to call undue attention to the wearer is not appropriate at school.

Students dressed inappropriately will be provided with a shirt, belt, etc for that day.  Final discretion of appropriate dress is up to the school administration.


      The use of cellular phones is restricted to before school and during break time unless they are being used as a learning tool with instructor approval.

                 Phones can only be out when used for learning as directed by the teacher.

                If the phone is out when it is not supposed to be, you will be asked to put it away.

                Next time you will be asked to put it in the Cell Phone Jail-returned after class.

                Subsequent issues will be longer periods in jail or to Mr. Nettleton’s office.

        Refusal to put the phone in the container will be considered insubordination.


     No food or drinks at the computers.


      Students who distract others and keep them from learning may be moved into another part of the school and may receive a referral for repeatedly distracting others.



      DOS students are not to visit any other Delta school campuses between 8:00am and 3:30pm without permission from the DOS administrator.  


      Students will need a hall pass for drinks and bathroom use during class.


      Students are allowed to drive a car to school and to park it appropriately in front of the school.  However, students are not allowed to go to their car during school time without permission from the staff.  Inappropriate driving in the parking lot will result in loss of the privilege to drive to school.  The police may also be notified.


A bus from town is available for DOS students.  Students must adhere to all bus rules.  A bus contract must be signed by parents and students of those who connect at DMS to a bus home.


Public displays of affection are not felt to be in good taste at Delta High School.  Students are asked to refrain from such actions on campus.  Affectionate displays beyond hand-holding can result in disciplinary action, including parent conference, detention, or suspension for defiance of authority.


Searches may be conducted by a school official who has reasonable grounds for suspecting that a search will turn up evidence that the student has violated either the law or School Board Policy.  When reasonable suspicion exists for a search, school personnel may search a student and the student’s personal property while on school premises, including cars in the parking lot.  School personnel conducting the search may seize any illegal, unauthorized, or contraband materials in accordance with school district policy JIH.


Bullying is defined as unwanted, aggressive behavior among school-aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance.  The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time.

Acts of bullying can be in written or verbal expression, physical act or gesture, or a pattern thereof, which is intended to cause distress upon one or more students in the school environment.  For purposes of this policy, the school environment includes school buildings, grounds, vehicles, bus stops and all school sponsored activities and events.  A student who engages in any act of bullying is subject to appropriate disciplinary action including suspension, expulsion and/or referral to law enforcement authorities.  The severity and pattern, if any, of the bullying behavior shall be taken into consideration when disciplinary decisions are made.

If your student has or is experiencing bullying please contact your school administrators.

Academic Integrity

The school takes an extremely serious view of violations of academic integrity. As members of the academic community, administration, faculty, staff and students are dedicated to promoting an atmosphere of honesty and are committed to maintaining the academic integrity essential to the education process.  Inherent in this commitment is the belief that academic dishonesty in all forms violates the basic principles of integrity and impedes learning.

It is the responsibility of individual faculty members to identify instances of academic dishonesty and recommend penalties to the Instructional Services Director in keeping with the severity of the violation. Penalties may range from verbal chastisement to a failing grade in the course.

Oral or written material belonging to another author that is not properly documented and which is represented as the student’s own work constitutes plagiarism. Any student guilty of plagiarism shall automatically be given a failing grade.

Quotation marks should be used to indicate the exact words of another. Summarizing a passage or rearranging the order of a sentence and changing some of the words are paraphrasing. Each time a source is paraphrased, a credit for the source needs to be included in the text. 

The police will be called as a first response to the following:

1.     Fighting will not be tolerated at DOS/DMTC.  The consequence for fighting will include notification of police, and may include temporary or permanent dismissal from DOS.

2.     DOS/DMTC is an alcohol, drug, and tobacco free zone,

For tobacco violations:

1st time a warning- referral form

2nd time cessation lesson-referral form

3rd time-discipline referral-cessation lesson, suspension (staff with resources)

3.     Immediate removal from DOS will also occur if a student brings a weapon to school or assaults another student or staff member and the police will be called and charges will be filed.

DOS adheres to the following district policies, which can be found at or on file at Delta Opportunity School.

AC,AC-R, AC-E Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity (and complaint process)

ADC        Tobacco Free Schools

IHCDA         Concurrent Enrollment

JB                Equal Educational Opportunity

JBB        Sexual Harrassment

JH        Student Absences and Excuses

JHB        Truancy

JIC        Student Dress Code        

JICC        Student Conduct in School Vehicles

JICDA        Code of Conduct

JICDD        Violent and Aggressive Behavior

JICDE        Bullying Prevention and Education

JICEA        School-Related STudent Publications

JICEC        Student Distribution of Noncurricular Materials

JICF        Secret Societies/Gang Activity

JICH        Drug and Alcohol Involvement by STudents

JICI        Weapons in School

JICJ        Student Use of Electronic Devices

JIH        Student Interviews, Interrogations, Searches and Arrests

JJA-1 or JJA-2        Student Organizations (Limited Forum or Open Forum)

JKI and JK-R        Student Discipline

JK 2        Discipline of Students with Disabilities

JKA        Use of Physical Intervention and Restraint

JKBA and

JKBA-R        Disciplinary Removal from Classroom

JKD/JKE        Suspension/Expulsion of Students

JLCB        Immunization of Students

JLCD        Administering Medications to Students

JLCDA        Students with Food Allergies

JRCA        Sharing of Student Records/Information between School District and

State Agencies

JLFF        Sex Offender Information

JQ                Student Fees, Fines and Charges

JRA/JRC Student Records/Release of Information on Students


JRA/JRC-E-1        Notification to Parents and Students of Rights Concerning Student Educational Records

JLDAC        Screening and Testing of Students (and Treatment of Mental and

JLDAC-E        Disorders) Notification of Rights Under the Protection of

Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA)

EEAEF-E        Notice to Students and Parents/Guardians Regarding the Use

of Video Recorders on School Buses

JIHB                Parking Lot Searches

Class Schedule

PERIOD           START TIME                END TIME




     Breakfast and Lunch            

Students have the option of bringing food from home.

Grades and Credits

      All DOS students are expected to earn 2.0 credit each 9 week term.  Students who do not meet this expectation will be placed on an academic intervention plan created to get them back on track.

      Each student is responsible for documenting all outside school work including work-study, work from books, service learning, online learning and other activities for credit through the use of a calendar and appropriate school forms.  It is the student’s responsibility to keep accurate records and copies of all forms in their school notebook. Students will turn in all records to Ms. Scheid

       Students must pass ALS classes with a minimum score of 70%.  The final test percentage will be averaged with the assignments to reach a final percentage.  Two short essays will also be required for each class.

      ALL ALS tests MUST be taken on campus after a notebook check.

      If students fail the final exam, they must complete the follow-up assignments before retesting.

      Grades will be awarded based on the following scale:

      90-100 = A

      80-89 = B

      70-79 = C

      0-69 = no credit issued until class average is at least 70%

      Using the  Internet as a research tool is a great skill which students need in today’s world.  However, when used to help students test, it does not accurately reflect student’s knowledge.  Therefore, students are not to use google, wiki, friends, or any other help to take any tests.  A score of 0% will be given to students who cheat on the final test, and they may lose the privilege to use approved notebooks on future final



Service Learning


      It is our strong belief that giving to others is vital in our world, and it is critical that students have the opportunity to give back to the community where they live.  The benefits to the student are many.  Credit in service learning is required to participate in the DOS graduation ceremony. 50 hours of service = .5 credit.



Work Study

Students can earn elective credit for work-study.  Students may earn up to 1.5 credits of work-study each semester by meeting the following requirements:

1.     Have 90 documented work hours for each .5 credit.

2.     Must have a Contract For Credit form signed by place of employment.

3.     Bring in pay stub or verification of hours.

4.     Bring in completed work evaluation from the 1st and 15th of each month.  80% of work evaluations must be turned in with 80% of ratings good or better.

5.     Must complete one full credit of classroom credit.

6.     Attend class a minimum of 80%.  If a student is suspended for attendance, academic progress or decides not to attend for a period of time, the student will not receive work-study credit for that quarter.

7.     Summer work study hours must be documented with pay stubs and have a work study evaluation completed by the employer prior to credit being issued.


If a student loses a job for whatever reason, the student must make an appointment with the counselor and the student will be allowed two additional weeks to find another job or volunteer work.  If a student continues without work or volunteer work for more than two weeks, the student will need to add additional coursework to their schedule in order to remain a student at DOS.  Students may not use court ordered community service hours for work-study credits.

 Golden Gecko

Students who make exceptional efforts are recognized with a picture on the bulletin board and a treat.  All teachers will be nominating students for this honor.  Photo releases are signed during registration.

Graduation Requirements

       DOS requirements in addition to district graduation requirements are denoted by an * and must be completed in order to walk at graduation.

English (Language Arts)                        …………………  4 credits

Math ……………                ………………………..        3 credits

Algebra 1………….. 1 credit

                            Math elective                ……... 1.5 credit

                            Financial literacy….                .5 credit

Science …                        ………………………………..   3 credits Biology...................... 1 credit


                            Elective science........ 2 credit

Social Studies               ………………………        ……        3 credits

                            American History… 1 credit

                            American Gov…….  .5 credit

                            Economics.………...  .5 credit

                            SS elective………….               1 credit

       PE …………………………………                ………  1 credit

   *Service Learning ……………………….  .5 credit

               *Senior 5 paragraph essay………………  .1 credits        

Electives ……………………………                        …….   9.5 credits


Total Credits to graduate:                                                          24.1 credits        

Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences

      We understand that parent participation is essential to a student’s successful education.  Therefore, parents agree to participate in parent conferences and other home/school activities.


      Delta Opportunity School will hold formal parent conferences twice per year; once in the fall and once in the spring.  Parents will be notified by Power Announcement prior to conferences.  Parents are welcome to call DOS anytime during the school year if they feel a special conference is needed.


Counseling Services

DOS has on staff a licensed school counselor who will support the academic, social, emotional, and college/career guidance needs of every student.


      Students at DOS must take all state exams in order to remain active.

      Colorado also requires that all 11th grade students take the SAT examination during their junior year.  This is in April on the state assigned date.

●          DOS has also been recognized as an alternative education campus, which requires additional assessment.  TABES tests and Work Keys tests will be used as the additional assessments.

      All students will be assessed to determine where they should be placed in reading, writing, and math.  TABES testing must be complete prior to a student starting classes.

You know what is right, so do what is right

Always do your best

Treat others kindly

“You become what you believe” -Oprah Winfrey

Believe that YOU WILL graduate!

If you have any questions, comments, praises, or concerns, please talk with us.  We love to talk with you in person.  Also, you may call (NEW CONTACT INFORMATION

Becoming a DOS Student

      Students must apply for attendance at DOS*

      Students under the age of 18 must have parental permission to attend.

      Parents are also expected to participate in orientation, parent-teacher conferences, and be supportive of the program

      Students and parents must attend an application interview*

*This includes students who are expelled.

Entrance Guidelines For DOS Students

Student is 15 (unless recommended by superintendent) and under 21.

 Student meets one or more of the risk categories identified by the state of Colorado This information is kept confidential.

_____Student is identified for special education services and has an IEP

_____Committed to Department of Health and Human Services following           adjudication as a juvenile delinquent or in detention

_____Dropped out of School or has discontinued school for six or more weeks

        (must be documented in Powerschool)

_____Habitually truant according to state law

(10 unexcused absences in a year or 4 unexcused absences in a month)

_____Expelled or has documented behavior that justifies expulsion

_____Student or parents have a documented history of drug or alcohol use

_____Students or parents have gang involvement

_____History of child abuse or neglect

_____Parent or guardian in prison, on parole, or probation

_____Family history of domestic violence in immediate family


_____Documented history of repeated school suspensions

_____Student is pregnant or parenting

_____Student is identified as a migrant student

_____Student is homeless - lacks a fixed, regular, nightime residence; including children who are sharing housing due to loss of housing or economic hardship.  

_____History of a documented serious psychiatric or behavioral disorder

(i.e. ADHD, depression, anxiety disorders, bi-polar, PTSD, or others)

_____Student is behind one or more years of credit

        freshman - not applicable

        sophomore -  1st sem. 0 credits or 0 core credits;

       -  2nd sem. 3 credits or less, or 3.5  core credits or less

                junior         - 1st sem. 6 credits or less, or 3.5 core credits or less

                               - 2nd sem. 9 credits or less, 5.25 core credits or less

                senior               - 1st sem. 12 credits or less, or 7 core credits or less

                               - 2nd sem. 15 credits or less, or 8.75 core credits or less

                5th, 6th, 7th year seniors 18 credits or less, or 10.5 core credits or less

A waiting list will be maintained.  Students will be admitted according to the following criteria and the number of slots available.

1.     Referral from the School Superintendent

2.     Referral from a traditional high school in Delta County

3.     A significant life circumstance which illustrates the need for alternative education

4.     Age

5.     Graduation Progress (Students who are closest to graduation will be given priority)

6.     Currently employed or in a volunteer setting 10 or more hours a week


 Students who enter the program are expected to have an orientation meeting, sign the DOS Contract and take the TABE test before attending school.  Students under the age of 18 must have their parents attend the orientation with them and parents must also sign the DOS Contract.

Have a great year!