MBA 610

Fall 2012

SBU Buffalo (Hilbert) 5 week version


Instructor Information


Course Description

 MBA 610 is an advanced course in corporate finance.  Its purpose is to use the theory underlying corporate financial decisions developed in MBA 604 or other financial foundation course(s) to evaluate more sophisticated corporate decisions and issues.  We will extend and implement some concepts and techniques developed in MBA 604 (such as external financing, NPV analysis, and cost of capital) as well as cover new topics (such as capital structure, dividend policy, long-term financing, mergers and acquisitions, introductory option valuation, and applications of option pricing to corporate finance.)  The student is expected to apply these concepts and techniques to make intelligent analyses and well-reasoned decisions.


Course Objectives





            You have to have passed or waived MBA 604

                        you should be familiar with the Nexus of Contracts,  Time Value of Money, Capital budgeting, Valuation, Risk and Return, CAPM, and WACC.



Class website:


            The Web site is meant as a means of assistance to you and not as a replacement for text or coming to class.  For some chapters there will be much online coverage, for others there will not be as much coverage.  Remember this is not meant to replace your other means of learning


Office Hours: see above and by appointment. 


            Please see me or contact me if you have questions.  Do so early before a problem becomes unmanageable



Required Texts and other Materials

The price of the text book I had traditionally used is now approaching $200 PLUS there is an online cost of $45.  SO I have opted to adopt a new book this semester.  I am excited about it as it is FREE to use online and only $60 (from Amazon) if you prefer a hard copy.  I would encourage you to consider the $250 you just saved and use some of your savings to invest in both yourself (buy another book to read) as well as to spend some extra time volunteering your time to help others (note: BonaResponds has work days almost every weekend).

1.   Text book:

2.  Online quizzes (

3.     Access to and Financeclass Blogs

4.     Cases: to be announced:



Supplemental Texts and Websites


Text Website



Class website:

Technology Requirements


Evaluation Procedures

Students will be evaluated based on their performances on exams, quizzes, projects, and class projects.



members. Students will form their own groups.  Failure to hand in projects on time will result in a zero for that project.



            Participation, attendance, homework/quizzes         28%

            Cases                                                                      12%

            Midterm                                                                    25%

            Final                                                                          35%         


Grading Scale


Due to the difficulty of the class, I reserve the right to grade on a curve, however, in the absence of that eventuality,  the schedule of grades will be as follows:

            A             90 – 100%

            B+           83 – 89.9%

            B              70 – 82.9%                                                                              

            C         Below 70


Description of Instructional Methodology

Early classes are largely lecture-based although students will have periodic opportunities to work through material in class, either alone or in collaboration with other students.  In the later part of the semester we will be doing cases for which students will need to present.


University Policies


Academic Honesty Policy at St. Bonaventure University:

I am committed to St. Bonaventure University’s academic environment for students, supporting and rewarding only the highest standards of ethical behavior.  That said, academic dishonesty, in any form, will not be tolerated.  Please consult the St. Bonaventure University Student Handbook for a list of unacceptable practices, penalties to be assigned and procedures to be followed in prosecuting cases of alleged academic dishonesty.  Further, the St. Bonaventure University Undergraduate Catalog may be consulted for specific details on all academic policies at St. Bonaventure.


Short version:  don’t cheat.  If you do and I catch you, you lose.  I will also be offering bonus points on the tests as a means of rewarding students for turning in other students who do cheat.  I also will most likely be screening multiple choice exams for high correlations.


Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities who believe that they may need accommodations in this class are encouraged to contact the Disability Support Services Office, Doyle Room 26, at 375-2065 as soon as possible to better ensure that such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion.  Documentation from this office is required before accommodations can be made.


            Short Version: Let me know and I will help you or help you find help.


Instructor Policies



As you can see from the schedule, we will be investigating a new topic at nearly every class.  It is critical that you come to class.  Students who aren’t in class on a regular basis will not do well.  Students are also expected to be on time for class and to be prepared.


   Short Version: come to class whenever possible



Students are expected to actively participate in class by asking and answering questions.  NOTE: attending class should not be confused with participation!


   Short Version: Participate



Students are expected to have the reading assignment completed when they arrive at class.  While some material is difficult and may need additional explanation, students should have a basic understanding of the concepts that are to be covered that day.

   Short Version: come to class prepared


Students are expected to arrive on time and prepared for each class meeting and to refrain from behavior that distracts other students (answering cell phones, text messaging, etc.).   You can use (and are encouraged to do so) lap top computers in classes (not in tests).  However, the computer should be used for class-specific activities only (so no instant messenging or email etc.—exceptions will be made on draft day ;) )


   Short version: remember the golden rule.



There will be occasions during this course when students will be given the opportunity to work collaboratively with one other student or in a larger group.  Collaborative work allows students to learn from each other.  Individual participation is key to the success of any collaboration.

     Short version: work well with others


REPEAT   Academic Integrity


            DON’T CHEAT!!!

            Exemplary academic integrity is expected and assumed.  Violating this assumption to any degree is not tolerated and carries severe consequences.  .


     Be sure to give credit (cite) work in homeworks, papers, cases etc.  For instance, much of this syllabi (the various policies) and the format are a product of an email from Barb Russell and Mike Fischer.  So if it looks familiar, that is why.



   COURSE OUTLINE is available at