Joseph’s Story by Believin Stephen for The Suffering Servant Album

RC Sproul courtesy of Ligonier Ministries: “The life of Joseph. And the lessons we can learn by looking at this man’s faith and obedience in the midst of unbelievable trial and tribulation is a message that should comfort us when we face difficulties.

First Verse

Meet Joseph, he was Jacob’s favorite child (Genesis 37:3)

Faithful in trials became a slave for a while (Genesis 39-41)

His brothers hated his smiles and colorful robe (Genesis 37:4)

Wonderfully clothed, fights with his brothers arose

Joseph had a dream; they hated even more (Genesis 37:5)

Because in this dream Joseph was greater for sure (Genesis 37:7)

“In this dream I had, I was the dude in charge,

all bowed down to me; yea the son, the moon, and stars!” (Genesis 37:9)

Jacob rebuked him, “Who do you think you are?!” (Genesis 37:10)

Then one day his brothers viewed him from afar (Genesis 37:18)

Plottin on Joseph, conspiring schemers (Genesis 37:18)

They were planning a homicide on the dreamer (Genesis 37:19-20)

“C’mon let’s kill him with blood gushin..oozin” (Genesis 37:20)

“Man, no let’s NOT!” suggested Reuben

“Let’s not be rebellious killers” (Genesis 37:21-22)

So they sold him as a slave for shekels of silver (Genesis 37:28)

They took Joseph’s robe, then a goat they slaughtered (Genesis 37:31)

Then they went home to go show their father (Genesis 37:32)

the robe of many colors it was soaked in the blood (Genesis 37:32-33)

Jacob agonized because Joseph he loved!! (Genesis 37:34-35)


HOOK- Scratches by Average Joe

“They threw him in a pit and sold him as a slave” (Genesis 37:24; Genesis 37:28)

(Sampled from Believin Stephen’s song ‘Forgiveness’ off “What I Believe EP”)


Second Verse

God was with Joseph, Potiphar could see this (Genesis 39:2-3)

That was the name of Joseph’s master in Egypt (Genesis 39:1)

Joseph was a handsome one with piety (Genesis 39:5-6)

But Potiphar’s wife said, “Come, here lie with me!” (Genesis 39:7)

Joseph refused, he had a lotta dignity (Genesis 39:8-10)

He didn’t wanna sin against the God of the trinity (Genesis 39:9)

Then one day Joseph refused to give in (Genesis 39:12)

But Potiphar’s wife still accused him of sinning (Genesis 39:16-18)

Joseph’s in jail, then emerge on the scene (Genesis 39:20)

A baker and cupbearer, he interprets their dreams (Genesis 40:5-22)

“Just tell Pharaoh so I’ll get out of jail!” (Genesis 40:14-15)

The cupbearer forgot, his promise bound to fail (Genesis 40:23)

After two years, he finally recalled (Genesis 41:9-13)

That in this realm Joseph was finer than all (Genesis 41:9-13)

Joseph’s brought to Pharaoh, he predicts the famine (Genesis 41:14-36)

Pharaoh puts Joseph in power, sitting commanding (Genesis 41:39-45)

The famine hits hard it’s no signs of rain (Genesis 41:56-57)

Jacob sends his sons to Egypt to buy some grain (Genesis 42:1-5)

Joseph recognized em, times are strange (Genesis 42:7-8)

“Lord provide a change”, in his eyes there’s pain (Genesis 42:24)

All this pain surfaced, Joseph’s rememberin (Genesis 42:24)

Then he sends them back, he wants to see Benjamin (Genesis 42:15; Genesis 42:26)

Benjamin arrives the Lord kept him from danger (Genesis 43:15)

When Joseph saw him he wept in his chamber!! (Genesis 44:30)


HOOK- Scratches by Average Joe- Repeated 4x

“They threw him in a pit and sold him as a slave” (Genesis 37:24; Genesis 37:28)

(Sampled from Believin Stephen’s song ‘Forgiveness’ off “What I Believe EP”)


Third Verse

Joseph then tests them, and puts his silver cup (Genesis 44:1-2)

In Benjamin’s bag, but then he’s filled with love (Genesis 44:2; Genesis 45:10-15)

When Judah confesses and then takes the blame (Genesis 44:16-33)

Joseph started to cry and then states his name (Genesis 45:1-2)

“I am Joseph, whom you sold and made a slave (Genesis 45:4)

But God sent me here to embrace the pain (Genesis 45:5)

to preserve life, for in this place, I reign (Genesis 45:5; Genesis 45:7-8)

with major fame, please now take this grain (Genesis 45:11)

Cause God has saved us with awesome greatness (Genesis 45:8)

Please return to Egypt with your father Jacob” (Genesis 45:9)

Joseph sees Jacob and on his neck he cries (Genesis 47:29)

Jacob says, “Now I can die cause you are yet alive!!” (Genesis 47:30)

Now in this place, most cats would hate

But Joseph forgives, see this act of grace (Genesis 50:19-21)

You meant it for evil but God meant it for good (Genesis 50:20)

In the same way Christ was sent to the wood (Isaiah 53:10)

or the cross, where Christ was abused and bruised (Matthew 27:32-53)

But God foreordains what humans choose (Isaiah 46:10; Proverbs 16:9)

Dude its true, the best of these stories

Is found at the cross where God’s getting His glory (Luke 24:46)

You should listen, see God allowed evil

from foul people, at the crucifixion (Acts 2:23)

Bridge (Repeated 2x)

So we need to observe and notice brothers

God meant it for good when Joseph suffered (Genesis 50:20)

So we need to observe and see this brothers

God mean it for good when Jesus suffered (Acts 2:23)