Please line up on this blue like this volleyball court here.

And put your ropes down by your feet

Alright bring it in lets go... speed it up

Alright today we’re going to work on doing the side straddle jump

you guys all know how to do jumping jacks right

Lets see it. lets see a lil jumping jack action from you guys

there you go


alright what we’re gonna do good job good job

what were gonna do is take that exact movement but move the arms into jumping instead of doing out were doing jump rope arms

same motion with the legs

out and in

we got our little friend here sally helping us out

and we got our little robot bobby down here

so what we’re gonna do

we gott a couple cues for you

we go out and in got some arrows so you can remember where youre going

we’re gonna do the same movement as jumping jacks but you arms are gonna be here at your side same cues as jump rope

what are some cues for jump-rope?


twist your wrists yeah, keep em tight next you your hips

yeah josh?

uh huh okay, light on your feet

yep perfect okay

so what we’re gonna do is start with the rope behind you

your wrists in tight and were gonna do the same jumping jack motion from the hips down and from the arms up hands are tight writs are turning okay

so we go out



so we’re gonna go out in, out in, and its sometimes easier when you double jump it like i just showed you guys

whatever youre most comfortable with we’re gonna try that

so spread out use my voice for a cue

please be safe were gonna use this half of the gym

but make sure youre a safe distance from eachother please

we’re gonna go out and in

see how many you guys can do in a row

you got it bryan keep going youre good


you see Dave having his double jump over here and that he;ps you w timing if you wanna do a double jump

Josh is doing a good pace good job

Danielle is working on a single jump and its working out pretty well. good.

good job

keep your arms in a little closer Josh


alright now stop

I’m gonna give you guys a little bit of a challenge

lets see if we can move to space while doing this skill

let see if we can move forward backwards side to sides

please be aware of your classmates we got a lot of people in here on this half of the gym so be aware of where you’re going. lets see if we can make some movement out of this skill

go ahead

good job Trent, Trents doing side to side- good job

good good job Anthony

keep it up you got it

Bryan’s going forward backwards

good job Danielle

good alright everyone hop to me back to the posters

lets see see what you can do with your jump jump jump jump we’re jumping around here lets go!

Alright good job bright it right back in.

our next skill is going to be the scissor jump

can anyone show me how to do a lunge

please show us a lunge

good perfect

we’re gonna take that exact skill and put it into jump rope

but we’re gonna go in succession, we’re gonna go front back front back or right left right left

so we have our poster here this is my friend mi mi shes gonna help us out she’s very excited to be here

um we’re gonna do the scissor jump and basically you do a lunge repetitive

with your arms swinging

same cues hands at your side wrists tight light on your feet


i find it easier to do a double jump with this

so youre gonna go front front do that right left right left

and double jump gets your timing going

um if you can do a single jump go ahead and do it and were gonna try that out

so lets move to space and we’ll see how youre doing

and then were gonna try to move you guys around again

be aware of everyone around you and youre gonna stay on this half of the gym again

alright begin

good job bryan bryans got a single jump going on over here


stick with it

good job

good job you got it

if anyone can see anthony anthony is going backwards over here

doing a little special skill good job anthony keep it up

gotta tie youre shoe.. sure

good job bryan

alright lets work on moving into space

be aware of your class mates please

look at bryan bryan goin in the straight line good job

there you go

right left right left

good job jenna jennas got a double jump

here we go andrew


good that was really good

if anyone can see andrew andrews gong side to side

good skill good job andrew

alright lets hop into me

lets see if you can make it in a straight line over to me back to the wall

alright what are some cues you learned today


light on our feet yep


yep in and out in and out

danielle any




good job guys

next week we’re gonna be working on the stapler jump

so keep in tune its a good one.