THE CHIMES // Copy Editor

Basic function and responsibility:  

A Chimes copy editor (one senior and two assistants) is responsible for making sure all content online and in print is as error-free as possible. This person proofreads everything that goes online and in print, including advertisements, headlines, stories. A copy editor checks for accuracy in areas such as spelling, grammar and consistency. This person also edits for clarity, readability and factuality, and makes sure copy conforms to AP style. This person works well on tight deadlines, and is able to turn around copy quickly for the web. This person also creates headlines. The ideal candidate is detail-oriented, an exceptional writer, creative and has strong people skills. The senior copy editor must be capable of and responsible for delegating assignments and schedules to the assistant copy editors.


  1. Read and edit all copy for The Chimes in a timely fashion, processing articles on Google Docs as soon as possible, and in no more than 24 hours.

  1. Edit and sign off on stories for the web to upload in a timely fashion, not only for areas such as content, grammar and spelling, but also for quality, readability and factuality. Ensure that all copy conforms to AP style and/or Yahoo style.

  1. Proofread all pages prior to printing, not only for areas such as content, grammar and spelling, but also for quality, readability and factuality. Ensure that all copy conforms to AP style.

  1. Write headlines.

  1. Proofread the entire final paper on print production nights, including articles, captions, advertisements and all other written copy, before it goes to the printer.

  1. Conduct workshops tailored to new writers and returning writers, introducing them to AP Style, reliable sources, good interviewing techniques and good writing methods.

  1. Work closely with assignment editors to develop their editing skills.

  1. Attend weekly budget meetings and offer story ideas.

Supervision received: Editor-in-chief, Managing Editor

Supervision of others: Senior editor oversees assistant editors


General:  Demonstrate a working knowledge of AP style. Exceptional writing, grammar and editing skills. Ability to proofread and catch mistakes. Demonstrate an understanding of what a well-written article looks like. Write good captions and headlines. Able to cultivate and maintain a good working relationship with assignment editors. Able to mentor writers. Able to work quickly and accurately under pressure of deadlines.  

Education and experience: At the time of election or appointment, must attend or accepted to Biola as a full-time student. Prior experience working with newspapers, yearbook, magazines or prior work, class experience, or journalism is preferable.

Hours worked: 15-20 hours per week until the end of the semester (This is a stipend-based position, with a $100 a week for an estimated 13 weeks. This amount subject to change.)