Poetry Bundle 1

By Iris

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Why I like MLP: FiM

Chance encounter with a friend, the path set

For a walk into a magical land,

Equus reified, the rule of Sol set

Upon diverse inhabitants, abund.

Began with quest that ended quite early,

The tales have been delightful to the eye,

Though the ending moral can seem draggy,

The adventures have pleased both girl and guy.

Fascination awakened, pencil sought,

Returned to art, inspired by many

An artist, whose unique works they have brought

To the many, fanon alike canon, brony.

The curtain may be closing on the first act,

But for the many months of mem’ries, fact.

Scootaloo Idolizing Rainbow Dash

For often a time I look at the sky,

And likened its colour to the body

Of the swift mare who holds domain in my

Eye, Rainbow Dash, the rainbow tailed pony !

While I, a young filly, can only walk,

Cloud chasing was like breathing air since youth,

for her, the weather was never a balk,

and against doubters, her smart talk was smooth.

Have a Problem ? Cleared in ten seconds flat !

Twenty percent cooler ? How rightly so !

Such words of wisdom I took to as true tact,

Words of an idol, my own true hero !

Rainbow Dash, There is no pony like her,

As I scoot with my wings, to soar with her

Crushed Diamonds

A chance acquaintance, result of a task

To aid a prodigy in life social,

Bore witness to beauty, which, like a tusk,

 Was ivory, a sleek beauty, Rarity !


Rareness her expertise in grace, fashion,

Her hair in elaborate manner rend,

And most enticing, her flank emblem,

those clear jewels, dragon’s delight, Diamond(s) !


Any adventure I would brace for her,

Her opinion of me remains unfazed,

Any task I would undertake for her,

a willing slave to a task newly raised.


One misfortune, trying to be her soldier,

She instead was the lone victor of her spoils,

Adulation, braving refuse, bother,

All is trivial to her own personal toils,


Diamonds are starting to lose special taste,

crushed into dust, swallow, still feel a waste.

Alone time, at night, with Twilight

Orange beams, end of another long day,

My dragon apprentice sleeps in a nook,

the pet owl does chores diligently

time for a quiet retire with a book.


Night time. I recollect a time, recent,

 Loneliness, from parents and friends, away

To spend more time, ponder for a moment,

With them, would brighten my night as like day.


But only so much time is with others,

Time best spent with them in situations bright,

Books, too, are friends, to my mind, informers,

That accompany me through the dull night.


In day, appreciate presence of friends,

And at night, respite, with a good book, friend.

Luna and nocturnal animals

Loneliness, the period of my domain,

See the retreat of the diurnal subjects,

Reside in my chamber, wind through my mane,

Rise of Luna ! Of her, attention lacks.


My elder sister, sun, always had rein,

To such an extent, I saw in her rival,

That I took the form of nightmarish Moon,

 To challenge her reign, to be her equal…


Brooding  interrupted! Chirp ! A Cricket,

Then ! Frog croak, owl hoot, even snake slither,

Solitude shattered. To others, racket,

Orchestra nocturnal ! Never a bother.


Though I may never match my sister’s praise,

The presence of these friends, my spirits, raised.

A thought on Pony Waifus

It is not a shame for one to admit

A love for another thinking being,

But when it’s fictional, warning lights lit,

And a cartoon pony, cue the laughing.


But for a year’s half, we were community

Diverse, developing a penchant for

some equines, their particularity,

an affinity only the heart can store.


Crushing fact of Life, the lack of wonder,

Unable to meet these affinities,

Union impossible, only ponder

As ponies inhabit our memories


No real little pony, desolation

But in shared love, some consolation

For Friendship is Magic, in Life and Fiction.

The day is dying

The day is dying, the twilight of the sun looms as the moon approaches,

My sisters return imminent as my student will encounter a shock.

I await patiently for the right moment to appear, as the events unfold.

I have faith in her, and know that she will pull through, and defeat the nightmare.


My absence is not an issue, as Twilight is not alone and she now has friends

Of a specific kind, friends who constitute the elements of harmony, my secret weapon.

A pink ball of laughter, a loyal dash of colour, an honest farmer,

A kind caretaker, a generous designer, all-empowering her.


The moon hangs overhead, and my sisters shadow disappears, an appearance will be made,

And Twilight sparkle will go forth with the elements to confront Her

And defeat Her, something that I could not do, back when we were young

And return my youthful sister to me, upon which I will return.


Twilight has it covered, and Nightmare moon will be defeated, as I have planned long ago,

And its for the best, for the real Foe is coming, and Twilight must prepare.

Rarity Lullaby 1

Hush and hither, little sister, here

time to visit a dream my dear,

it has been a fun and exciting day

but all young fillies need time to lay

down the toys and your favourite playthings

they won't run away,

tomorrow will be just as interesting,

a brand new day !

So quiet then, and settle your head, my sweet,

so you can throw your cares away, and just, sleep.

Octavia's Biggest Gig

Roaring hooves, an applause from down here,

Calming my breath down, striking an elegant pose,

Equestria’s biggest musical event, I, mere

Musician, must wield cello, and be on my toes


Stepping onto the stage, I can see them now

The upper crust of pony society

And our dear ruler, Celestia ! Seated ? Front Row !

Thousand glaring critical eyes, staring on me.


Silence. The performance begins, I maintain my composure,

Slowly weave the bow through the strings of cello, delicately,

Mesmerize the audience, bringing the night to a closure,

music from careful strokes fill the hall and reach the ears, Sweetly,


Removing my bow from cello,

Applause. I bask in praise, mellow.

Ponies and fire ants

A massive fire ant infestation

Accidentally occurred when Pinkie

Brought an ant colony to a station

and dropped it when she saw a twinkie


Fire ants are particularly vicious,

Bites that can leave a filly sore for weeks,

Ravenous, in search for something delicious,

Poring into every hole where sugar reeks


Ponyville was gripped in panic grim,

Until Pinkie lured them with huge cake, glazed,

Where Spitfire popped out of the rim,

And burn them all with the friction of her blaze.


The town was saved, the ponies rejoiced,

But with flanks, sore with bites, they also moaned.

Spitfires Bored

I am Spitfire

blazing through the Sky

wonderbolt am I

Physics’s Laws, I defy

Up high is the limit

Soaring with my crew

Attention never deficit

The shows we see through

And down below the clamour

Our dangerous job, glamour

Fans well-wishers, guests the works

Everywhere, a camera lurks…


However, amidst this mindless chatter,

Undeserved envy of a reckless life,

In heart, a desire for a simpler

Topic in mind, “So, how is your own life ?”

Through all the snares, dares, toils, thrills, spills in flight

Life on the ground seems rather mundane and light,

But, just a day’s reprieve would recuperate

My mind, the stress of maintaining this state.

Or perhaps right now/dear filly interviewer/we could chat about

What we wonderbolts/enjoy doing in our life/besides flying high

Haikus about being a pony in ponyville

Earth Pony

  1. Another day comes/ tilling the earth, work sinew/with no special aid
  2. Populous ponies/but alas for our lot/ we are not special
  3. Up there Pegasi/nearby,  unicorn magic/ me ? boring work horse
  4. Strength and endurance/ though, is what keeps us ahead/outlast rivalry


  1. Another day comes/flying about, move weather/ then, sleeping on clouds
  2. This is quite the life/ walking on clouds, eating air/cheap and easy flights
  3. But alas work comes/ and the weather we must move/ The aerial task force
  4. Flight makes us hungry/and we cannot be heavy/Pegasi limits


  1. Another day comes/ wielding magic, controlling/ secret unknown limb
  2. Hands instead of hooves/the natural wand on our heads/ power of magic
  3. Only price ? Study/And then, an ability/unique to our kind
  4. Magic is fleeting/ effects do not always last/ to weaknes, return


Ponyville, diverse/but, no matter the difference/all hoofs are equal

I lost Dash

I lost Dash

My mind could not understand,

How I could have lost my very best friend,

To bunch of  dweebs, namely that pink fool !

In this village where idiot ponies rule !

But something seems different about Rainbow,

She’s now hardly the cool person I know

Our long days flying in the warm sun’s glow

Now seem gone, all alone after this row.

A flip-flop. I want to take back those words

And patch things up with my only friend

Maybe even comprehend these queer dweebs

Who, upon Rainbow’s coolness, managed to rend.

But, there is this hesitation in mind

I am afraid

I do not want to be

Something else, be like these smiling faces

Who just seem content with their own lot

Looking at Rainbow/from afar I feel lonely/ as she mingles with

Her new group of friends/ I fly off into the clouds/ alone, same old me.

Being Twilight

Emptiness. Bleak silence fill this study

Choosing neither sleeping nor waking

every new opportunity, fleeting

castles in the air, crumbling, cannot be tardy.

Despite accolades, praise seems meaningless

isolated in this bottle of books and spells,

reading words of colts I never met in my mess,

avoiding friends because others are hell

Night time. Spike, little runt, is sleeping

 stuck with an apprentice with poor vocab.

Nopony to share my hidden interest

Nopony at all. They just don’t care.

I lay my head down/ in book about a Nightmare/ I am living one

And a sudden thought/leads to a bothersome quest/Nothing will Happen

Mayor Stress

On the calendar, in a week, there’s a mark

Ending Three months of cold administration,

And with the loom of seasonal lag, stark

My duty, As a pony with major disposition,

To oversee, the prompt return to spring.


All things are going according to scheme,

birds home , the pegasi are bringing,

Their nests being made by professional team,

Hibernation waking, ice clearing, planting

Sit back and relax on well-earned laurel.


Though…. Missing amongst the crew, Ditzy Doo

Apparently went north, sources reliable

Say she’s retrieving southern birds, loose screw

along with Rarity, on one aerie she stall,

 but no matter, the others will amend….

Or not. Pinkie’s hyperactivity

Made huge ice cubes, on which a pony can stand

In the lake, ice-scoring absurdity,

Must persist, and not let plan be rend….

Apart. Alas, there is now some bickering,

Between the farmers and the animal crew,

Seed lost, accidents disruptively

affecting the work schedule fragile

Reducing Winter Wrap Up to a crawl.

Shame of annual procrastination.


Another failure/ this winter wrap up has been/leadership questioned,

While ponies bicker/ I retreat to my corner/and drown in sorrow.


The day when Ponyville became a dungeon

The day when Ponyville became a dungeon,

Caught its inhabitants by much surprise,

When they saw the soldiers bearing truncheons

And whips, a grim time easily surmised.


The young fillies made to enjoy coal shoveling,

While their parents were forced to dig for loot,

Deviants had the joy of a good whipping,

By their dominating masters in suit.


The fear of the glue factory instilled,

Though, who ended up there ? Nopony !

Hour went by, mutually exhausted

By work, which they seem to enjoy, oddly.


And then, just like that, the dungeon disappeared with sudden whizzing,

While the culprit, Twilight, came out of home, and said, “Fascinating.”

Apple Family Feast

if (a man) eats meat, he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite.

-Leo Tolstoy

It is another morning on the farm,

And a declaration from Big Mac,

Brought delight to the young Apple Bloom

For it was time for the family feast


First and longest was to catch a chicken

Chasing a hen all over the place

‘til it was goaded into a corner

‘pon which it was pounced on by the young Bloom


Then round up the other barn animals

Like the unsuspecting cow, whose quite old,

And the smiling pig who knows no better,

Grinning stupidly as filth is washed off.


Hanging the pecking hen by the mouth

Another mouth, wielding blade, slits it throat

The stupid pig has its head bashed in

While the cow screams “Why ?!” before she is shot


Feathers are plucked eagerly by filly

While the meat is separated from bone

The skin of chicken is spared for dinner

While the hide of the others is torn off,

(Rarity needs leather for her new dress)

Entrails are spilt on the ground, collect

From the intestine can be made good sausage

Blood drenches the ground of the apple barn

Washed off with water, while granny smith cooks.

Delicious entrée, dripped with apple sauce


The Dinner is served, another meaty delight, Apple family feast

And every week, the farm animals cower, wondering whose next.

The Art of the Dress

(Warning: grimdark/gore !!)


Rainbow Dash woke up to find herself strapped,

Wide across a table, distinctly trapped,

The room was quite a dimly lit dungeon

And Rarity, in white dress, with truncheon.


Pinkie Pie was nearby, crying for help,

Mouth restraints reducing it to mere whelp,

Applejack was struggling with the rein,

While Twilight was blinded by her own mane.


Rarity with scissors hummed “snip by snip”

Cut away at Pinkie pie’s flesh, bit by bit

The poor pony cried, “Rarity, please don’t-“

Before the blade reached her neck, the throat slit.


“Thread by thread”, as Rarity continued,

Pulling out the hairs of the blind Twilight

And to much horror, as Rainbow observed,

With hole in head, quite dead was young Twilight !


“Croup, dock, haunch, shoulders, hip”  she sweetly sang

as she hacks, draws and quarters Applejack,

As rainbow pleaded mercy from her distress,

Innocent reply, “The Art of the Dress !”


Bad Ending

Rarity disrobes/ from white dress works with leather/ Fluttershy’s requests

An apple handbag/ pink and purple denim jeans/ and a pair of rainbow shorts


Good Ending

Rarity wakes up, rushes to Rainbow,

And cries, relieved, before puzzled Rainbow

999 years


Silence. I am all alone in this lair,

Screaming at the uncaring darkness

Of my solitude, an imprisoned mare

At this hour, I mark one year less.

My elder sister always had her way,

Her arrogance dictated ambition

Every living thing was under her sway

Relegating my regal position.

But over time I developed with care

An inner, darker magic, the one spell,

That makes my form change to one of Night Mare

Complete, Make myself my sister’s equal.

But Celestia is a cunning creature

My resort to brute force was no avail

But, even in this prison of dull feature

My resolve to defeat her will prevail

Looking at the mirrors that surround me,

I pondered on that earlier memory,

A time of innocence, subservience

All behind me, in this true deviance.

Seeing through the mirrors of this prison

 A gaze upon Equestria’s races

My own, Hidden, ideal panopticon

As I dote over my future subjects.

Regret choice of action ? I keep thinking,

Looking at mirrors, secretly plotting,

For an hour, then, ever year repeating,

A return to sleep, blissful dreaming.

The darkness grows as I close my eyes,

I will triumph, over my sister’s lies.


A crowd has gathered for the procession,

A clock erected for all to witness,

All eyes focused on the podium,

At this hour, I mark one year less.


Just yesterday, mere fillies were she and I,

Basking in the glory of creation,

To her, dominion of the evening nigh,

to me, the rule of Sol/sole domination.


 In her heart grew the seed of jealousy,

And a rebellion was instigated,

As her form was changed to one of Night Mare

Threatening to engulf in Equestria.


But my strength was not broken, resisting

Her attacks, eventually defeating

Her, but force cannot overcome feeling,

The hatred from defeat still reeling


Whilst restricting her to fortress lunar,

I pondered on that earlier memory,

When our family bond had been stellar,

regretting outcome this tragedy


A year ago this audience bore sight

Climatic battle that ended union

With the loss of the first year on this night,

A small step of a long quest to reunion

Regret choice of action ? I keep thinking,

hesitate before crowd, think of sibling,

can I return her to her beginning,

only hope and time, in patient waiting.


I close my eyes, let the light embrace me,

Through these many years, sister, wait for me.