Covelo Organic

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) 2014 Membership Form

Name  __________________________________________________________________


Street  _________________________________________________________________


City, State, Zip  __________________________________________________________


Phone  ___________________________  Email  ________________________________

___ Mendo CSA Member:  I would like to be a member of the 22 week CSA, June  -

      October at Covelo Organic Farm. $550.  Check pick up location below*:

___ Fort Bragg:  pick-up @ Fort Bragg Farmer's Market, Wed 3-6 (starts June 4)

___ Ukiah:  pick-up @ Ukiah Farmers Market, Sat 8-12 (starts June 7)

___ Willits:  pick-up @ Willits Farmer's Market, Thurs 3-6 (starts June 5)

___ Mendocino:  pick up @ 10801 Calypso Lane 1/2 mile up Little Lake Road     across from the elementary school, Wed after 2pm (starts June 4)

___Home Deliveries where possible are an additional $5 per week.  Contact Tom for availability

___ Covelo CSA Member:  I live in Covelo and would like to be a member of the 25

       week CSA, June 3rd - Nov 18th at Covelo Organic Farm $500.  Check below.*


___ Pick up at the farm, 23600 Hopper Lane, Tues after 10 am (starts June 4)

___Home Deliveries where possible are an additional $5 per week.  Contact Tom for availability

How did you hear about our CSA?  ____________________________________________

If you have any questions or concerns:

Call Brandon at 707.272.0623 or drop him an email,

Weekly newsletters, farm updates & calendar online:

Payment Options

Please mail/return membership form and either full payment or deposit by May 15

(remainder due on or before the week of August 11).  Check payment option:

__ Mendo CSA member full payment, $550          __ Mendo CSA member deposit, $275

__ Covelo CSA member full payment, $500      __ Covelo CSA member deposit, $250

Terms and Conditions of Membership:

In becoming a member of Brandon Gatto's Covelo Organic CSA:  

● I understand that I am making a financial commitment to receive weekly

boxes of fresh, organic produce from June through November and I am responsible to find a replacement should I need to drop out.


● I understand that Brandon & Covelo Organic do all they can to provide a full harvest. I am committed to share with the farmers in the bounty or loss of each season due to favorable or unfavorable conditions that are beyond the farmer's control.  


 ● It is my responsibility to pick up my box during the designated time period.  If I am unable to pick it up I will entitle a friend to do so. I understand that if my box is not picked up on the designated day, it may be donated at the discretion of the site host.


I understand and agree to all the terms and conditions of the CSA

membership outlined above:

Signature ________________________________  Date _____________

Check, cash or money order accepted:

Brandon Gatto, Covelo Organic

23600 Hopper Lane

Covelo, CA  95428