The Special Education program at Brewer High provides for the needs of students who have been identified with an education-related disability as defined by Maine and federal guidelines.


The goal is to help students overcome learning difficulties in order to achieve success both in high school and beyond. To do this, students are encouraged to work to their fullest capacity and develop the work habits that will be needed in their adult lives. Most academic courses taken through the Special Education Department are credited toward graduation requirements.


Specific courses offered to students in the Special Education Department will be decided through the Individualized Education Team process. In general, academic classes will focus on basic skills such as improving reading and writing skills and math skills. Other subject areas on various levels may be offered as needed.


Transitional Advantage Program (TAP)


The Transitional Advantage Program is designed to assist students who are faced with significant challenges. There is extensive focus upon activities of daily living, and work experiences as they pertain to each individual. Our intent is to transition students from high school into meaningful and productive post secondary situations. As they transition through their high school years, students will engage in skill development initiatives and improve their ability to self-advocate. This will enhance their chances of attaining residential, community, and/or vocational opportunities that best match their needs and desires. Accomplishing these goals typically involves the collaboration of a strong team – students, parents, teachers, support staff, friends, adult agency providers, and community organizations.


Courses offered through the Transitional Advantage Program will include, but are not limited to, Functional Academics (i. e. English, math, science and social studies), life skills, and work experience opportunities. The status of the transitional diploma vs. a certificate will be determined on an individual basis according to each student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).