CPM meeting – Feb 4, 2011


Common Core State Standards edition July 2010

CPM is a tool for teachers... what is that tool going to look like?

Is it possible for teachers to use CPM in a more traditional sense?

                Yes. But does it work?  Hopefully it at least helps get them questioning.


1.  Building a Vision for the Future

4.  Curricular forms in class

        students posing questions

natural vs artificial (natural: tech becomes a part of the students’ repertoire)

a vehicle to get to higher order thinking (Bloom’s taxonomy)

the mathematics becomes the students’ (rather than the teacher’s)

Games:  Endogenous vs Exogenous

Data:  Ok to give vs. collect

3.  Drawing on expertise:  What can we learn from others?

Day 2

1.  What will the world look like in 5 - 10 years?

2.  What would an ideal CPM class look and sound like in 5 - 10 years?