The exploratory rotation for 6th grade is divided into 4 equal segments of about 9 weeks each. The approximate starting and ending dates for the rotations are listed on the bottom of this page. Students rotate in fixed groups through the list of courses, beginning with whichever section they are now taking.

Students attend the following classes:

Tech Literacy-- Dierdre Kelleher

Students use pc laptops to improve their typing skills and their use of Microsoft Word and Google Docs. The class will also deepen the  student’s understanding of Internet Safety.

General Music-- Ericka Shannon

Students will learn to play a variety of barred instruments, and percussion instruments. Through singing, movement, and the playing of instruments, students will learn to read and compose melodies and rhythms. 

Spanish – Logan Russo

Students begin the rotation by working on their Spanish conversational skills. Students will continue to speak, listen, read and write in Spanish through weekly units focusing on various Spanish-speaking countries, such as Spain, Costa Rica and Peru.


Arts and Culture—Christine Worley or Phillip Swistowisz

Students will explore a variety of media as they learn about the arts of different cultures, such as Mexico, Japan, India and South Africa.  Students will plan, create and discuss their work using the elements of art: line, texture, color, form, space, value, shape.           

Rotation order: Kelleher>E. Shannon>Russo>Worley/Swistowisz: Rotation 1: 8/24/2011 - 10/27/2011

Rotation 2: 10/28/2011 - 1/14/2012

Rotation 3: 1/15/2012 - 3/22/2012

Rotation 4: 3/23/2012 - 6/1/2012