Transition of Themes                                              

The themes have been chosen in a particular order so that they be foreshadowed the week before and reviewed the week after. The following is guide to explain how the themes flow together.

(Please pardon the grammar… I am aware that this a “great big run-on”. I typed it quickly and may or may not have time to correct later.)

Back to School: testing, review, rules, shapes colors, numbers, etc. All about me- I’m a girl, my hair, weight, height is… God made me and loves me, What I look like on the inside and outside. What my ears, eyes, etc do; senses. I live with my family in a house. Sometimes we go on vacation, how do we get there? Transportation, like cars or planes. There are a lot of different means of transportation and what we need to do to stay safe in cars, etc.

Animals live in houses too, just like us. They are called house pets. What are some pets that stay inside? What are some animals that stay outside? There are some animals that we take care of like house pets but they stay outside in a barn, these are called farm animals. Cows, goats, horses, pigs and some types of birds live on farms. Birds are closely related to Dinosaurs. They aren’t here anymore but we can learn about them from these fossils and animals that are similar to them like birds. Birds eat bugs. Let’s learn about all the different types of bugs, like bees. Bees make honey. Some bears eat honey. Bear live in the wild with other animals. Those animals are called wildlife animals because they are wild and don’t interact with humans, etc. Wildlife animals help the animals that live  the wild by protecting them and they help us by protecting us. They have lots and lots of other responsibilities that  we are going to learn about. We are also going to learn about vets, doctors, 911 dispatchers, police officers, ems, firemen, etc. These people help our community; therefore we call them community helpers. More fires happen in the fall and winter; the fire department works hard to keep us and our homes safe from fire. In the fall or Autumn season the leaves change color and we have different foods to eat than in the summer and spring season. Harvest/food/health. When the pilgrims came to America they faced a very cold winter with no food and they all got sick. Some of the Indians helped the pilgrims survive by teaching them about new types of food, such as corn and squash. The pilgrims loved God so much and knew that they wouldn’t survive if it wasn’t for him. So they had a revival and feast to praise God and give God thanks for all their blessings. They invited the Indians to join them. Today we have a holiday with a big meal called Thanksgiving to remember the one the pilgrims had, also to remember the blessings that God has  given us and to give him praise.

Winter is the next season after autumn. It is cold and it snows in winter. Jesus’ birthday is in Winter and it is called Christmas. Around Christmas we put up evergreen tree because trees do not die in the winter, like other plants. They represent Jesus’ everlasting life and love. We sing carols about Jesus, learn about the nativity and give gifts to represent the gifts that Jesus got from the wise men/we give gifts to our family and friends to sow them that we love them and remember the gift and love that God gave us in Jesus.

Exploring the Universe and creation. God created everything. He made the whole universe. The first people that he made was Adam and Eve. Scientist have proof (documentaries on dvr). Read the creation story and talk about making us, the stars and space. Explore the planets, all the different moons, stars, galaxies, etc. Our planet is Earth, it has volcanoes and mountains like other planets and oceans like some moons… but it also has trees and life on it’s land and in it’s water. Earth is where we live and we should care of it by recycling, not littering, planting trees to replace the ones that are cut down, not putting anything in the water, etc. Our planet is 75% water and there is a lot of ocean life that are a part of our ecosystem.

There are rivers that run from the oceans and sustain life on each large land mass or continent. We live on North America, the United States and in the state of Tennessee. Look at the globe and map. Tennessee has lakes, raccoons, lots of tale of heroes and adventures. Tales and nursery rhymes are deep rooted in culture, folk lore and stories passed around. One of the stories that we hear about is St. Valentine. While in prison, like Daniel, he wrote letters to a girl about love and the guard gave them to her. We are going to learn about his work, God’s love and our love while we make presents.

In Tennessee we have laws and rules that we have to follow, like having your seat belt on while in your car. Some of those rules are just for people in Tennessee and other rules for everyone in the nation like not stealing.  God also has rules for everyone in the worl to follow like not telling a lie and obeying your parents.  Here in the US we have a legislature (senate and house), President and supreme court which make up our government.  In Tennessee it’s the same only we have a governor instead of a president.  We will talk about that more when you are 4.

Facts about History. Talk about other places on the globe/map and other cultures. Talk about the different types of animals, land, food, ect. Sometimes we go on vacations to these other places and get to see them. One place you could go is Ireland. Their was a man, we call St. Patrick, that was spreading God’s word like we all should do and he went to Ireland to tell them about God. While he was there, he picked up a shamrock that grows there and said “God is like this shamrock. He has 3 parts: the Father, the Son, and the holy ghost.” We are going to do some St. Patrick’s day crafts and talk about God like St. Patrick did. His story has been passed around and has become a tale. When we think about Ireland we think about pretty green and spring time. It is the spring season right now. In the spring, we plant and grow flowers, vegetables, and fruit. They grow like us.

In the spring we recognize Easter. Easter is a holiday to remember that Jesus died for us and rose again from the dead. We are going to learn about Good Friday and Easter this week. In the spring, it rains and waters the plants so they can grow tall. Farmers grow lots of things for us to eat as well as take care of those animals too. A really cool place with some really tall trees and all kinds of different animals is the rainforest. Learn about the location, tempature, and weather there. Learn about the different types of weather and how rainbows are formed. The earth moves and spins. It is tilted away from the sun also and because of this we have seasons. Mothers day gifts and misc. crafts. Review.