By: Shrikant MAGAR


Nasik, India.







Wine is a product of fermentation obtained by fermenting grape juice or must. True wine is the product of the grape we are often reminded, but any winemaker who has produced wine from fruits, berries, and flowers is termed as FRUIT WINE. According to Wine Making style and type of fruits all fruit wines are differ from each others.


You may find this fruit wine making is difficult to believe but when you will produce then you came to know that what good wine is. Then you can compare it with a commercial wine of similar type and you will be pleasantly surprised.


If you blend fruit wine harmoniously with Grape wine it gives nice taste on your palate. I have found that a blend of Papaya wine with Chenin Blance give nice taste.


I already tried Papaya, Sapota, Banana, Strawberry, Apple, and Pomegranate wine in my university & I got best results in these wines.


Do's and Don't with Your wi 



              •              Keep all equipment spotlessly clean.

              •              Keep your first ferment closely covered.

              •              Use enough enzymes in order to increase the rate of fermentation. .

              •              Add sugar for adjusting the Brix enough for fermentation

              •              Give rotation to the wine regularly.

              •              Try to make wines dry rather than too sweet

              •              Taste the wine at intervals.



              •              Sell or distil your wine.

              •              Use metal vessel. - unless made from Stainless Steel

              •              Touch the wine if hands are contaminated.

              •              Use too much sugar initially.

              •              Try to speed fermentation by too high a temperature.



Need of fruit wine:

India is mainly Agriculture based country more than 70% people survive on Agriculture; So Agriculture is the back bone of Indian economy. For the production of fruit India stands second in world followed by China. The production of fruits meets all needs of people but excessive won’t get good price.

Rather than grapes we have so many fruits in our country which are use mostly for table purposes. Also they are used in fruit processing industries to make Jam, Jelly, candy, Fruit Juices….etc.

From the surplus produce we can produce a good quality fruit wine. It will help to farmer to increase their profit. Wine making from fruits will add something new in wine world.

The Fruit Wine also content good amount of all essential elements that will help to meet our needs. So produce Fruit Wine and think for Wine Making rather than GRAPE……..


Selected Fruits:


                                     1. Sapota wine.

                                     2. Strawberry wine.

                                     3. Papaya Wine

                                     4. Pomegranate Wine




Botanical name:  Achras sapota L.


Family: sapotaceae


About sapota:

Sapota is commonly known as Chiku in India.


Native to tropical America from southern Mexico or Central America.

Fruit is round or egg shaped and the skin is rusty brown.

It is a good source of digestible sugar (12 to 18%).It is source of Protein, fat, fiber, minerals, calcium and iron.




Ingredients of Sapota Wine:-


    .   3 kg fresh Sapota.

    .   ½ kg finely granulated sugar.

              •              3 liter water.

              •              2 gm citric acid.

              •              1 gm DAP (Di-Ammonium Phosphate)

              •              0.5 gm Oenoferm Bouquet yeast. (ERBSLOH)

              •              Pinch of KMS.

              •              Muslin cloth

              •              Knife

              •              Fermenting jar

              •              Brix Hygrometry


Sapota Wine:


It gives very good fruity aroma of Sapota, a slight hint of tamarind. If you taste this wine with sea foods and poultry foods it would be pleasant experience for you.


Strawberry Wine:

Botanical name: - Fragaria ananassa


Family: - Rosaceae


Origin: - Europe

              •  Fruit is small or medium size red to dark in color with rough skin.

              •  It is good source of Vit C, Vit B and calcium, iron and phosphorus.

              •  In Maharashtra 400 hector land is under cultivation.

Ingredients of Strawberry Wine:-


    .   3 kg fresh Strawberry.

    .   1 kg finely granulated sugar.

              •              2 liter water.

              •              1 gm DAP (Di-Ammonium Phosphate)

              •              0.5 gm Red Wine (Freddo) yeast. (ERBSLOH)

              •              Pinch of KMS.

              •              Muslin cloth

              •              Knife

              •              Fermenting jar

              •              Brix Hygrometry


Strawberry winemaking:

Enjoy strawberry wine with Spicy Chicken, Lamb and fried Fish it would be nice on your palate.




We can prepare wine from several fruits but, I can proudly say that papaya wine is one of the delicious wines among the all fruit wines, if you prepare sweet wine it will definitely be loved by all of your family members. It has nice finish on your palate, but don’t ferment papaya with skin it might give harsh skinny aroma. Enjoy your papaya wine with sea foods. It would be pleasant experience for you.


              •              3 fresh papayas partially ripe.

              •              1kg finely granulated sugar.

              •              3 liter water.

              •              2 gm citric acid.

              •              1 gm DAP (Di-Ammonium Phosphate)

              •              0.5 gm Oenoferm Bouquet yeast. (ERBSLOH)

              •              Pinch of KMS.


Peel the papayas, cut into half lengthways, remove the seeds, and skin. Cut all slices into small pieces mean while take 3 liter water in vessel and put all small pieces into that vessel and close the vessel with help of lid and start to heat slowly for 30 min, give rotation after 10 min gap to vessel in order get proper extract. After 30 min stop the boiling and keep vessel as it for cooling, strain the extract and keep in freeze for 24 hours, rack the extract and inoculate activated yeast and yeast nutrient, use pinch of KMS in order to avoid microbial contamination. Transfer all extract in to glass or stain less still vessel and keep fermenting vessel in 230celsius and start the fermentation for 15 days give daily rotation to vessel in order to remove excessive gases from the vessel. Check TSS content daily with the help Brix Hydrometer. After fermentation keep the wine for cold stabilization for week, rack it in order to do fining. Use little amount of activated carbon in case of harsh aromas. Bottle the wine and aged for 6 to 12 months, served at 120   Celsius.               


Pomegranate Wine:


Scientifically it has proved that the Pomegranate Wine content four time more antioxidant than the Red Wine. So I have planned to produce Pomegranate wine. And I got very good result form it.



Pomegranate Wine Ingredients:

.  4 kg Pomegranate.

.  ½ kg finely granulated cane sugar.

.  1.5 lit water

.  1 gm DAP (Di-Ammonium Phosphate)

.  0.7gm Red Wine (Freddo) yeast. (ERBSLOH)

.  Pinch of KMS.

Select good quality pomegranate fruits wash all fruits in order to remove all dirt and microbes. Mean while cut the fruits in to parts remove outer skin as well as whitish skin inside the fruit. Now all edible part needs to press (Use muslin cloth) in order to get good juice extract.

Keep juice in 80 Celsius for 24 hrs rack it and transfer in to fermentation vessel.Innoculate activated yeast along with yeast nutrients. Commence the fermentation. After complete fermentation process rack the wine and keep it for cold stabilization.

Age your wine more than one year, ageing with oak chips give nice taste to finish wine.

Enjoy the tasting of wine along with famous Indian Tan door it thrives well on your palate. 



With Best Regards:

Shrikant MAGAR