1.        A student must have a grade average of 80 or above in the course for which he/she

        is seeking a final exam exemption.

2.        A student must have no more than three absences in the course for which he/she is

        seeking a final exam exemption.  Absences are counted up to the day the exam is

        administered.  School- related absences do not count for purposes of this rule.

3.        An exemption from a final exam is not granted if during the semester the student is

        sent to Saturday class more than once, serves any time at the alternative school,

        or receives any suspension or expulsion.

4.        Any student meeting these criteria may earn exemptions from no more than two

        final exams in a semester.  Students may not be exempt from a final in the same

        courses for consecutive semesters in the same school year.

 5.             Students who register after the fifth day of a semester are not eligible for final exam

        exemptions.  Transfer students have the responsibility to provide attendance and disciplinary information from the previous school to be considered for exemptions.


6.        Any student who qualifies for an exemption has the option to take the final exam.

        However, the grade received on the exam will be computed in the final semester

        average.  The final exam is weighted at 20% of the semester grade.  The numerical

        average for the three six-week periods will be the semester grade if the student is

        exempt and does not take a final.

When final exams are administered, grades that will be submitted to the college will be calculated to include the final exam.  If the student meets the high school exemption requirements, grades submitted for the high school report card will be calculated without the final exam.