Rolleston School Sports Uniform Contract

Dear Parent/Caregivers


Many of our Year 5-8 students represent our school in sport or cultural events over the year and are required to wear our School Representative Sports Uniform. This year we would like to streamline our procedures and get all the Year 5-8 students to return a signed slip to acknowledge that you have read and agree to the procedures outlined in the uniform contract.  This means you only need to sign the uniform contract once for the year.


There are several occasions throughout the year when your child will get the opportunity to trial or be part of a Representative school team whether it is in sport or a cultural event.  Your child is loaned a Representative Sports Uniform and they are responsible for returning it in excellent condition.


In order for us to do this we would like you to read the attached contract on the reverse side of this form and sign the slip below.  Please return it to your child’s class teacher no later than Friday 11th February.  The returned slips will be collated and kept for future reference in our uniform room.  You are to keep the uniform contract for your own future reference.


Thank you for your support with this and I look forward to seeing our students shine on the sports field, stage and in the community this year.


Nichola Kempton

PE Coordinator



Representative Sports Uniform 2011



Child’s Name:  ______________________________  Room Number:  ________


I have read the Representative Sports Uniform contract and agree with the procedures outlined.  I give permission for my child to receive a Representative Sports Uniform as required throughout 2011.


Name:  _________________________________  Sign:  __________________________


Date:  ________________________