(1) One hour time limit, six innings, six runs per half.  If the game is tied at the end of six innings or at the end of full inning in which the time limit has expired; the run limit will be lifted. ITB will be used.

 (2) Each batter is allowed four pitches. Umpires will call swinging strikes only and three strikes will be an out. The fourth pitch unless hit fair or foul will be an out.

(3) The infield fly rule is not in effect

 (4) Bases will 55 feet.

(5) No defensive player except for the pitcher who must be parallel to and 3 feet from either side of the pitching rubber and the catcher who must be within the confines of the catcher's box can be closer than 45 feet from home plate. When in the umpire's judgment these are not in effect prior to the pitch, no pitch will be called. There should be lines at first and third base but if not then it will be the umpire's judgment.

(6) Only the players and coaching staff whose names appear on the affidavit will be allowed in the dugout. Pinto teams may have up to four on the coaching staff: manager, business manager, and two coaches. The coach pitcher must be one of the four on the coaching staff.

(7) All other current PONY Girls Softball rules are in effect.

(8) Catchers must wear equipment defined for fast pitch catchers.

(9) If the coach pitcher is hit with a batted ball, no pitch will be called.

(10)  Each team will provide their own pitching coach. The coach pitcher must be listed as a coach. The pitching distance is 40 feet. The ball must be delivered to the batter in a safe manner, and no arch required. Pitched ball is dead when it hits the ground.  Batter cannot hit a ball that first touches the ground.

(11) Team conference at change of 1/2 innings are not allowed (Delay of Game).

EFFECT: 1st infraction warning to manager, if in the judgment of the umpire infraction continues, the 2nd infraction will result in the ejection of the manager or one coach per infraction.

 (12) Intentional walks are not allowed.

(13) No stealing

(14) No dropped third strike

(15) No bunting, chopping down on the ball or soft swings allowed.  Batter is declared out.

(16) The removal and reporting of the coach pitcher is subject to all PONY Girls Softball Rules and Regulations.

(17) The player in the pitching position must remain in contact with the extension of the pitching rubber until the ball reaches home plate.  Failure to remain in contact will result in a delayed dead ball.  If all runners advance (1) base and the batter reaches first base safely there is no penalty. If an out is made on the batter or base runners before there is an advance of one base then the ball is dead and the batter and all base runners will advance one base from the base they occupied at the time of the infraction.

(18) Teams will play 10 players on defense. Teams must have 9 players to start or continue.

(19) When the ball is in the possession of an infielder and in the judgment of the umpire all play has ceased, time shall be called by the umpire. Leagues may use the 8’ circle but play will stop when time is called. Look back rule will not be used.

(20) Coach Pitcher must have 1 foot on the rubber at time of release and both feet must be within the 24” width of the rubber. Penalty: Immediate Dead Ball and no pitch.  Pitcher is warned and repeat violation results in removal from pitching position.

The coach pitcher cannot communicate with their players at any time while on offense. Also, cannot com­municate with the other coachers while the ball is live but can on a dead ball. If they do so, one warning will be given and if it occurs again during the game the pitcher will be removed from the pitching position for the remainder of the game. Coach Pitcher may call time to talk to other coaches.  Time out is charged as the 1 offensive conference allowed per half inning.

After the ball is hit fair, the coach pitcher must clear to the opposite side of the field that the ball is hit, or move forward or back in order not to interfere.

When the coach pitcher interferes with an offensive player then the play stands. When the coach pitcher interferes unintentionally with a defensive player then the umpire has the option to call a base runner out, if intentional then the runner will be called out.