Developing Social Media Policies For Schools

Steven W. Anderson-District Instructional Technologist, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools,

Samual Walker-Technology Facilitator, Kimmel Farm Elementary School, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools,

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Student PBL Scenarios

1. Cyberbullying - Sally and Sara go to the same school, sit together in class, play together on the playground, and are considered to be the best of friends. They decided to be able to talk to each other after school they will go on-line. They meet on-line and Sally starts to make negative comments about Sara's clothes, hair, and looks, and to repeatedly put her down. These comments can be seen not only by Sara, but both of their list of on-line friends.


How should Sara handle this?


Create a list of things Sara could do to deal with this situation.

2. A Matter of Digital Choice - One of your friends is mad at another one of your friends and wants to confront him/her. They come to you and ask whether they should handle this face to face, but they were really considering repeated text messages to let her know her feeling and just how angry she is.


What would the possible outcomes be depending on how your angry friend handles this situation and communicates her anger.

3. Public versus private - You are posting on your favorite social media site, letting your friends know how excited you are about an upcoming concert coming to town. All of a sudden a window pops up and says you have won a tablet computer, to click on the button and fill out the form to receive your free device. You click on the "accept" button and a form asking for your name, address, phone number, and credit card information (to pay for shipping) is visible.


How can you tell the offer is real?  Should you fill out the form?

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Kimmel Farm ES/WSFCS Social Media Best Practices

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