PTO Meeting Minutes –5/11/11 (6:30-8:00 pm Art Room) 



Sheri shared thank you note from Cindy Tomaino for the activity tunnel.

Pending District Issues

Pending Issues (not District related)

Paid this year for last year:

Forecasted loss for the year is ~ 12K, which includes the expenses incurred last school year and paid this school year, totaling $3,802. This would decrease retained earnings for 2011-2012 to 11K, which is where we want to be each year.  We expected to break even at the beginning of the school year; however, the a/v equipment expenditure for assemblies was $6K over budget, Spring Fair was about $2K under budget in income, plus the almost $4K in last year’s expenditures that came out of this year, represent the majority of the shortfall.

-Spring Fair: still don't about know about Silent Auction yet.  

-Funds to recognize our teacher who is leaving at the end of the year to go to Orchard.

-Playground funds to be spent? 20K of grant funding – to be spent- outdoor classroom to be mostly funded by PTO, probably. Accessibility components to be done this summer or the money goes away.  Martin confident that money can be spent this summer.  In addition to outdoor classroom, there are items like the sign, additional picnic tables, trash cans and recycling.

Update on Box Tops:

Half the classes have met their goals so far- 2 more are close.   Suggestion from Maureen to raise awareness about the program, clean up the counting process for next year.  We still came in close to where we were last year.  Popsicles will be delivered to classes that met their goal, 5th grade will get their pizza party.

Open Committee Chairperson Positions for 2011/2012

Next Meeting in September. Stay tuned for 2011-2012 meeting schedule.