May 20th 2012

Building the Internet of Things Course Syllabus

10:00 − 10:30

A brief overview of all things Ethernet and TCP/IP                                

How computers break messages into packets to talk to each other, and the difference between domain names and IP addresses.

10:30 − 11:00

How application protocols sit on top of that

A look at the protocols that sit on top of TCP/IP, focusing on HTTP and how to talk to web servers.

11:00 − 11:15


11:15 − 12:15

Connecting your Arduino to the Internet.

How to set up your computer to act as a gateway to get your Arduino talking to the outside world and how to configure your Arduino code so that happens (including the DHCP and DNS code that will be coming in the next release of the Arduino IDE)

12:15 − 13:15

A light buffet lunch will be served

13:15 − 15:45

Hands-on workshop

15:45 − 16:00


16:00 − 16:30

More hands-on workshop, troubleshooting

The second part of the day will be a hands-on workshop to get to grips with using the Ethernet shield. We'll have a number of examples for you to work through at your own pace, or you can bring your own project to enhance the examples.

The examples projects are:

MADLAB005 - 002