Syllabus        Dr. Michael Rushing

MUS 126b - Piano Fundamentals

Fall 2017        Aven 203

Aven 208        925-3230


Music majors by instructor’s or advisor’s consent.


Subscription to Access codes are available in the MC Bookstore that provide access to Piano Marvel. These access codes include Alfred’s Group Piano for Adults Book 1, Second Ed. by Lancaster and Renfrow.

Course Description:

Piano Fundamentals (MUS 126) is the first semester of a four-semester course which covers the basic keyboard skills required of all music majors. By passing MUS 126, 127, 226, and 227, the music major will automatically receive credit for MUS 066, Piano Proficiency, which is required in each music degree. Students must register for MUS 066 during the semester completing the requirements.


The group piano sequence provides students with functional piano skills necessary to all musicians. This class complements the concepts and skills that are developed through the Freshman and Sophomore-level theory and aural skills sequences. These skills will be helpful to students in fulfilling requirements of the Department of Music, and will be used in every career involving music.


There will be two major exams during the semester, as well as a final exam.  The two major exams will occur around the 6th and 12th weeks of the semester. The instructor may change the schedule of exams if necessary.  Along with exams, there may be regular playing quizzes and a class participation grade. In addition to progress observed by the instructor throughout the semester, the class participation grade will be based on practice times and accuracy of practice as recorded by the Piano Marvel software.

Class participation/homework:        20%

Skills check-up 1:                        25%

Skills check-up 2:                        25%

Final:                                        30%

Grading Scale:

        A        90-100

        B        80-89

        C        70-79

        D        60-69

        F        <59

Attendance policy:

The student is expected to attend every class meeting with the exception of excused absences for sickness or emergency. 

Students are encouraged to notify the instructor of missed absences due to official school absences in advance, and are expected to make up any missed work in a timely manner.

The student receives a grade of F immediately upon accumulating 8 absences, whether excused or unexcused.

The student is allowed THREE absences per semester. Every absence after that will result in the lowering of the student’s final grade by one letter. Every three tardies will result in one absence.

Academic Integrity Policy:

Mississippi College students are expected to be scrupulously honest. Dishonesty, such as cheating or plagiarism or furnishing false information, including forgery, alteration or misuse of College documents, records or identification, will be regarded as a serious offense subject to severe penalty, including, but not limited to, loss of credit and possible dismissal. See MC  Policy 2.19 for the complete and official policy.


Last Day to Drop a Class:

October 27, 2017

Early Alert System:

Mississippi College has adopted the practice of finding students early in the semester who may be exhibiting behaviors that could ultimately have a negative impact on their academic progress. These behaviors are often called “red flag” behaviors and include, but are not limited to, excessive absences, poor test grades, and lack of class participation or evidence of non-engagement. Identifying these behaviors early gives the instructor the opportunity to raise the “red flag” on behalf of a particular student so that the student can take the appropriate action to redirect his/her progress. The system alerts the student, the student’s advisor, and the Office of Student Success.


These messages are intended to help a student recognize an area of concern and to encourage him/her to make some choices to improve the situation. When a student receives an Early Alert message, the student should quickly make an appointment to talk with his/her professor about the situation. Also, students can make full use of the Office of Student Success to set academic goals and connect to campus resources.

Disabilities Accommodations: 

In order for a student to receive disability accommodations under Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act, he or she must schedule an individual meeting with the Director of Student Counseling Services immediately upon recognition of their disability (if their disability is known they must come in before the semester begins or make an appointment immediately upon receipt of their syllabi for the new semester). The student must bring with them written documentation from a medical physician and/or licensed clinician that verifies their disability. If the student has received prior accommodations, they must bring written documentation of those accommodations (example Individualized Education Plan from the school system). Documentation must be current (within 3 years).