Membership is open to men and women 55 years and up.

Tournaments are played on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays on either Mesa Linda or Los Lagos.

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December 1, 2011

Mesa Linda Individual Low Net

White Monuments – Men, Silver Monuments - Women


Entry Fee:  Non-residents  $33 __    Residents $20 ____   Skins  $5 ____

Send Entry To:  Jack Price, 215 Via Eboli, Newport Beach  CA 92663

or drop in the slot in the locker room

DEADLINE:  NOON, Wednesday, October 26, 2011



January 5, 2012

Mesa Linda Individual Low Net

White Monuments – Men

Silver Monuments – Women


FIRST 48 PLAY        

Mail form/check payable to ‘CMSGA’ to:

Ron Plummer 20801 Glencairn Lane, Huntington Beach, CA 92646

Or place them in the Tournament Chairman slot in the locker room.




December 15, 2011

Team Play-The Eliminator

Los Lagos

check in 20 minutes before your tee time !

Entry: $38____    Skins $5_____                                                                                                                                                

Member ___________________________Walk_____Ride___Early___Late____

Team Mbrs: _____________, ______________, _____________    

Mail form/check payable to ‘CMSGA’ to:

Jim Thornton 2002 Swan Dr ,  Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Or place them in the Tournament Chairman slot in the locker room.



Coming Events

December 1

Mesa Linda

Low Net

December 15

The Eliminator

Team Play

Los Lagos

January 5

Mesa Linda

Low Net

January 19

Get acquainted


TD makes the teams

Silver tee

Los Lagos



They thought they might slip by under the radar but not on my watch! John Jurczak and Larry Pagel have had quite a year at CMSGA. Not only did they win the Member-Member but they also won the A and B flights of the club championships. Enough? No way. Larry is also our President’s Cup winner. Check our Hall of Fame website if you have internet for more.

December Tournaments:  December 01, Mesa Linda, Individual Stroke Play, white tees.  Ron Plummer will be the tournament director for this event.   December 15, Team Play “Eliminator” Choose your four person team.  Count one best ball and that player is eliminated from team score on the next hole.  Every third hole there are two players left.   All players are elgible again on holes 4, 7, 10, 13, 16.   If the BB is a tie it’s the team choice which player is eliminated.   Los Lagos – White Tees.  Be sure to play and have a chance to win a turkey. Don’t forget to renew you memberhip by Decmeber 15th.   You will save money by doing so.  Slow play is still a concern.   The first group to tee off on November 17th played in four hours.  They set a excellent pace.   I was in the last group who played in five hours.    We can do better.   Slow players will be identified and talked to and it’s possible stroke penalties will be issued to those who need a bit of extra incentive.   The 2012 schedule is complete.   The January 19th  Get Acquainted Tournament will be a Powerball Scramble, and get this, we are playing from the Silver Tees on Los Lagos.   The Tounament Director will make up the foursomes.   From all of us on the board we wish everyone of you Happy Holidays  and we look forward to seeing you all back in 2012 to play more CMSGA golf.   John Smith, President.



December: Team Play.  Form your foursome or I will.  Last ‘single’ entry will not compete.  A Turkey voucher will be awarded on four CTP holes.

Hole 1, count your BB, but that player (your choice if there is a tie) is ELIMINATED  from your team score on hole 2 and 3.  Your BB on hole 2 is ELIMINATED on hole 3.  Repeat this format.  All players are again eligible on holes 4, 7, 10, 13 and 16. White tees.

January 19:  Los Lagos from the SILVER TEES.  Get acquainted scramble.  I form the teams.

Dec 1st Event:  Get your entries in by noon on Nov 23 to Ron Plummer.  Use Nov 1 indexes.

Tee time preferences:  Early in, early out….most of the time.  It would help if your tee preference was based on a stated ‘real need’ but don’t send it in late and ask for a special time preference.

FEEDBACK:  The new 2012 schedule will be out shortly.  Your feedback is important to us.  Please consider using email to send us a note following each event.  

PACE OF PLAY:  The first group out on Nov 17 finished in 4 hours!  The last group out finished in 5 hours!   I will continue to remind the club of the three worst delay of game habits at each event.  It will be displayed at check-in.  But there is another issue I want to bring to you.  While your foursome may be staying with the group ahead (pace of play),  I have received notes that we have a few players who are just plain SLOW and this effects others in your foursome.  I do not like to read entries that say “pls do not put me with ____.”   So what am I asking?   Please think of your own play and habits.  Observe others.  Are you slow?  Way too deliberate in your routines?  So please, all of us should be improving in this area.  

SCORE CARDS:  11 if 18 cards were incomplete for Nov!  I do see improvement but it would sure be nice if the cards were complete.  This includes Net Score and Adjusted Gross Score if necessary.


Results Nov 3, 2011


62        Aparicio, Arnie        1st

64        Chavez, Ed        2nd

65        Tanaka, Tei        3rd

66        Vinland, Jerry        T4th

66        Bennett, Gary         T4th

67        Meissenburg, M        T6th

67        Swingle, Rick        T6

67        Cloud, Bill        T6th

67        Baker, Jim        T6th

Closest to Pin

Gary Bennett  #2, #8, #15

Jim Thornton  #6

Bill Cloud  #10

Jim Baker  #12, #16

Paul Sundermann  #17

SKINS  0 - 18 $40 each

Rick Miller  #3  (2)

Jerry Vinland   #14  (3)

Ron Plummer  #18  (2)

Skins 19 + $11 each

Allen Hathcock  #1  (1)

Chuck Friedersdorf  #5  (3)

Rick Swingle #6  (2)

Marg Murphy  #10  (1)

Maureen Drake  #12  (2)

Kent Cowgur  #18  (2)


Results Nov 17, 2011

Winners A Flight Blue Tees

1st Jurczak, Pagel @ 55

2nd Plummer, Bennett @ 59

3rd Miller, Meissenburg @ 60

Winners B Flight White Tees

1st Wright, Dodge @ 57

Tie 2nd @ 60

Friedersdorf, Thomas

Millikan, Weichman

Tie 4th @ 61

Beres, Daniels

Halsted, Kaplan

Skins: 0-18 @ $27 ea

Plummer 4-2

Belikoff 8-1

Cloud 11-3

Supple 14-3

Weichman 16-2

Wallace 17-1

Skins 19+  @15 ea

Millikan 1-2

Thiedemann, S 2-1

Miyada 4-2

Kaplan 5-3

Murphy 8-1

Cowgur 9-2

Qualls 10-0

Wright 13-2

Thomas 14-3

Drake 16-2


Ed Walker

Ed Chavez

Tom Anderson

Tom Thomas

Ron Plummer-2

Larry Weichman

Mike Bekins



Here are a couple of the changes/amendments in the “Rules of Golf” for 2012 that you will want to know.  They will no doubt be applicable to most of us at one time or another in next year’s tournaments.  These changes will become effective in January of 2012.

BALL MOVING AFTER ADDRESS (rule 18-2b) A new exception is added which exonerates the player from penalty if the ball moves after it has been addressed when it is known or virtually certain that they did not cause the ball to move.  For example, if a gust of wind moves the ball after it has been addressed there is no penalty and the ball is played from its new position.

BALL IN HAZARD: PROHIBITED ACTIONS (rule 13-4) Exception 2 to this rule is amended to permit a player to smooth sand or soil in a hazard at any time, including before playing from that hazard, provided it is for the sole purpose of caring for course and rule 13-2 (improving lie, area of intended stance

Mike Supple

Handicap Chairman



I would like to welcome two new members to the Costa Mesa Seniors.

Gerald Schomberg and Kyle Raymond.

We are at about a 50 % renewal rate with less than four weeks remaining.  Your renewal is due by DECEMBER 16 for next year.  Renew now to continue receiving your SCGA membership benefits, including the SCGA Directory of Golf, access to SCGA Member Outings, tournament opportunities and your official Handicap Index.

Please make your check payable to CMSGA for $65 and put them in the membership slot in the Men’s Locker Room or mail to:

Rich Clause

21652 Kanakoa Lane

Huntington Beach 92646

Rich Clause, Membership


Board of Directors                        

President:                        John Smith                714-968-8589

VP/Secretary:                        Bill Cloud                714-432-1407

Treasurer:                        Skee Gutmacher        714-549-9310

3rd Week Tour:                Jim Thornton                714-545-0195

1st Week Tour:                Jack Price                949-723-1249

Handicap                        Mike Supple                714-536-6211

Bulletin/Internet                Dave Hauske                714-624-1099

Membership                        Rich Clause                714-964-5424

Assist Tournament Dir        Ron Plummer                714-658-4802

Pro Shop/Starter                714-540-7500