Google Teacher Academy Sydney 2011

I’ve set up this Google doc so that those people who have been lucky enough to be going to Sydney for Google Teacher Academy 2011 can share a few details about themselves, including a link to their video (some people have been asking)

I’ll start:

I’m Tania Sheko, teacher librarian at a Catholic secondary boys’ school and Coordinator of Learning Enhancement (with a background of English, German, French and Russian teaching)

@taniatorikova on Twitter


Wiki (with all links)

Link to 60 sec video:

Looking forward to getting to know you all!

I am Matthew (Matt) Wells. I am the eLearning Coordinator at a Catholic Boys’ 7 - 10 High School in south western Sydney. I am also an Apple Distinguished Educator (Class of ‘09)


Twitter: @mbw_61

Delicious: mbw761

FaceBook: MatthewWells


Link to 60 sec video:

I have created a list of known Twitter attendees for #GTASYD,

This can be found at!/mbw_61/gtasyd

Hi I’m Joe Donahue

I teach middle school math in Santa Ynez, CA which is a bit north of Santa Barbara which is a bit north (about 100 miles) of LA.

Classroom Blog:

School site:



Our middle school has a 1:1 laptop program I started this year.

My son is studying in Cairns so that’s why I’m able to come to GTA in Sydney. Very excited!

My name is Charlie Mahoney and I’m the music teacher and resident tech geek at Turning Point Learning Center (TPLC) in Emporia, KS in the United States.  I can’t WAIT for GTASYD, it will be my first time ever visiting Australia.

Gmail: Mahoney.Charlie @

Twitter: charliemahoney

Skype: CharlieMahoneyii

AIM: CharlieTPLC

Facebook: mahoneyc

Plurk: charliemahoney


Website (though I’m just now getting it put back together):

My 60s Video: 

My name is Penny Collins and I am a science teacher (Phys, Biol, Psych) in Adelaide. This year I have taken a year off to do my Master of Education and pursue other things. I want to be Googlified.

teaching and learning blog:



twitter: @cyber_spaced

60 second vid:


Hi I’m Shereen D’Souza and I’m English Co-ordinator at a 7 - 12 Catholic Boys School in Western Sydney. We adopted Project Based Learning and Problem Based Learning throughout the school two years ago which has led me to experiment a lot with technology in the classroom and enjoying it!!! So I am very excited about coming to GTA sdyney and meeting all of you!!!!


Twitter: shereen_dsouza

Facebook: Shereen Malcolm D’Souza


Skype: sdsouza.english

Blog(am a fledgling blogger and tweeter):

60s Video:


HI! I’m Geri Coats. I teach 9th grade English at Righetti High School in Santa Maria, CA, USA. I’ve been working to integrate tech into my classroom every chance I get, from doing assignments online with a blog, to using google docs, and more. I’m learning every step of the way along side my students, it makes every day exciting.

I’m thrilled to have been chosen for GTA in Sydney and can’t wait to jump on a plane!


twitter: @gericoats

Facebook: Geri Coats


classroom blog:

class website:

GTA App video:


Hi, I’m Amanda Hogan, I teach computing and am an ICT integrator for a K-12 independent girls school in Sysdney’s West. I’m only new to integration and I have some very big shoes to fill.

I can’t quite believe I’ve been chosen for GTA Sydney and am thrilling with the excitement of the possibilities.


twitter: @hogesonline

Facebook: Amanda Hogan

GTA App Video:


Hey, I’m Jess McCulloch, owned by 2 cats, 1 dog and 1 small human. I own one husband and work as a  Primary Chinese Language Teacher in the outer northern’ burbs of Melbourne. (I live across the road from the school I teach at which makes for a very nice trip to work!) I have just started back in a classroom this year after 18 months of maternity leave and doing other things. I also run the ICT PD Program at the Chinese Teacher Training Centre at Melb Uni.

On the internet I live at various places:


t: @jessmcculloch


skype: jess.meyer


My app video: An Important Mission: Classroom Innovation

I’m Helen King from Auckland, New Zealand. I teach at Pt England School in a year 4/5 class.

We’re in the beginnings of 1:1, using Apps for Ed. So far so good. I’m after heaps of new ideas and fun stuff to keep the kiddies engaged and learning!

Our blog is and there’s kids blogs off that.

t @HelenKNZ

My app movie 

Kia Ora, I’m Tara Taylor-Jorgensen from New Zealand

I’m originally from Dunedin (in the South Island) but am now teaching in Otara, Auckland. Last year I was very fortunate to be a Core Education eFellow where I worked with some good people and developed new skills, knowledge, and collaborative interests.  For my eFellowship project I researched the use of digital and webcams in the classroom and how they assisted children to reflect on their learning and group dynamics.  The addition of the authentic audience (through blogging) was also very motivating.  This year I am collaborating with others to investigate/try out Dr Sugata Mitra’s ideas surrounding Minimally Invasive Education combined with Sir Ken Robinson’s concept of personalised education (and assisting children in the pursuit of finding their ‘element’). I am hoping also to explore these concepts through the use of Open Source Software. 

I am honoured to be a part of the GTA.  Here is a link to my application vid. 

Twitter - @taratj

Hi! I’m Beth Mossholder from Parker, CO (suburb of Denver). I work at a K-8 charter school.The boss introduces me to most as, “the Resident Geek.”  I teach K-8 Technology and I also serve as the school Technology Coordinator, MAPs Coordinator, and first point of contact for IT and network. I am 4 short weeks from completing my master’s certificate in Instructional Technology! I am looking forward to meeting and learning from you all. From the tweets and profiles I have read, I will be in the presence of some truly amazing educators! I am still in a state of shock that I was chosen!

More about me and my other sites and blogs is at this site:

Geeking Out the Teacher


twitter: bmossholder

facebook: Beth Hamlin Mossholder

GTA Video:

Hi everyone!

I’m Kelly Jordan and I’m a Grade Two teacher at Leopold Primary School, near Geelong, in Victoria, Australia. I have been teaching for eight years and I am particularly passionate about technology and literacy. I love integrating technology into all aspects of my curriculum and class blogging is a big part of my classroom. I love learning from other educators and sharing my knowledge through my personal blog. I look forward to meeting you all and learning so many new things at GTA!


Twitter: kellyjordan82

GTA video:

My class blog:

My own blog:

Hi All! Emil here:)

I’m the one of the left.  Currently teach LEGO Robotics and Multimedia at a brand new school in the north of Adelaide, South Australia.  Can’t wait to meet you all and share the knowledge around;)

Twitter: @ozelearning




GTA video:


Hello everyone,

I’m Glenda Morris and I am a teacher librarian at an all-girls Catholic secondary school in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. I have been an educator for 10 years. Prior to completing my Masters Of Education (Teacher Librarianship) in 2010 from Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, Australia, I was a Media Studies and English teacher. I absolutely love exploring web technologies and assisting teachers to integrate these tools into their teaching programs. Looking forward to meeting and learning with everyone at GTA - what a journey it’ll be.

My blog:

My wiki:

Twitter: @jasmont1

Facebook: Glenda Morris



GTA video:



Hi, I’m Fiona Grant currently living in Auckland, Team Leader e-Learning at Team Solutions (providers of professional development services for schools). I have been supporting curriculum facilitators and schools as an e-learning facilitator since 2004. Over the past two years I have also collaborated nationally on Ministry of Education initiatives Digistore and Software for Learning. I enjoy anything that provides opportunities to collaborate with other educators and exploring how we can utilise new technologies to make a difference for diverse learners. Looking forward to lots of learning, laughs and meeting you all in Sydney in April.

Blog/Professional Learning Links:

Twitter: @fionagrant


GTA video:

Hi I’m Andrew Williamson, ICT co-ordinator, Classroom Generalist, Music Teacher, (Melbourne Inner City Primary School) Masters Of ED Student, Father of a Toddler and Husband (In no particular order).


Twitter: @willie42



GTA Video:

Hi I’m Chris Christodoulou, high school teacher at Holy Spirit College, Lakemba from Sydney’s inner-west.


Twitter: @cchristo83


GTA Video:

HI I’m Mike Reading.  I teach at a Senior College in Wollongong (about 1 hour south of Sydney).  I am also a provider of professional development to schools on a range of topics surrounding learning, student engagement and motivation, and classroom management.


Twitter: @MikeReading

GTA Video:

Hello, I am London Jenks. I teach at Hot Springs County High School in Thermopolis, WY, USA. I am a first year science teacher (Physics, Chemistry and Earth Science). I am also a coach for our robotics team and Key Club faculty advisor. I am a Physical Science 2009 Knowles Science Teaching Fellow and Digital Education Leadership Training (DELT) member.


Twitter: @londondj0430

GTA Video: 

Boris Yarmakhov, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. A Teacher of English, Russian, Literature, History, Computer Science, Psychology and a teacher trainer. An Intel Education Expert and a volunteer OLPC coordinator for Russia. I am currently working on a book on mobile education and am fascinated to travel to Australia, the cradle of laptop programs.


Twitter: @yarmakhov

Intel Blog:

OLPC Blog: 

GTA video:

Hi, I'm John.  I live in Glenluce with my wife and two young daughters.  Our neigbours are kangaroos and our nearest shop is a small general store 14km away in Guildford.  I began my working life as a primary teacher, founded a software business, became an elearning consultant and then moved to the country where I've returned to my first career as a teacher helping

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students, staff and administrators with ICT in nearby schools.  I'm very excited to part of GTA Sydney and can't wait to meet you all.


Twitter: @johngthomas



GTA video:

Kia Ora - My name is Tania Coutts and I live in Whangarei - top of the North Island - NZ - with my  whanau, Scott, Jordan and Kesia.  I work for CORE Education as an Early Years Facilitator providing professional development for teachers in Kindergartens throughout Northland.  My passion for ICT in teaching and learning began in my previous position as the Head Teacher at Manaia Kindergarten.  We were part of a Ministry of Education Project - ECE ICT PL - researching the possibilities of ICT in ECE.  Our research focused around building community through blogging and the results were incredible:-)  You can check out stories of practice from the ECE ICT PL project here.  VERY EXCITED about the opportunity to attend GTA in Sydney and looking forward to meeting you all and learning together!  

Email -

Twitter - @TarnzC

Blog -

GTA video -

Strange photo:-)  I am usually the one behind the camera!  This is from our CORE Education website.

Hi, i’m Phil Hogg and I am the eLearning Coordinator at St Patrick’s College Sutherland in the Southern suburbs of Sydney Australia. I also teach Technology, Engineering Studies and Multimedia. Looking forward to meeting you all in April.


Twitter: @pehogg

Diigo: pehogg

GTA video:

I am Roland Gesthuizen, an eLearning coordinator at Keysborough Secondary College, in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. I teach science, IT and carry a sonic screwdriver. Like most students, I can speak more than one language. I am a GLOBE trained teacher and enjoy asking the big questions. Last year I had fun producing and directing an award winning science drama performance called The Cloud Dance that used blended learning, modelling bridge building with VicRoads, used glove puppets about multicellular organisms and building cardboard satellites and. I support the OLPC XO-1 project with the Sugar team, ICTEV state council and look forward to meeting you all!


twitter: @rgesthuizen

diigo: rgesthuizen

linkedin: rolandgesthuizen

GTA Video: Four walls and a door

Hi all, Jason Zagami, teacher educator and academic in ICT education at Griffith University in Queensland, president of the Queensland Society for Information Technology in Education (QSITE) and on the board of the Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE). Having travelled to the Googleplex the last three years through ACCE study tours, it will be great to be involved in the first Google Academy in Australia. We have a wonderful opportunity to network not just with GTASYD but with GCT’s globally and with the support of Google, bring more ICT education initiatives to Australia.

My details are on and my GTASYD video at

Hi, my name is Craig Mantin and it’s a pleasure to meet everyone.

I am an Instructional Technologist for the North Rockland Central School District which is located in Rockland County New York. We are a large district in the suburbs located approximately 25 miles North of New York City. We have a strong focus/vision on cloud computing and mobile 1:1’s.

I am also an adjunct for the New York Institute of Technology teaching Graduate courses to educators on a Maters track in Instructional Tech.

Truly looking forward to learning, sharing, and collaborating with everyone as well as checking out this beautiful country.

E-mail -

Twitter - @cmantin

Blog -

Delicious - cmantin

Diigo - cmantin

GTA Video -

Hi my name is Adrian Camm and my current role is Curriculum Innovation at Quantum Victoria. Quantum Victoria is centre for excellence and innovation in science and mathematics which is currently being built. Look forward to meeting you all!

Twitter: @adrian_camm



GTA video:

Looking forward to meeting you all in April !

François Jourde. I am French. Oui. I was born in 1970.

I teach Philosophy at a secondary school in Brussels, Belgium (European School Brussels I).

GTA Video :

What is it about ?

Thinking has always needed tools, — which are now largely digital and collaborative. Like you, I want to go beyond the recreational use of these tools, and teach something close to "digital humanities".

…OK, the truth is I also I love playing with it all!

Links (in French : sorry!) :

 Hi my name is Mark Pleasance and I am Director of ICT at Sacred Heart College in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

Ironically I was teaching our new Year 7 students how to use Google Docs when I got my acceptance email! I’m very excited to meet everyone at the GTA.

email :

twitter : markpleasance

blog :

GTA Video :

Hi my name is Tony Richards and I am an educator and consultant (although I have issues with that word) I have worked in a large number of educational environments before deciding that it was better for me to start my own business so I could earn money to do the things I wanted to explore with ICT. So far so go. I enjoy working with students and teachers and trying to engage ICT in our lives. I also do a podcast called the Ed Tech Crew and have a passion for cyber safety issues. I also have two kids that keep me grounded.

I am looking forward to meeting you all and building some long lasting relationships.

email :

blog : being rebuilt

Skype: itmadesimple


Twitter: @itmadesimple


GTA Video :

(I think I got in simply because I wore my Google shirt I got from my visit to Google HQ in 2008)

Hi, my name is Corrie Barclay and I am currently the eLearning Coordinator at Manor Lakes College which is situated in Wyndham Vale, Werribee, approximately 40km west of Melbourne. I coordinate our 1:1 MacBook Program in our Yr 7, 8 and 9 areas, our 1:1 iPad Trial in Yr 6 and generally all ICT across our College, which is set to be once completed (we opened in 2009), the largest single campus College in the state of Victoria with 2,500 students! I have a very strong passion for integrating ICT in to teaching and learning and thrive on assisting other educators to do so as well. I am absolutely chuffed at what lies ahead for GTA’11 and am greatly looking forward to meeting you all!


eMail :

Blog #1:

Blog #2:

Twitter: @CorrieB

GTA ‘11 Video:


Hi from Chicago, USA!  I’m Lisa Perez, an area library coordinator for Chicago Public Schools Department of Libraries.  I support about 200 high school and elementary librarians in our district.  I have developed two successful technology training programs, Project ELITE and Project UPLIFT.  I also volunteer as the chair of the ISTE Media Specialists SIG (SIGMS).  Our district is the third largest in the US and it was just announced that we are going to become a Google district, so I’m very excited to be receiving training at this time.  I’m looking forward to meeting everyone.

Email:, leperez333@gmail

Wikis: &   

Twitter: leperez1



You Tube Application video: 

Greetings fellow EdGooglers!

My name is Chris Betcher. I live in beautiful Sydney Australia (and apart from a year in Canada, I’ve lived here for most of my life) so getting to attend the very first Sydney-based Google Teacher Academy makes me very proud (although it would have been nice to travel somewhere exotic!) Still, I’m very much looking forward to it, and can hardly wait to meet everyone at Google’s Sydney HQ on April 20.

I’ve been in education for about 25 years, originally as an art teacher, then I drifted into computing science, multimedia, graphic design, network management, ICT integration, and so on. I feel like I know a little bit about a lot of things, rather than the other way around! My current role is as the ICT Integration Specialist at PLC Sydney, an R-12 independent girls school in Croydon.

As well as helping teachers and students use technology better, I also blog, podcast, speak, write, produce, and generally nerd it up with whatever new technologies I can get a hold of. I like photography, GPS and mapping, and really, anything that’s even vaguely interesting or offbeat.

See you there!

Email: or




Twitter: @betchaboy


Skype: betchaboy

You get the idea... just Google me.

Oh, and here is my GTA Application video.


Hi everyone my name is Michael Beilharz and I live on the Central Coast about an hour outside of Sydney. The Central Coast is known for its beautiful beaches and relaxed atmosphere. It’s a

great place to live, bring up the kids and go for a surf.

I’ve been teaching for about 20 years. Currently I am working as an ICT Integrator at Knox Grammar School in Sydney, but I also taught for 5 Yrs at the Bavarian International School in Munich and in a small mining community in Central QLD. In between, I took some time off and drove water taxis around the Keppel Islands and worked as a dive instructor.

I am very much looking forward to GTA, meeting everyone and learning as much as I can. I’ll be

getting plenty of sleep before the event. See you all there!


Twitter: @mikalb

Skype: Mick2619

GTA application video