Summary Description of SWE Industry Advisory Board  


                                                   Frank Tsui

                                         (SWE IAB coordinator /2011)





This is a body of qualified, external personnel that was assembled for the purpose of providing guidance to our Software Engineering program. The areas of guidance include:


-          Developing students that can meet the needs of the software industry

-          Developing students that can pursue doctoral level graduate programs in software and computing fields


With these two main goals the original set of SWE IAB members were chosen in 2004 and listed below. (These goals also match our departmental mission and goals.)


-          Dr. Lee George – Lockheed Martin Software Process Group

-          Dr. Jerry Mamo – IRS ; Total Systems

-          Ms. Martha Purser – VCG Corporation

-          Ms. Sharon Perry – Green Wave Control

-          Dr. Raj Sunderraman – Georgia State University


Dr. George and Dr. Mamo were recruited because of their experiences in software development and management in large Fortune 1000 companies, representing aero-space and financial industries. Ms. Martha Purser was recruited because of her experiences with medium-small size, local software company. Ms. Sharon Perry was enlisted because of her entrepreneurial experiences in the IT industry. She is currently the president of Green Wave Control corporation. Dr. Sunderraman was recruited because he is the graduate program coordinator for Georgia State University’s computer science department.  This group satisfied our coverage for large company view, medium company view, and entrepreneurial view of the needs and trends in the software industry area. It also satisfied our need to have a view to further graduate education at the PhD level for our students.


Ms. Martha Purser has left the group in 2009 due to her work demands. We replaced her with Dr. Iraj Hirmanpour, who is the principle associate of Consort Systems and a noted expert on Personal Software Process championed by Watts Humphrey of SEI. Unfortunately, Dr. Hirmanpour has also left the group in 2011 due to retirement. We are currently in the process of securing a replacement member for Dr. Hirmanpour.  




Formal Meetings:


The SWE IAB meets twice a year, once in the Fall semester and once in the Spring semester. The general topics covered include the following.


-          State of the software industry as each member sees it

-          State of the CS/SWE/IT education in general

-          Program goals and outcomes of SPSU’s SWE undergraduate and graduate programs

-          Recommendations and modifications to our SWE programs


Student Project Evaluation:


In addition, the SWE IAB members are invited to evaluate the students’ projects in SWE project/capstone course every semester. They are provided the student project requirements documents during the middle of the semester and attend the final project demonstration and summary presentations by the students. A questionnaire that matches the project/capstone course outcomes are provided to the IAB members to fill. Any additional recommendations are also asked. This information is recorded and then disseminated to the SWE faculty for future improvement to the capstone projects.