URGENT -- Internet Cache files may prove @RepAnthony Weiner is lying, RETWEET!

post by @JoeBrooks

This is an urgent call to action to anyone who saw the original yfrog image of Congressman Anthony Weiner’s expanding underwear. If you were among the few who were able to view the image on the yfrog page then you might have valuable data on your computer that can definitively prove the photo was taken with Weiner’s Blackberry phone.

The Congressman deleted his entire yfrog account but mysteriously a couple of the photos have survived the purge including these two of President Obama:



These photos are important because Congressman Weiner uploaded them using his blackberry and published them to his Twitter followers:



Notice that for both tweets it lists Twitter for Blackberry as the originating source. We can prove that these photos were taken with a Blackberry because yfrog saves all the meta data on the photos. You can test this out right now on the photos posted above. Open the yfrog page, then right click on the image, choose save as. Then locate that file on your computer, right click on properties, then click on the Details tab. Scroll down and you’ll see that these photos were taken on a BlackBerry 9650.

Why is this important? Even though Congressman Weiner deleted the majority of his yfrog images, including the x-rated shot there is the possibility someone was able to view the image prior to the purge and can resurrect the file from their Internet cache. There are several ways to do this as shown in this LifeHacker article.


FireFox users have an easier time when resurrecting images because of the plugin “CacheViewer.” You can use this plugin on the latest builds of FireFox if you chose the option to ‘install anyways.’  Once installed you’ll need to launch it from under the Tools menubar. Then it’s just a matter of browsing through the cache files until you find the urls that look like this:

Right click on the URL and chose the option to save it to your computer. Then check the properties of this file.

If the meta data matches the preview tweets from Rep Weiner then we have definitive proof at least the photo was taken by the same model of Blackberry that the congressman uses.