Dearest Guru Maharaj


            Inspiring strength

            Amidst my hollow fallen heart

            Driving forward

            Chanting on

            Through wind and storms

            Through sun and shine

            Walking across lands

            You are always there

                Preaching and giving.


            All that I say and do

            Never come close to a fraction of You

            Equally present to the Truth

            In body, mind and health

            Excellence in practice

            You are fastened to Krsna

            Krsna is fastened to You.


            Who am I and what can I do

            To show the gratitude

            For accepting me

            Encouraging courage

            To stand up in this mission

            Waking up my sleepy ignorant soul

            To a whole new life

            Bright and effulgent.


            Forged in the fire

            All the pointless desires

            Melted away

            Stripped down

            To necessity and simplicity

            Focusing on scripture

            How can we serve?


            Your torchlight

            Continuously pushing darkness away

            Your wisdom working

            Day after day

            Keeping clarity.


            Dearest Guru Maharaj

            When will the day come

            When I will see You again?