BC Parkour Club Proposal- Spring 2009- Denied                                                                        

By: Matthew Milano `11


Gregory Milano `11


Our Mission Statement

The goal of our club is to teach Parkour and share the philosophy of Parkour to the Boston College community.  As a non-competitive athletic group, we would focus on the development of the whole person through controlled movement and environmental awareness. Our philosophy emphasizes safety and respect in all aspects of training.

Brief Definition

Parkour is an athletic discipline that uses the natural abilities of the body (i.e. running, jumping, and climbing) to move through an environment. The philosophy of parkour teaches physical and mental strength, as well as improving one’s self-discipline. While focusing on the control and effectiveness of movement in Parkour, one progressively acquires confidence and leadership, through this strength of body and mind. Through this state of mind, the practitioner perceives the environment with acute spatial awareness.

The Parkour Club should be officially registered because Parkour is unlike any other club or sport that Boston College offers. Parkour is truly unique in that it incorporates a philosophy akin to the discipline of martial arts. As a non-competitive athletic group, the Parkour Club would promote slow progression of strength and skill levels in order to stay safe and responsible. Parkour’s central philosophy focuses more on the internal struggle of conquering one’s weaknesses rather than the external struggle of a competitive sport. If the Parkour Club is officially registered, leaders can reach out to Boston College by reaching out and raising money for causes like cleanup your environment events (i.e. “Trace, leave no trace”). Not only would this help advertise the Parkour Club, but also give the club a chance to show its respect to the surrounding community. With Parkour’s increasing popularity, it would be essential to have safe hub for proper training, instruction, and practice. We believe that the philosophy of parkour reflects the mission of Boston College athletics. By using the Boston College name we also embody the school’s mission of developing the whole person. Within the environment, club members would show respect for their own bodies, respect for property, and respect towards others who are sharing the environment.

Events: A weekly training schedule would include two conditioning days and two personal physical development days. A “jam” is a meeting of practitioners in a specific location, hosted by a member of the Parkour community. The Parkour Club will host their own jams which could include on campus jams and student-funded trips off campus. Jams would be held two to three Saturday’s a month during the fall semester and resume in March for the remainder of the spring semester. Other important events would be Student Activities Day, followed by Parkour demonstrations and beginner days for new members.

In five to ten years the awareness and membership of Parkour at Boston College will increase in popularity and experience, possibly allowing for unpaid alumni to coach practices and club leaders to advertise instructional seminars for faculty and/or the Boston College Police Department. New young leaders will help develop our reputation on Campus and in Boston. While the club’s structure becomes more organized, both a handbook and a website would be created for the purpose of sustainability and networking. We hope to expand our club’s diversity (i.e. genders, cultures, races), breed leaders, develop camaraderie through traditions, and most importantly have fun.