Annotated Bibliography / Pearltrees

Senior Electives

Spring 2013

An annotated bibliography is a way to organize and clarify your thoughts while conducting research. You will use an annotated bibliography to fulfil the Term 2 requirement of pursuing independent research.


Purpose of this annotated bibliography assignment:

- to learn about a topic connected to your choice book

- to clearly summarize the main point of a resource

- to evaluate what about the resource is relevant to your specific topic of research.


- choose a topic that relates to your choice book. Consider history, psychology, sociology, science, government, biographical, or even pop culture connections

- locate quality sources that relate to your topic that may contain useful information and ideas on your topic.

        - consider:

                - types of resources: books, periodicals, audio lectures, videos

                - domains: .gov, .edu, .org

                - file types: .ppt, .doc, .pdf

- record citations using or another citation machine  

- format either annotated bibliography or Pearltrees


Write a concise annotation that summarizes the central theme of the book or article. Include three-four sentences that explain why this is a valuable source for your research paper.



Adams, John Joseph, ed. Brave New Worlds. San Francisco: Night Shade Books, 2011. Print.

This source provides an introduction to dystopias and why they are relevant to today’s society. It gives multiple lenses through which to consider dystopian fiction and its relationship to society. This source would support the idea that dystopias as a genre are key to understanding 21st century problems and crises.

(Pearltrees screenshot coming soon - remember it’s the same intellectual work)

More Resources on Annotated Bibliographies:


        - use at least three different types of resources

        - in annotation paragraphs, no first person (I, you, we, etc.)

- if doing this assignment in Pearltrees, put your citation as and paragraph as a Comment. Make sure the title is clear and consistent across your resources.