Top Chrome Extensions

Extensions provide a way to customize your Chrome browsing experience while providing additional functionality. Check out these “top” Chrome extensions to take your browsing to the next level!

Google Extensions

Send From Gmail: Whenever you click an email address on a web page, Gmail will be your default email account. It will also allow you to email the current web page using Gmail.

CraftyText: This extension allows the user's text to be displayed on screen on top of a web page in large type.

Boomerang for Gmail: The ultimate email productivity tool. Send later, track responses, and use AI to write better emails.

Google Keep: Found a webpage, image, or quote that you want to save for later? With the Google Keep Chrome Extension, easily save the things  you care about  to Keep and have them synced across all of the platforms that you use.

DriveSlides: Create a Google Slides presentation out of a Drive folder of images.

Open Side by Side: This split screen extension allows you to right click on any link and open the destination URL on the right side of the screen.

App Launcher Customizer for Google: Customize the app launcher and add more than 170 Google shortcuts. And it is not limited to these 170 Google shortcuts; the extension also allows you to create custom shortcuts to every website you want. 

Google Voice: Make calls, send SMS messages, check your inbox, and be notified of new messages.

Google Dictionary: This will define words on a website as you are reading.

Google Translate: The extension also automatically detects if the language of a page you're on is different from the language you're using for your Google Chrome interface. If it is, a banner appears at the top of the page. Click the Translate button in the banner to have all the text on the page appear in the new language.

Tasks: Access your task list quickly.

Office Editing for Docs, Sheets, & Slides: Once the extension is installed, Office files that you drag into Chrome, open in Gmail, Google Drive, and more, will be opened in Docs, Sheets, and Slides for viewing and editing.

Extensions for Productivity

Explain and Send Screenshots: Takes capturing screenshots within Chrome to the next level. Add annotations, shapes, and even share your screenshots with a direct link.

Screencastify: The Screencastify Extension makes it possible for you to capture screenshots within your Chrome browser.

Copy Without Formatting: Copy text from various websites without the formatting URL Shortener: Shorten those uber long URLs with this nifty extension

 Voice Search: Voice Search provides a method to search by speaking. For example, just click on the microphone and say "kittens" to search for kittens. If you specifically want pictures of kittens, say "google images kittens". Want to learn more about World War II? Say "wikipedia world war two".

Eye Dropper: Pick colors from web pages and get the resulting hex color codes.

Clearly: Clearly makes blog posts, articles and web pages clean and easy to read. Save articles to Evernote.

Neat Bookmarks:  Easy to access bookmark “tree” with all of your Chrome bookmarks.

What’s the Font?: Quickly find the font name of any highlighted text.

Docs Quickly: Quickly and easily create a new document, spreadsheet, presentation, or drawing from the Omnibox.

EasyBib Tools: Create citations from any source online. Determine whether your source is credible or not.

Announcify: Have any website read to you.

Clipboard Sync: Sync anything you copy from the web across your Chrome installs.

Elegant Calculator: It’s a calculator right at your fingertips.

refDot: Correctly create citations for books and journals. Automatically create citations from Amazon’s bookstore.

Select and Speak: Select text and have it read back to you.

Pin It Button: The official Pinterest extension for Google Chrome adds a button to your browser that lets you pin from any website, quickly and easily. 

Shareaholic: Share links from within the browser, from any webpage, with anyone, using the same services you already know and love like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Evernote, Delicious, Digg, and more from one simple all-in-one browser extension.

Tab Control

Tab Cloud: Save and restore window sessions over time across multiple computers

Tabrocket: Send tabs between computers

SimpleUndoClose: Keeps track of all the tabs you have closed so you can reopen them

Dossier: Bundle your tabs in neat groups for safe keeping.

Tab Packager: Package your open tabs and share them!


 Quietube: Quietube lets you block out all that extra YouTube stuff on the fly. When you are on a video, select the little circle and all you see is the video! Great if you can't go full screen because you may lose resolution

Adblock for Youtube: Adblock removes any ad videos shown before your video.

ImprovedTube - YouTube Extension: ImprovedTube converts your YouTube Player to a High Definition Player with a larger viewing size with Limited Permissions. You are given options to customize the video player along with YouTube itself to fit your requirements.


Lazarus Form Recovery: Autosaves everything you type so you can easily recover from form-killing timeouts, crashes, and network errors.

AppJump App Launcher and Organizer: Launch all of your web apps from a single extension. Organize your apps and extensions into groups.

Ad-Block Plus for Google Chrome: Prevents the display of ads on any web-page


Attachment Icons for Gmail: Replace the paperclip icon by the kind of attachment an email has in Gmail.

Ad-Blocker for Gmail: Completely remove advertisements from your personal Gmail account.

Search Tools

Open Attribute: Searches all the web pages you visit for licensing information and gives you the citation for images that are in creative commons and gives embed code too.