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Institutions currently participating 

Colorado State University, Stanford University, University of British Columbia, University of California at Berkeley, University of California at Riverside, University of Utah, University of Washington, University of California at Los Angeles, University of Arizona, University of Colorado, and more.



The Western Algebraic Geometry Symposium traces its origins back to the Utah-UCLA Algebraic Geometry Seminar started in 1989 by H. Clemens, D. Gieseker, M. Green, J. Kollár, R. Lazarsfeld, Z. Ran and M.-C. Chang.  Later on, it became the Utah-UCLA-Chicago Algebraic Geometry Seminar.  Sadly, as senior figures moved east, the original WAGS faded away.

In 2002, WAGS was resurrected.  Our goal is to have a twice-yearly meeting of algebraic geometers in the western half of the United States and Canada, with ample time for chatting, as well as a good number of research talks.  The conference has been consistently attracting over 50 participants.  

WAGS is partially supported by a grant from the NSF.  Our policy is not to fund senior participants; we hope that the conference will be attractive enough that senior algebraic geometers will come of their own volition.  However, we try to fund all graduate students and unfunded post-docs (from the western two time zones of the continent).

Long term planning for WAGS is currently being organized by Ravi Vakil, Aaron Bertram, Sándor Kovács, Renzo Cavalieri and Sebastian Casalaina-Martin.  For more information on participation, see below.

WAGS Conferences

Spring 2015

Pacific Northwest (TBA)

Fall 2014

University of Idaho

Spring 2014

University of Colorado

Fall 2013

University of California at San Diego

February 16-17, 2013

Harvey Mudd College

October 20-21, 2012

University of Utah

April 14-15, 2012

University of Washington

October 1-2, 2011

Colorado State University

April 9-10, 2011

Stanford University

November 6-7, 2010

University of Arizona

May 1-2, 2010

University of British Columbia

October 24-25, 2009

University of California at Los Angeles

April 25-26, 2009

University of California at Berkeley

November 8-9, 2008

University of Utah

October 20-21, 2007

Colorado State University

April 28-29, 2007

University of Washington 

November 11-12, 2006

University of Utah 

March 18-19, 2006

University of California at Berkeley

December 3-4, 2005

University of Utah

April 9-10, 2005

University of Washington

October 9-10, 2004

Colorado State University

March 27-28, 2004

University of Utah

September 13-14, 2003 

University of British Columbia

April 19-20, 2003 

Stanford University

Fall 2002

University of Utah, Preliminary WAGS (during an AMS meeting)

The webpage for the next WAGS conference can also be viewed at  Past WAGS conference pages can also be viewed at http://[season][yr]; e.g


If you are interested in participating, please contact the organizer of the next WAGS conference.  If you are not sure who that is, please let one of the "long term" organizers know.  For any other questions, feel free to contact Sebastian Casalaina-Martin or Renzo Cavalieri.

If you would like to receive emails in the future about upcoming meetings of WAGS, please join the WAGS google group.

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