Fry’s Spring Neighborhood Association

March 9, 2011


Jeanne S. Chase                        Phil D. Chase                        Scott Bandy

Emerald Young                                Mary Wilson                        Jack Wilson

Travis Koshko                                Hillary Bracken                        Betty Nowell

Hardy Whitten                                Nicholas Kvaltine                Frank Heintz

Mike Farruggio                                Mary Joy Scala                        Susan Lee Foard

Tim Williams                                Genii Williams                        Josephine C. Vest

Charles Vest                                Pete Alonzi                        Anthony Palladino

Terri DiCintio                                Joe Mooney                        Adrienne Dent

Pat Healy                                Bill Niebel                        Jane Smith

Paul Josey



Adrienne Dent

Jim Tolbert, Dir NDS, Meeting Recap**

Hardy Whitten

(00:00 – 00:36)

“Safety, Sidewalks, Drainage” Update

Jeanne Chase

(00:36 – 00:52)

JPA Bridge Update

Hardy Whitten

(00:52 – 00:56)

Comprehensive Plan Ideas

Hardy Whitten

(00:56 – 1:02)

City Budget Meeting Coverage

Hardy Whitten

 (1:02 – 1:05)

NDS Grant Application

Hardy Whitten

(1:05 – 1:13)

FSNA voted to support application to NDS for gardening equipment for Azalea Park Garden

Other Business and Announcements

(1:13 – 1: 26)

Application for National/State Register of Historic Districts

Meeting Adjourned

(times in parenthesis refer to the audio recording)

**Note: Start of audio recording delayed.