BUGS for April 27, 2011

  1. BUGS
  1. ★★★ DAN - 4SQ tip should be fave.it url and include [pic] https://img.skitch.com/20110503-rg633xnubg26rqg2he1p4guwr3.jpg 
  2. ★★★ CHRIS I created a new user, when I go to ‘share with’ the facebook icon, it will turn on, but never asks me to login or anything. I then got a ‘LAME’, maybe due to that? [I REDID THIS, WITHOUT CLICKING FB, AND IT *DID* POST] (Chris - assuming we want it to prompt FB connect when you click that? yes 2h)
  3. ★★★ CHRIS When i tried to share a favorite, I got ‘LAME’ error, clicked OK and then tried to post again -- but it does nothing. I click favorite, but it does nothing. So I went all the way back, started over, and then it worked. (Chris - 1h)
  4. Hitting back from a question takes you to the “My favorite [     ]” page, not back to the category list.
  5. “Forgot Password?” link seems to only works sometimes on devices.  (actually clicking it, that is.)
  6. Twiter and foursquare not showing up as connected...
  7. You can manage to pop-up two versions of the locations/foursquare dialog at once.
  8. Questions in feed don’t do anything. They rotate, but when I click on one to answer, I can’t.
  9. On initial load of the feed, it needs to auto-update, not wait for me to refresh it.
  10. Need a visual animation for when questions change... like the whole thing slides to the left to expose a new one. [Or a countdown timer that is small that counts down every 10 seconds]
  11. In feed, if a favorite has nothing defined as category, it says “My favorite .”, remove that space between favorite and the period. See: https://skitch.com/stevepoland/r9u8g/iphoto 
  1. Also, some still say “My favorite undefined.” See: https://skitch.com/stevepoland/r9ugx/iphoto 
  1. In feed there’s a reply icon showing up for some unknown reason: https://skitch.com/stevepoland/r9u8g/iphoto 
  2. In feed, on me too’s, we seem to be quoting the category name: https://skitch.com/stevepoland/r9u8g/iphoto 
  3. When a foursquare location is specified by the user, the sentence should change from “My favorite meal” to “My favorite meal at Blue Monk”.
  1. Remove the place icon with the place name that appears under the picture. See: https://skitch.com/stevepoland/r9ugx/iphoto 
  1. “me too by 2” is wrong, it should say “along with kevin purdy and chris moyer” or “along with kevin purdy and 3 others” or “along with 2 others”. See: https://skitch.com/stevepoland/r9ugx/iphoto 
  2. In feed, user’s name and ‘6 days’ should be same font size and on same horizontal line. See: https://skitch.com/stevepoland/r9u8g/iphoto 
  3. Remove the ‘1 (quote icon)’ from feed view, we aren’t displaying the # of replies anymore here. See: https://skitch.com/stevepoland/r9ugx/iphoto 
  4. On click of search icon it says “Loading categories” and then displays no categories.
  1. Optimally we want this: On initial load, show 2 tiny headers with 10 things under each. 1 header will be 'Popular Categories' [which shows 10 categories under it] and 'Popular Favorites' [which will show 10 items under it].
  1. “me” does nothing. This should be the user’s new profile.
  2. ‘Add Favorite’ -- remove the ‘Organization’ category, so that ‘Other...’ is above the fold.
  3. I tried posting a favorite and got “Lame!”. Sent Chris the log on 3/16 @ 9:30am. (The favorite posted to twitter and facebook.)
  1. DAN - Twitter text is duplicating the 4sq venue name. Here’s how it should read: https://skitch.com/stevepoland/r9uea/steve-poland-34 
  2. When I clicked Facebook icon when sharing, it did nothing. Apparently it worked, but no visual cue that the icon was ‘on’. ← CORRECTION, IT DID NOT POST TO FACEBOOK. (I have twitter updating my fb status, so I was confused)
  3. Because of the ‘lame’ error, it keeps me on the fave screen [which, i already did fave it].
  4. DAN - In foursqare, the actual text reads “My Favorite : Beer. On a hot sunny day [pic]”. Remove the ‘ : ‘ between Favorite Beer.
  5. NICK - When I’m in the foursquare app and I click on the link to view the pic from a tip I posted, it brings me to the big version of the html page -- it should be a mobile version. See: https://skitch.com/stevepoland/r9ufh/iphoto 
  1. SIGN UP
  1. The form should fit one screen and have no scrolling.
  2. The logo in the navBar is scrunched up. And an extra pixel or two exists on right of the blue navBar
  3. Hide birthday, gender, hometown.
  4. I think we should do what Foursquare and other apps do, with the ‘prev’, ‘next’ and ‘done’ buttons that appear above the keyboard. Because when I’m in the phone field, there’s no easy way to go to the next field other than to click in it. I can’t get rid of the keyboard.
  5. ‘Terms of Service’ link goes to a dead page.
  6. Just signed up, then asked me to use an avatar. I clicked Twitter, up popped an alert of "[object TiUITextField]" (OK) button
  7. I used my twitter info, [which technically is duplicate from another user of mine in the system], I hit allow, but then it just brought me to the feed [no verification by twitter or anything]. That seems right?  If you hit allow, it’ll just connect.  The Allow is the authorization.
  8. ★★★ CHRIS - So now I'm in the feed and go to 'settings' and Twitter still has 'configure >' next to it. I click on 'configure' and it says "Disconnect Twitter. Are you sure?". (Chris - 1h)
  9. The ‘set avatar’ screen appeared after signup, but then immediately disappeared and went into the feed.
  10. Move ‘Phone’ to become the last option in the signup screen. [first name, last name, email, password, phone]
  11. Rename ‘Welcome’ to ‘Cancel’.
  12. make the fields have hints, rather labels
  13. DAN: Verify the phone number is unique.
  1. Client app should ensure 10+ numbers in the phone number at a minimum.
  1. LOGIN
  1. The keyboard shown should be the one with the ‘.com’ in it. The keyboard has ‘return’, but
  2. ★★★ CHRIS: Need a ‘forgot password’ webpage. Onclick of ‘forgot password’, shows a webkit webpage, user inputs email address. We email them their password. (Chris - 3h)
  3. Remove the title of ‘Login’ and put our logo there. Change ‘Welcome’ to ‘Cancel’.
  1. make the fields have hints, rather than labels (.5h - Chris)
  1. make the fields have hints, rather than labels We don’t control that page, it’s part of the facebook api.
  1. On our search we thus remove 'map', since results will appear how the Feed appears. [see changes for that in the below bullet for 'Feed changes'].
  2. ★★★ CHRIS - If no search results, it says ‘no results’ -- it should show you a screen of ‘no results’ but with the orange ‘Want more results? Ask friends’.
  3. ★★★ CHRIS On our search, remove the 'leaderboard' and 'filter' options at bottom and simply continue displaying the main nav options down there.
  4. On initial load, show 2 tiny headers with 10 things under each. 1 header will be 'Trending Categories' [which shows 10 categories under it] and 'Trending Favorites' [which will show 10 items under it].
  5. Onclick of the search box, then change the display to show my recent searches.
  1. ★★★ NICK - We need to revisit this process. It’s very similar to fave process, but the user can select a 4sq or region, if it’s locale specific. (eod thursday 5/5) faveProcess-2.3-question.png
  2. ★★★ CHRIS - doesn’t work. (??  I don’t know, let’s say 4h)
  1. ‘Set Avatar’ -> Facebook. Activity indicator just keeps spinning. ← works on iPhone 4.  Not Touch?  
  2. ★★★ Detect if the user is an admin [high user level] and then show or don’t show the switch for “use dev server”. Field ‘permissions’ -- if user is ‘5’, then show that.
  3. ★★★ CHRIS - Give admins ability to switch to dev server  (.5h Chris)
  4. Change text ‘Set Avatar’ to ‘Profile Picture’. Then in that screen where it says ‘Add an Avatar’ change it to ‘Profile Picture’. Then instead of ‘Use Facebook Avatar’ say ‘Use Facebook Profile Picture’, ditto for ‘Use Twitter Profile Picture’.  [Note: This screen is also seen in the signup userflow after user signs up]
  5. DAN: Facebook profile picture: terry's profile pic is so tiny. It took the full image from facebook. Is there a way to get just the avatar-sized picture from Facebook? https://skitch.com/stevepoland/rhcrd/terry-martin-29 
  1. ‘back’ button isnt big enough -- the ‘a’ is distorted in that image.
  1. ★★★ It’s partially updated; I think Dan needs to update what is returned. [last fave for that category w/date; ranks - see nick’s mockup] (3h)
  1. CHRIS - Implement it. (4-6h Chris)
  1. on final screen, if I chose ‘other...’ then it doesn’t say “My favorite iPhone Game:” at top, it says “What’s your favorite iPhone Game?”.  [whereas, if i select ‘Band/Musician’ from list of preset categories, it does say “My favorite Band/Musician:” as it should]
  2. on final screen, onclick of ‘favorite’ we need an activity indicator.
  3.  CHRIS - “other...” category selector, I think it could look similar to what it currently looks like. But as I start typing in a category, I should either hit ‘next/done’ and it goes to next step... or it should auto-fill below with that proper spellings? We don’t know what item they are favoriting, so we can’t guess at the category or show related categories really. I kind of think we just ask them to type in a category name, then hit ‘done’ and we shoot them into the next screen. [In future on ‘done’ we could ask them if they meant ‘_______’ instead]
  4. on final screen, when i add a photo, why not start uploading that in the background while I’m finishing up?
  1. requires a media API endpoint and fave_id callback. ← Dan
  1. ★★★ DAN: Twitter & FB text needs to be updated. (2h)
  2. Twitter doesn’t tweet. Dan Server side.
  3. ipod touch - I can’t seem to fave. I hit ‘favorite’ and it doesnt do anything.
  1. ★★★ DAN - Aren’t real. (4h)
  1. The sort order is wrong.
  2. CHRIS: Edits needed: https://skitch.com/stevepoland/rhknn/mockups-stpoland-gmail.com-gmail 
  3. Edits: (upper-right search button becomes ‘add fave’ button; upper-left ‘filter’ button becomes an onclick for viewing the feed differently w/scrolly wheel of the view options)
  1. Instead of 'Filter' button, let's simply let user click that button and it changes the feed view each time  [OR as scrolling option thingi]. The default is 'Friends', then 'Popular', then 'All', then 'Nearby', then 'Questions'.
  2. Note: Nearby looks at the lat/lon of the actual faves.
  3. FUTURE: When 'Nearby' is selected, the radius slider appears below the question at top, along with a 'map' button and a 'hide' button on it which hides it... the user must click through the 'friends' 'all' 'nearby' options again to make it reappear.
  4. The 'Popular' option will
  5. The 'Nearby' option will show all faves within 3 miles or whatever, by friends and everyone.
  6. When I say 'Friends', I really mean people that the user follows.
  1. Actual feed item (see nick’s new design):
  1. ★★★ CHRIS - there’s a new retweet icon.  (10m chris)
  2. ★★★ CHRIS - No more ‘comment’ icon. (4m chris)
  3. ★★★ CHRIS - Some other design edits (2h) https://skitch.com/stevepoland/r7q4k/feeditem-2.3 
  1. ★★★ NICK - update design. ( hopefully eod wednesday 5/4 if not then - thursday 5/5) favePage-2.3.png (contradicts what steve has below. we can work off that image on skitch if there are massive changes.) THAT DESIGN IS CORRECT -STEVE
  1. ★★★ CHRIS - Implement the minor design edits. (4h)
  1. On fave page, remove map all together. If a 4sq venue is specified, we show it [like we do in feed], and onclick of it, it goes to a venue page that shows map at bottom [which user can click on] and it'll look like a item/category/profile page in that it'll say like "13 favorites" which onclick will bring user into a feed view of all the favorites for that venue.
  2. Lower bubble a little bit to right-align "20 hrs ago" to the far right in grey text. To left of that show # of replies if they exist.
  3. "My favorite NHL Player:
    Tyler Ennis" in bubble
  1. Onclick of ‘NHL Player’ goes to category search results in feed view.
  2. Onclick of ‘Tyler Ennis’ goes to item search results in feed view.
  1. Then show comment by user, in the comment bubble still -- smaller black text. ["My favorite" should be black text]
  2. Then show venue location -- if a 4sq venue is defined. Onclick of that will flip to a map -- thus, dont show any map on the fave page itself.
  3. Show full photo by user.
  4. Then show all the replies to this fave. [as feed items with full images shown]
  5. Remove 'Leaderboard' button, we want to show if this user has any other favorite 'NHL Player' somehow. Maybe under replies we have another mini nav header thing that says "More NHL Player favorites by Nicholas", then show feed items.
  1. ★★★ CHRIS - Ensure ‘me too’ works. (1h)
  2. ★★★ CHRIS - Ensure ‘reply’ works. (1h)

  1. ★★★ CHRIS - The 3 buttons at bottom should change to: ‘Feed’-> ‘Favorites’, ‘Share Faves’-> ‘Add Favorite’, ‘Settings’-> ‘Me’.  (8m Chris)
  2. ★★★ CHRIS - ‘Me’ should show my own user profile, with upper-left corner of a settings button and upper-right corner of a ‘add friends’ button [which will be inactive at this point]. Nick has done this screen already. See: https://skitch.com/stevepoland/rhktc/profile-2.3.png  (4h?  Chris, not sure)
  1. ★★★ NICK - mobile css.
  2. ★★★ MIKE - Collins working on the various edits.
  3. ★★★ DAN... Looks like we need to modify this request: /api/1/rest/myfavorites/fave/id/812 to include num_times_favorited, and rank.
  4. Dan, can you put a most recent db dump in my home directory? I need to implement locations against 4sq venues, but I don't have any faves with those recs. Thanks!
  5. ★★★ DAN, also, where can I get the data for the "Steve and 438 other have favorited..." ... in the skitch detailed here: https://skitch.com/stevepoland/r5fkf/myfavorites  basically I just need the count. Is that returned in the api response? Oh, and I need the rank.
  1. DAN - Code Documentation
  1. TERRY - simple ability to login
  2. TERRY - simple ability to fave [and share to twitter/fb/4sq]


Nick designs:

Steve outlines:

The big dogs:

APRIL 1, 2011: TO DO LIST:

  1. The location should also show the Foursquare venue name (w/’Austin, TX’), or it should show the city/region.
  1. we aren’t using the proper icons for replies and ‘note’ [nick updated this].


  1. TERRY: sliding ‘action bar’ menu on feed items [so user doesnt have to click into fave or question to initiate a reply, me too, or re-ask. Also include a trashcan if user viewing their own feed item]
  2. Amazon s3 photos
  3. tab badge for activity, and springboard icon.













Faves (latest.js)

[GET] - ALL http://www.myfavorites.com/api/1/rest/myfavorites/feed/all/type/faves/count/30/offset/0/session_token/C3EEBF4E-4C48-11E0-954A-BED4F58CCEC1

[GET] - All with geo: http://www.myfavorites.com/api/1/rest/myfavorites/feed/all/type/faves/lat/42.941219329833984/lon/-78.85247039794922/radius/6/count/30/offset/0/session_token/C3EEBF4E-4C48-11E0-954A-BED4F58CCEC1

[GET] - All with following:


[GET] - All with geo & following:



[POST] - Create new fave


Payload: {"session_token":"B8B278E0-4CE9-11E0-8A71-B603A60307B3","tag":"Empire Grill","twitter":0,"facebook":0,"type":"fave","lat":42.941219329833984,"latitude":42.941219329833984,"lon":-78.85247039794922,"longitude":-78.85247039794922}

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